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  1. My son is going to be a mascot at this game. His first ever time at 9. He is hoping for a home win and to be a lucky charm. Fingers crossed we can win it to keep the top 6 plans alive.
  2. From what I gather on us being in for Richard Taylor he is a left centre back. This would mean maybe a sub on less than Joe, but cover for Dunne as we have young team and Gogic can cover there too on right. Or take over from Dunne. Happy if he turned out the next mugabi that Robo brought to Motherwell.
  3. I think you could live off the away design for years to come in Red and black Red and white Red and blue Yellow and black
  4. Thought it was great as soon as he could O'Hara gave him the armband too.
  5. [emoji1][emoji1][emoji1][emoji1][emoji1][emoji1][emoji1][emoji1][emoji1][emoji1]
  6. He has been staying super fit from his Instagram account. Not sure on match fitness though.
  7. Not sure I'd be happy with Marcus Fraser going. If more than one CB gets injuries we are very light there. If Brophy and Main went I wouldn't worry. I bet there will be a few in the family stand glad that Brophy would leave so they don't get battered by his wayward shots.
  8. I hope its not Flynn. Seemed a ghost when came on last week. Could we not go with the 3412 that worked well tail end of last season with Kiltie behind the strikers higher up the park?
  9. Totally makes me think like Gallacher. I couldn't put my finger on it. I do wonder if this has been pushed through more as Robo seems to take Carson everywhere like they are mates if this has been pushed through because of this rather than what the club and goalkeeping coaching have wanted?! I ask as since Samson we have had decent keepers in Hladký and Alnwick.
  10. I hope it comes good, but it feels like Jim's unbalanced signings going fit the 352 that didn't work. When he went to change it up there was unbalance and lack of pace. Robo it seems stacked to 433 and if go to change it I feel there is a lack of Midfield.
  11. True, but I guess it could depend on how intense the 2 sessions are? From what Robo has said before he rates athleticism and fitness costs nothing. Not making excuses, but is he pushing them harder than others would?! Who knows. We say it every season with every manager the high balls are shit and we need to play the ball to feet...which is crazy for football and footballers, right? I worry that we brought in players supposedly with pace, but I'm yet to see it or it cause any trouble like Connelly's pace could or it could keep defenders guessing or deep due to him being able to roast them (though apart from that he wasn't the player fans made out when he left). We brought in Jones who supposedly had pace too, but wouldn't use it at all. I wish we still had money to bring in some actual pace and quality in the middle like Ronan was as well as a Gogic style player.
  12. The lack of pace is worrying. was that now why Jonah Ayunga and Toyosi Olusanya were brought in?! I'm yet to see it from them both. Was Strain not supposed to be pace too? Are the players looking unfit, or are they still doing 2 training sessions a day, then doing the cup games too? Are they unfit or is it they are f**ked because this cup format makes it all crazy early in the season? Not making excuses, but are they over working so early on?! The good solid performances tail end of last season were surprisingly with the formation Jim couldn't get to work with the 3-4-1-2. I know Robo preference is this 4-3-3, but I feel this makes the midfield narrow. I feel Kiltie is lost so deep and really is a number 10. I feel this formation is not working to allow the overlap of the LB/LW and RB/RW. I feel it is stifling the likes of Tanser's attacking play.
  13. I'm hoping that Gogic has been waiting to see what the teams that are in for him are releasing kit wise. I hope after seeing that kit he signs up on a 3yr deal. [emoji23]
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