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  1. let me ask you a couple of questions :

    A woman was near death from a unique kind of cancer. There is a drug that might save her. The drug costs $4,000 per dosage. The sick woman's husband, Heinz, went to everyone he knew to borrow the money and tried every legal means, but he could only get together about $2,000. He asked the doctor scientist who discovered the drug for a discount or let him pay later. But the doctor scientist refused.

    Should Heinz break into the laboratory to steal the drug for his wife? Why or why not?


    Heinz broke into the laboratory and stole the drug. The next day, the newspapers reported the break-in and theft. Brown, a police officer and a friend of Heinz remembered seeing Heinz last evening, behaving suspiciously near the laboratory. Later that night, he saw Heinz running away from the laboratory.

    Should Brown report what he saw? Why or why not?


  2. As most betting is usually the last minut goals to burst your coupon or a dead cert losing to wreck your line i thought it would be nice to post any of your winning bets here. No matter what the bet was for or how small the return was let's hear about the bookies losing :D

    I'll start.

    Today I had a £10 double on Trap 1 3.07 Hove (7/4) & Holiday cocktail 3.15 Wolverhamton (11/4)

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