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  1. Nobody got a stauner when Nicoll signed.
  2. Looking forward to listening to it, feel free to delete the alloa shite though. Apart from "the header" obvs.
  3. I got 9/2 on a binos win today. Feels the right thing to do after I backed a cowdenbeath win last week...
  4. The Forthbank Beano group page on facebook appears to be replacing the Rave On fan page. The young guy running the YouTube highlights is doing a great job.
  5. Not sure why the ref needed to watch 30 replays of it
  6. You should have paid us to take Creaney off your hands. Has Murphy improved his game?
  7. My first ever gig. Playhouse 86. Sad news.
  8. Swann impressed me when you guys played us last year. Was the best player on the pitch. Happy if he stays on the bench for this game but seems a bit odd.
  9. Insert Bruce Hornsby and the range joke here It's Fraser
  10. cement


    Just finished the 60th but did it over a year. Good to follow on after Narcos. JJ wife was top drawer.
  11. The last trust board couldn't even keep the mailing list up to date. Just saying.
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