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  1. 17 minutes ago, mjw said:

    He wasn't going out in a blaze of glory though.
    He's had to stand down after losing the most important vote (for some ) in this countries history.

    The c**t should have been smuggled out the back door.

    I'm not saying he was or wasn't going out in a blaze of glory. Obviously his own party are reflecting on his overall achievements and gave him the reception they believe he was due. The labour and lib dem benches showed their respect for him as a departing Prime Minister and the sacrifices he's made to do that. 


    Look at the contrast between Corbyn and the SNP. 


    There's probably no one in there disagrees with him more than Corbyn and he's been relentlessly slates by Cameron and his party and yet he's wise enough to notice the sense of occasion and act accordingly. I'm not saying the SNP should have been gushing over him but to do what they did is just odd. 


    Alex Salmond rightly received applause from everyone in Holyrood after his final speech. 


    Robertsons EU questions were appalling today too. 

  2. 45 minutes ago, mjw said:

    Petty and ignorant hopefully.

    I'm sure every disabled and mental health patient who have been told they are fit to work found it petty.
    Probably every benefits claimant who has been sanctioned for being late for an appointment agrees it's petty as well.

    Won't they?

    Dear lord! :lol:


    Look back to when Blair left. Full standing ovation in the house. Regardless of what you think of him he's elected to do the job in a democracy and I think people were just paying their respects with regards to him doing his job regardless of their politics.  


    A matter of common human courtesy which the SNP by ignoring just look childish. The fact that they all appeared to sit on their hands would indicate to me there was some sort of communication sent out telling them to do that. Utterly bizarre. 

  3. 40 minutes ago, mjw said:

    Double standards I thought, but if you want to go with conspiracy

    You know fine well the difference between the two bouts of applause. 


    Furthermore, were they not clapping cause they didn't think they were allowed or just being petty and ignorant about the departing PM?

  4. Why aren't the Tories concerned that the UK is a one party state given the state of the opposition? They seemed to think Labour being so shite in Scotland made it a one party pretendy state, and that this was bad for democracy.

    Because like almost all politicians / parties they can be hypocritical when ever it suits them :)

  5. As far as I can make out the only people who keep bringing independence up are the Scottish conservative party and various insecure No voters. In fact their campaign was built on a 'anti independence' ticket.

    Then you've not been watching many SNP MSP's speak.

  6. 7/1 for No overall majority. Having a wee punt on that, think the turnout will be low and have a hunch the pollsters have overestimated the snp vote.

    Have you collected ? Nice prediction

  7. have you polled them, as a majority said they wanted one within 5 years and two thirds within 10.its only staunch rangers types (ie bigots) that don't

    You lose the argument with that guff :)

    Let's just move on and have the SNP govern the country as the electorate wants. You lost the referendum. Accept it, deal with it and move on. The amount of time donated to continuing the independence debate can only be to the detriment of running the country.

  8. The snps not getting a majority is a disaster for independence and has set the cause back years.

    But presumably good for the majority of the country that aren't in the least bit interested in a second referendum given they were asked two years ago

  9. Absolutely spot in IMO. Had the argument with my uber nationalistic brother yesterday.

    Whether he's right or wrong I'm just glad that there seems to be people within the SNP with differing views. I'll find it really odd of none of the MP's or MSP's campaign to leave.

    The benefit of the opposing views within a party means that we are more likely to get the facts for in or out rather than some carefully scripted party line designed to secure votes.

  10. I think information on this will be impossible to find. It will be rhetoric .

    No one has any idea what impact it would have on the UK economy, positive or negative, if we leave.

    I'm pretty torn. I despise the neoliberal anti-democratic corrupt disgrace that is the EU. So I'm naturally an Out sympathiser. But will being in some sort of limbo trade partnership without voting rights be better? Doesn't seem so.

    I think its a really difficult one.

    I agree.

    I just hope that however difficult getting information is , that the debate revolves around issues and not personalities or party politics

  11. The good thing about this ref is that people on both sides will come from a variety of backgrounds and political parties. This should hopefully remove some of the petty sniping and provide us with the information we need to make the choice we want.

    How will the SNP find a way to argue against DC even though they will be on the same side??

  12. At no point did I refer to the Independence referendum in my post. I even raised the point that Scotland could be part of the UK, and campaign for independent recognition in Europe.

    Yeah but it's reeking of it.

    We will vote on this as the UK so why should it matter how the vote is split ?

    We had the chance to leave the UK and become part of the EU as Scotland and voted overwhelmingly against it. Furthermore we knew at that point that an EU referendum was likely and still chose to remain within the UK. That means for things like this we are voting as part of the UK, not Scotland. Why can't you accept that?

  13. I'm not too sure why there seems to be some in Scotland who think voting to stay but being forced to leave through the demand of a much larger English electorate = bad, whilst staying but having our terms of membership renegotiated by a Tory PM, under considerable pressure from his own party and with no credible mandate in Scotland = acceptable. Neither is a terribly fair set of circumstances for Scotland, and we have to make an alternative, (especially) pro-immigration argument that just isn't anywhere to be seen on the wider UK debate.

    Whether part of the UK or not Scotland should be claiming for its own representation on the EU, the case for that has never been stronger.

    You really need to get over the result of the Indy ref. It's clearly clouding your judgement on everything.

  14. Anyone think it's about time the Scottish Government gave our local councils a bit of breathing space by allowing them limited increases in council tax?

    I'd like to see them agree with COSLA/councils for the freeze to remain in place for the poorest in properties in bands A & B, but councils be allowed to charge up to 5% more for properties in bands C & D, 10% more for bands E & F, and 15% more for bands G & H. So folk that can't afford an increase don't have to pay any more; those who can pay more should.

    It won't raise huge amounts of cash but it would help, and it's pretty sad to see some of the cuts that the councils are having to make: http://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/22m-council-cuts-will-devastate-communities-1-3689386


    Also, when the income tax powers from the Smith Commission Report come to Scotland, it'd be interesting to see the Scottish Government link the rates and bands into the real economy by using the median wage as a guide rather than the arbitrary/political-cynical approach that the Westminster Treasury currently uses.

    For example:

    Tax -free allowance set at 50% of median wage: £12,500 approx. (?)

    10% band up to the median wage: £12,500 - £25,000.

    20% band up to twice median: £25,000 - £50,000.

    40% band from twice median: £50,000+........etc.....

    So you'd just make a sweeping assumption about an ability to pay more based on what type of property someone lives in? Ludicrous.

    Also in a general sense this nonsense about taxing the rich more is tiresome. The better paid members of society already pay a lot more. They have a different tax bracket and by definition the more they earn the more £ they pay back in tax.

    No need to punish successful people any more than we currently do.

  15. Ludicrous to blame anyone for a defect in the bridge - these things happen.

    What we can criticise is the (apparent) lack of planning for such an eventuality to occur. Given the importance of the route you'd have thought there would be a contingency plan in place that just needs dusted down when this happens.

    Agreements with ferry operators, bespoke train and bus time tabling on trains, removal of some light controlled junctions etc. loads could be done automatically but doesn't seem to be

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