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  1. No reports on the number of deaths as yet. How surprising.

    More surprising was the the US claimed to have bombed all the refineries in 2014. Either they are not very good or the UK is bombing targets that have already been hit.

    Who from the U.S. claimed that?

  2. Can anyone tell me what Cameron thinks we can achieve by adding the UK to the list of countries dropping bombs over there? I fail to see how us adding a few more will make any positive difference that the large number of bombs already being dropped hasn't already made. It makes no sense to me at all that the UK is joining in with that aspect of things.

    See if you can dig out what Paddy Ashdown said about it yesterday. He can hardly be accused of being a Tory but put his case forward for being in favour of the strikes.

  3. Absolutely ashamed this morning. At the Government playing with innocent lives and making our lives less safe, at the opposition's focus on their internal squabbles, but most of all at the general populace - exemplified on here - treating the whole shambles as some kind of point scoring exercise.

    The whole world is less safe this morning.

    Wasn't just the government, politicians on all sides. In fact as far as I can see of all the parties who voted and had more than one MP doing so, the SNP is the only party who didn't have any sort of opposing view within their ranks. With so many of them this strikes me as decidedly odd. You can tell me all you like that none of them were convinced by the argument etc but not one of them thought differently???

  4. No civilians will be killed.....making more people into terrorists as happened in iraq Libya n Afghanistan....idiots like you should volunteer for red cross or medicin sans frontiers in such war zones that youve encouraged to see what its like sewing up maimed n limbless children so right wing shareholders get richer......

    So anyone with an opposing view to you on this doesn't just have an opposing view, they are wrong on their held belief and you are right ?

  5. Just listening to this bollox.



    WTF. 2015.

    What should they be doing? Using voting buttons like a game show audience ?

    It's tradition and convention for them to do it this way in the House of Commons. Quite why you would have any issue with it is beyond me. What harm does it do?

  6. Tory mps clapping (remember when that was bad when another party did it) Labour mp Hilary Benn,daddy would be so proud

    Not just Tory MP's

    You could see the SNP MP's hopping up and down on their benches protesting about the unfairness of them previously being rebuked for clapping. :)

  7. Not from where I am sitting it isn't. It will have been debated behind closed doors as a group, a vote will have taken place, the party will then vote accordingly.

    It's not that difficult.

    So they are being whipped then?

  8. That is how it works here. Although Uber's vetting process isn't that strenuous, it's just a case of filling out online forms. They way they seem to police the drivers is by the star rating system; if the driver gets a load of terrible reviews then they'll suspend them.

    They need to apply to the council to get a private hire plate before they can work for uber here as far as I know which mans all the drivers will be checked / vetted to some degree.

  9. I think so. They way I've read it (in Glasgow anyway) if you want to become a driver you need a license from the council and then you basically drive for uber if they accept you.

    All that happens is they match you up with punters needing a taxi and take a cut of the price of the journey.

  10. It's an easy way to do drug runs so it'll be of great use in Glasgow.

    The whole 'I have sweeties, GET IN THE FUCKING VAN' element of it makes it a no from me.

    I thought the cars had a private hire plate and the drivers were all checked the same way as any other taxi ie same as private hire firms just a different way of getting one.

  11. Was just reading that Jim Murphy has asked the leaders of Glasgow and Edinburgh councils to report to him by the end of this year regarding cross city plans to increase their general clout etc.

    Can someone explain how, in his position, he is able to order the spending of public money like this ??

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