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  1. Todays scores 4/5

    With Beith being probably the closest Ayrshire club to Glasgow and Rob Roy coming from the opposite direction there's probably a good few venues central and accessible for both clubs. Renfrew could be a good shout for the final
  2. Todays scores 4/5

    Beith v Rob Roy. Petershill or maybe Cambuslang sounds about central. Probably Newlandsfield though.
  3. Talbot just keep rolling on....

    Can't fault them for fitness and work rate. Hard to compete with. They are relentless.
  4. Talbot just keep rolling on....

    Wtf is that reply? Aye mate I'm just a lonely guy that's followed the same club win or lose for a lifetime. Not that you'd know how that feels. I gave Talbot credit but I didn't see you disagreeing.
  5. Talbot just keep rolling on....

    The final result was result was probably never in doubt but you played against 10 men for 75 minutes. Don't get too carried away. I'm sure Craig Levein has played against teams before who launch the ball up the park and press the second ball. I'm sure Hearts won't be as poor at defending set pieces at peasy. Having said that good luck to Talbot next week, spoke to a lot of decent guys today.
  6. Referees

    Never mind retiring them at 45. Some of them are just absolutely horrendous whatever age they are. Ref at Troon v Peasy today disallowed a perfectly good peasy goal for a foul on the goalie when there was no one anywhere near him. Then in the last minute didn't give a penalty because the player didn't go down under a challenge, but next time the ball went into the box gave a very soft penalty. Not that I'm complaining cause peasy got a much needed and deserved win in the end up.
  7. St Roch"s 2018/19

    Just reading your league fixture on Saturday got me thinking when the last time St. Roch's would've played Arthurlie in a league game. With Arthurlie having been in the top couple of Central divisions since the mid 80s it must be close on 40 years since the two clubs met for league points. Even without league reconstruction this season both clubs would still have been in the same division in the old super first.
  8. Pricing woes

    Why don't Queens Park play at lesser Hampden then. Surely that would reduce costs and create a better atmosphere for the 500 or so fans that attend. Or is it a bit of snobbery on their part.
  9. todays results 21.7.18

    Peasy showed great pace and precise passing going forward today, probably could've scored more. As with most pre season friendlies lots of substitutions take the pace and sting out the game. Whitletts looked a bit short on players today while Peasy had about 22. The big thing I found about the super first (now the championship) was there seemed to be a bit of a gulf between top and bottom, with 16 teams in the league there may he some breathing space between chasing promotion and fighting relegation.
  10. Scottish Cup Winners Quiz.

    46 for me. Put in Rob Roy but it didn't recognise it. Gutted I missed Vale of Clyde since I live around the corner.
  11. I'm sure Petershills record was equally good away from home if not better. That includes playing on some excellent grass parks, some dry bumpy parks and muddy parks as yours was when we won 3-2 early in the season.
  12. Every team has there off days but one league defeat suggests we've had less off days than most. It's consistency that wins leagues not just picking one team you want to raise your game against. The other big factor is keeping faith with the management team. Peasy have went from nearly winning the top division to being relegated, yet have now been promoted with the same management because they're the right men for the job.
  13. Explain where my knowledge isn't very good please. I was at both games and we won. Our home game was our most comprehensive of the season.
  14. Did we beat Meadow twice? No. Did we beat Darvel twice? Yes. Benburb game is irrelevant as both teams made a lot of changes as league cup was not a priority at the time. Does that mean Benburb squad is stronger than Peasies maybe but probably not. Going by what I've personally witnessed Meadow are a better team than Darvel. Tell I'm wrong at the end of the season when the final league tables are decided.
  15. Played us off the park yet we still won 3-2 with a guy who has hardly started a game since scoring a hat trick. Better team at Peasy ?But you still went in 1-0 down at half time and got destroyed in the second half . Your applying basic football logic with the Benburb game. They beat us 3-1 we beat you 6-0 so really they should've beat you 3-0. As you say football doesn't work like that and going by the games against Peasy you are the worst I've seen. Sorry if you don't agree but can only judge on want I've seen.