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  1. A few times in the past few years I have gone to 'Oasis' in Greenock and had a doner kebab for lunch. This is apparently frowned upon - people say it's post-pub food only. I really don't understand that. As fast food goes a doner kebab really isn't THAT unacceptable.

    It is totally acceptable.

    A kebab is amongst the most tasty fast food you can eat,

    yum yum.

    I might go to abrakebabra later :D

  2. Was just leaving the golf club when one of the old dudes said "what about that carry on in America, they are flying planes into each other in the sky"

    I came home and switched the news on and saw a replay of the second plane hitting the tower,

    A memory never to be lost,

    I watched two 9/11 documentaries this week. One about some bird that claimed she had been in the south tower and had lost her fiance in the north tower. She was lying on both counts but managed to live this lie for about 5 years. :o

    The other one was about people who survived in the mariott hotel which had both towers falling on top of it.

    Both were quite interesting stories.

  3. I post my times not only so I can show off but also to try and inspire others. If I can do it then so can others. :P

    I ran the Glasgow Half Marathon in 1:46 two years ago and hope to do this years in under 1:23. That's a big jump in 2 years..... and its all down to hard work and lots of training (and losing some weight).

    As for the 10k, I ran the Paisley 10k in around 46 mins 3 years ago. My current 10k PB is 37:08 which I did at Dumbarton in June. I ran the MHFS 10k at Bellahouston in 37:10 a week and a half later and finished 16th out of around 2,500 runners. :P

    My target for this year's Paisley 10k is sub 37 mins. I'm hopeful. I just ran a 5.5 mile tempo on Thursday lunchtime at 6.10 min/mile pace, ie equivalent to a 38 mins 10k..... and that was my target half marathon pace.

    The thing is, the group I train with at lunch times at work contains 6 guys who can all run faster than me. One can run a 10k in under 33 mins.

    My one big disappointment was burning and crashing in the last 6 miles at the Edinburgh Marathon this year. Target will be 2:50 next year. A winter of tough training lies ahead. :ph34r:

    That's shite mate,

    I saw a wee bird run it in 30 minutes at the olympics today. :P

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