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  1. I think the point that Scotland hasn't voted Tory since the fifties yet we've had 60% Tory governments is a fair one.

    Incidentally, English geezer doing a cracking job for the Yes campaign on the radio, I think.

    I can agree to a point with that but where do you draw the line? That's what democracy is. I'm sure there will be some cities or constituencies that have NEVER voted Tory but that doesn't mean you just pick up the baw and walk off the pitch.

  2. When I hear the phrase "we want decisions about Scotland to be made by the people of Scotland and those who live there"

    We are already a small place and often I can't really see the above being much different if you replace 'Scotland' with 'Britain'.

    Where do you draw the line??

    Any chance there will be moves to make Aberdeen an independent country in another 300 years ?

  3. Still never sure I follow it but would the SNP not be better stating the following (and would it be accurate)

    "It would be a condition upon us to join the euro if we became an independent country. The thing is there is no sanction placed on any county who doesn't do so therefore it is out intention to continue using the pound with a perpetual fake intention of joining the euro at some point in the future" ?

  4. Are you not allowed to be Scottish AND British if you're playing tennis?

    You're losing me here. Of course you are but where have I said you can't?

    Until now Murray has clearly identified himself as being British and mentioned it in his speech. I dare say in the days to come he will also comment on how good his victory may be for British tennis etc.

    I'd be surprised if Salmond has the courtesy to acknowledge the British aspect and will say how good it is for everything Scottish (as one might expect from a Scottish first minister). I just think he would be well served (pardon the pun) to every now and again reign himself in and be comfortable with the fact that people like being British.

  5. :lol:

    Nationality isn't dependent on party politics. She could clear it up right away. What exactly are these conditions that "might" stop the British letting us keep our passports? If you don't believe this is anything other than an attempt to spread fear and uncertainty, then you are deluded.

    Its a bit like the idea of a currency Union. The British could rule it out right away. Why aren't they?

    Predictable. I read this thread frequently and your knowledge and passion is to be admired, however your desire for independence makes you somewhat blinkered to any counter argument IMO.

  6. What the UK government does has nothing to do with what a future independent Scottish government does. She could clear up any uncertainty tomorrow, but it suits her and the Unionists to pretend that there is uncertainty, that simple things might be "difficult". It's pish.

    No, I'm guessing but I think what she's saying is that depending on what decisions the Scottish Govt makes this may have some impact on UK govt's position on granting UK passports. SG makes a decision that UK doesn't believe is conducive to granting UK passports then no deal.

    Her position may be entirely driven by what the SG does. I don't see why this is so hard to understand?

  7. She's in the government. Its a bit like the currency Union. IF we aren't going to be able to keep our passports, then she should just say so. Of course, that would then lead to awkward questions, questions like "so how come the Irish could keep theirs"? Why "might"? She's in the government, confirm or deny. This isn't some maverick backbencher, this is a senior member of the government that will be dealing with these things.

    All she's trying to do is sow fear and uncertainty.

    I don't agree. The SNP MP pretty much categorically stated that after independence Scots would be able to retain a UK passport. All she has done is said it might not be as simple as that. I think she also alludes to the fact that it could be influenced by policy decisions made by an independent Scotland hence there is some uncertainty as to what exactly the position will be.

    SNP - you'll definitely be able to have a UK passport

    UK - maybe not, it depends on what decisions you make as a govt.

    This then becomes a threat? Bizarre.

  8. Can anyone explain what is wrong with Theresa May pointing out that in an independent Scotland people might not be able to have a UK passport? Surely this is just pointing out a fact and given that she is part of the UK government it is her place to do so.

    The immediate claim of the SNP MP that it was a 'threat' is laughable. Their strategy for using certain language is becoming a bit transparent.

  9. £320 to raise a child per month. 36% of the average cost of raising a child in the UK.

    Sickening :(

    The biggest outlay in that stat will normally be child care. She has £0 to pay for child care.

  10. We all hear stories of benefits this and that in the media all the time but quite often it is just sensationalised. That said if that girl gets her rent and council tax paid and then gets £1600 per month I can't really understand how she struggles.

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