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  1. An appeal would be heard on Thursday and he would be free to play on the Wednesday.
  2. Liked some of the stuff Kelty tried to play at the weekend, what about Kevin Thompson?
  3. Mother wells goal comes from having a right footed player playing left back
  4. Wigan will win promotion this year, and Birmingham could well be in trouble though as you say they are a far bigger club and will pay higher wages.
  5. Villa had an average attendance of 41,000 which was higher than Chelsea pre covid. They have also submitted plans to increase the capacity from 42k to 62k
  6. Thanks for that work means I don’t know about making it till the night of the game, and the ST Mirren site says no tickets would be available.
  7. A bit less than normal since there are none on sale at the ground on the night
  8. It’s actually true, it’s taken from last year and that is his Rangers wage. No idea about McGrath.
  9. I could easily see him being utilised Durmus style as a wing back which is exactly what we need. Or just use Flynn there
  10. Wonder if a crowd of over 7000 for a league cup group game was due to the novelty of the game being at Hampden
  11. A relative of Jason said St Mirren tried to resign him twice, the first time he went on loan to Hibs then this time to RC. Don’t know if Goodwin would go back a third time
  12. Don't see the need for this to be honest, Foley, Fraser and Tait can all play centre back without weakening an other area of the team. If it's Tait then Mason at left back if Fraser then Flynn at right back. If he thought he needed a journeyman as cover surely he would have kept Baird?
  13. Strange odds to win this with St Johnstone 7/2 and St Mirren 5/1, I will be backing them both as I think that will be the final
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