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  1. Matthews rightly getting pelters on Twitter. Hope he learns what we, the viewers want to hear about. At the end of the day he's there to report news to us and from what I can see there's not one person interested in the bloody details of what people looked like getting knocked down.

    Utterly tragic day.

  2. Because the referendum choice is between change and the status quo. So... voting for more of the same leaves the door entirely open to the same referendum process being repeated in the future - opting for a decisive constitutional break does not. That's called democracy, champ.

    Of course a mechanism would exist for iScotland to cravenly vote to rejoin rUK, if you felt particularly bitter about the outcome.

    Two paragraphs of saying nothing and trying to be patronising :lol:

  3. Here's what she said about the branch office etc

    And just as the SNP must embrace that devolution is the settled will of the Scottish people, the Labour Party must recognise that the Scottish party has to be autonomous and not just a branch office of a party based in London.

    Scotland has chosen to remain in partnership with our neighbours in the UK. But Scotland is distinct and colleagues must recognise that"

    Full context of it slightly different than the snippets being reported.

  4. I love how when the OP gets his arse handed to him for his weak attempt, he and the other Britnats claim whataboutery.

    The last refuge of the skelped arse.

    :lol: I find it amusing that you actually think that. Your head is poisoned with all this. :(

  5. Here is some more whataboutery for you.

    Party leader's expenses (in order of amount claimed)

    Johann Lamont spent £19,697

    Ruth Davidson spent £17,184

    Willie Rennie spent £16,394

    Alex Salmond spent £9,691


    I see AS gets us to buy his morning paper for him ...

  6. " SNP MSP Jim Eadie spent £23.51 on a copy of the Scottish Independence Referendum Act, which is available to view for free online or at the Scottish Parliament Information Centre."


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