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  1. Don't be silly, it's an online forum, everybody gets villified.

    Which is fair enough but very few acknowledge that there is any merit in what a no voter believes. As it stands just now the majority of decided voters are in the no camp so the question is why so some ignore these views so vigorously?

  2. From the horses mouth

    You obviously don't understand the difference between sharing wealth and giving it away. Sharing implies we get something in return that we wouldn't if indy.

    Clearly I don't like his view on that. I agree with you here. Hadn't ever seen that before.

  3. At the moment it may be the case. However you are willing to gamble that it will remain fine in a union. I am willing to gamble that things will be better under Independence. In all honesty Independence will come a bit too late for me, but I am voting YES for my children.

    A completely sensible and rational post. I've got no issue with that what so ever. We probably want similar things for our family but just disagree on what way is best to achieve that. This is the very essence of the debate but sometimes on here you get vilified for having the audacity to be a no voter.

  4. You are Andy Gorum and I claim my £5

    I don't really know what you mean and those tweets aren't displaying properly for me.

    I post a couple of things you don't agree with so resort to linking me with what I presume is a controversial or thick twitter user?


  5. But you are willing to gamble that things will not be worse under Westminster?

    Things are fine for me and my friends and family though. As I've stated on another thread too I'm equally happy sharing Scotland's wealth between Nairn or Newcastle. I draw no distinction between people from either place.

  6. mmm the bitters keep rambling on about bowie and this,i wonder what they are hiding in the news today?

    Is it we have to drive on the right after the border guards,or is it the stuc members are favouring yes?

    Just something for this wee forum to discuss. It doesn't always have to be matters of strategic importance ;)

    Just a wee bit sad that a man in his position would behave in such a fashion.

  7. Desperate stuff from you here.

    I'm more bothered about wee things like having nuclear weapons transported through Glasgow.

    It's not desperate stuff. Just because there are far more important issues like the one you mention doesn't mean we can't chew the fat over the tittle tattle. Any rebuke to a point stating "ah but there's more important things than that" is quite flimsy.

    Of course he should congratulate them but what would stop him acknowledging that they are part of team GB? "Well done to all of team GB at the Winter Olympics and particular mention to Eve and her team etc etc" something like that maybe?

  8. because he is the first minister of Scotland and they were Scottish athletes

    A bit petty and parochial is it not? They are in team GB. Not to even mention that or indeed congratulate the other British athletes is a sad state of affairs for him. I can't quite understand that mentality - it's as if no one else exists for him.

  9. A thousand times this. I cannot fathom how anyone can be happy at how the Conlibs are treating the average person right now.

    No one is guaranteeing independence will be the land of milk and honey, but at least we'll have a CHANCE to create a fairer, happier society, instead of being pissed on by born millionaires that have never known a day's struggle in their lives.

    Whether anyone is happy with the conlibs or not doesn't really matter. The chances are they'll both be gone next year, while independence is forever. Maybe things would be better but I think there's an equal chance they would be worse and that's not a gamble I am personally willing to take.

  10. As I predicted earlier some have wound themselves up into a froth over Bowie daring to comment on independence via Kate Moss. Why on earth should he not be allowed to voice his view regardless of whether or not he has a vote, lives in New York or what ever else?

  11. I am just offering my opinion, I await to be shot down, but you cannot deny the facts if you look hard enough. Maybe if rest of UK could declare independence from London, we could have the ideal scenario, but thats not going to happen. At least we have an opportunity. I speak as a business owner and family man.

    You shouldn't really be shot down for any of that. It's your opinion and that's it. You are entitled to those views and many would agree. The only thing I sometimes find is that No voters seem to be accused of being wrong for voting no as if they are in some way blind to the paradise that awaits. One fact that is certain in all of this is that people are going to disagree and no one should have a problem with that. I'll be really disappointed if there is a yes vote but I will certainly respect the right of the voters who made it.

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