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    Sorry but I just find this site boring over the past few months. There is a concentration on single team themes and most of the space is filled with big pictures and then there are all the home movies. I liked it better when e used to discuss common (eos) league nonsense. But then, I'm an old fart but just say in'
  2. It was a pleasure to be back a Fir Park after an absence. But bad as this game was I was more disgusted by the comments of both sets of managers. They only saw the fame in terms of themselves. The paying public who were subjected to thus dross? Whatever! Just keep on turning up and give us your money. I'm looking in vain for some reaction from the well society to turn round this arrogance!
  3. But SLFL have blown out our game with HRA. I barely dare to suggest it but is it possible HibeeJibee could be wrong? Surely not?! The world is turned upside down!
  4. A year or so ago we had a similar issue but due to a gale. We secured the floodlight but they were still at a precarious angle. The three officials turned up for the pre-match inspection and one of the assistants drew the ref's attention to the precarious angle of the floodlight posts. I said "it's alright son as long as you're not the near side linesman," I saw the look on his face and said , "well as long as you're nippy!"
  5. And credit to Stephen Rudd who brought together a totally fresh set of players at the start of the season who are now on the brink of the third round.
  6. No. Unless you know something to the contrary, Stuart Rome is Chief Executive, bringing stability to day-to-day affairs and the acting managers are the hugely experienced Paddy Flannery and Alan Inglis. This was certainly the case for our fantastic victory over Dalbeattie Star at the weekend
  7. 4 managers at the game last night and none of them was ours![emoji28]
  8. Thanks HJ. How do you know so much stuff?
  9. Yes, that's what I meant. I hope City enter. It's a poor reflection on a very historic trophy of late with Berwick Rangers understandably a bit lukewarm about it. It would be nice if the other two Edinburgh teams entered a side as well.
  10. Will there be a change to the format of the EoS Cup this year?
  11. But they are up from previous clubs "norm" in Northern League of about 70. SFL figures were a brief anomaly influenced by visiting fans.
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