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  1. Nice bump . I can’t believe the count started from zero around 2014/15
  2. No sir / ma'am the first post was an assertion that the media are all out to stir up anti yes sentiment. The thread was asking people to then debunk the stories. I don't see much debunking going on, just some images then a lot of lemmings agreeing at the disgrace. What in the content is made up or wrong ?
  3. Don't see much debunking going on. Just some pictures then a rant. What's inaccurate about the stories please ?
  4. Go for it ? Is it the Scotland doesn't vote for a Tory govt argument ? We vote as the UK in general elections and had a free choice to stop doing that in 2014. We chose not to.
  5. Enlighten me then. No polls show desire for a second referendum, she doesn't have a majority so where does the mandate to hold one come from? Their manifesto stated that indy2 would happen after a material change (Brexit) but they didn't win a majority on that manifesto.
  6. She says her mandate is based on getting the highest number of constituency votes ever but misses out that didn't result in a majority. She he doesn't have a mandate for this but will force it upon is with the assistance of the greens.
  7. Whits a minter ? You're right. I'd forgotten how easily people got uptight on here at the slightest hint of SNP criticism bring back the good old days of the forum, when things were simpler, kilt was a part of all debate and we could sit and watch SPLWWW and thunder monkey fight it out
  8. I didn't say if I thought one way or the other but I always like to scratch the surface with these things and see if people are just coming away with sound bites. Go and watch what he said to Angus Robertson today about what he sees he's done for Scotland and tell me which parts he's wrong on.
  9. Because whether they've fucked the country up or not is a matter of opinion. That's how debate works and the SNP are doing a damn good job of convincing the people of Scotland that this is the case. That does not mean they need to portray themselves as angry little children.
  10. But they are Westminster politicians for the time being. It's not about engaging in politics but merely showing that they are mature polite human beings. What sort of example do they set by behaving like that?
  11. I'm just guessing based on the fact that not one of them displayed independent thought.
  12. Define posh, and why you see that as an insult?
  13. The point being he was able to rise above their political differences and act like a decent human being, not the I don't like you so I'll ignore you caper that the SNP went for. Where would we be if everyone in life acted like that ?
  14. to the extent that it's the place that allows us to live the way we do, yes.
  15. Even Nicola struggling to find the words to wriggle out of their behaviour which I'm sure you'll all agree isn't like her.
  16. You mean every party apart from the SNP?
  17. The circumstances for the rebuke for clapping and today are entirely different, but you know that. Tony Blair received applause when he left too.
  18. It is courtesy, which is important in all aspects of life. The location today was the seat of the democracy that everyone holds dear and the place that provides the SNP the platform to oppose everything the tories say and do. They should have known better as mature adults to behave accordingly. There's a time and place for everything but it's hard to get folks like you to understand or appreciate that.
  19. We'd agree on a lot more things I'm sure. Sadly the labels attached on here in recent history to "Sevco" fans or no voters mean it's largely a waste of time visiting
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