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  1. As seen this week Wendy alexander has called on the SNP to bring forward the referendum and have it in the next 12 months however Alex Salmond has said he will wait till 2010 as said in his manifesto.

    We always see the opinion of the "educated and high and mighty" Im just curious to see the opinion of average joes like myself as it will affect us most.

    So what do you think?

    I want a single option vote please ;)

    I have no stats to back it up but I believe there is a direct link between independence and the football fraternity.

    It comes as no surprise that the bigoted TA members vote this way.

  2. My mate Jamie managed to get round in 4:53. Given he started training 10 weeks ago and couldn't get past 10 miles whilst training it was a good effort. He called fron 12 miles and the noise from the crowds was unbelievable.

    I'll get getting my name down in the ballot for 2010 but I can get a charity place if I wanted to commit to raising £1500.

    Why not next year?

  3. I intend to qualify for next year's London Marathon by running sub 3 hours at Edinburgh this year, thereby bypassing the ballot. B)

    You're football patter is guff, but your running patter is quite good.

    Saw a 64 year old being interviewed after London today. He missed an automatic place in next years by 30 seconds. :(

    He was gutted.

    I am going to enter next years race, as I have started running again and am quite enjoying it.

    I take it you normally need to enter for a few years before getting a place or is it just your donald?

  4. My itunes is showing the workout I have just done and says it has sent it to my nike+ account.

    When I check my nike+ todays run is not there.

    Where do you think I am going wrong?

    Edit : It has appeared now. I take it there is a bit of a delay just so it can load it up?

  5. When you get tuscan suasge with pasta and garlic bread for tea and the following happens.

    You note that the bread takes 15 minutes in the oven, and the pasta takes 4 minutes in the microwave.

    You start the micro bang on time and when it pings you note that the garlic bread is cooked to perfection.

    You then open the micro to find it completely empty before turning to see the pasta still sitting on the work surface, cold, and almost laughing at you.


  6. Closed today at £273.50. Anyone who did jump in £1.32 has indeed filled their boots.

    I didn't. :(

    Reckon you've misplaced a deminal point there, sunshine.

    Whit a doo. I'm surprised he hasn't put a pence sign after the 50.

  7. It's easy enough to look in on this and think that these people are morons, since it's not my money.

    However, if it was my money, i'd be down there queuing with them. Being a student, if my bank goes bust i'll probably be in better shape than I am now.

    Completely agree with that.



  8. Are they right to move all their money.

    It seems to me all the northern rock have done is borrow money from the bank of england due to other lenders going all tight due to the recent events in the US housing market..

    I think they will just exacerbate the problem by moving their money.

  9. I hate it when people say " you know what I mean" at the end of every sentence. A work colleague told me a story the other day which started, "I was walking to the shops, do you know what I mean" No, I have no idea what you mean from that, please elaborate you inbred c**t.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  10. Tony Buzan is a very interesting man.

    Should you not read a book about predicting golf events properly and not saying "game over" when really it isn't "game over" at all?

    I shouldn't be bursting to the fact that I find you cropping up on every thread talking about this quite amusing, it will just encourage more of the same shite.

    Are you bold enough to make a prediiction for Carnoustie Stu?

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