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  1. Was driving through Whitburn today and thought I'd see how the new ground improvements are going. Very impressive.
  2. I’d have thought they were better situated for the WoSL. Mind you, anything goes nowadays.[emoji848]
  3. So is it just a rumour that Armadale are jumping ship to the WoSL? Also where does this leave the remainder of the West Lothian teams (West Calder, Stoneyburn, etc). Will they just fold?
  4. Just heard from a friend that Livi, Whitburn and Pumphy are applying to join the EoSL next season (Livi’s old news) and that the Dale are moving to the WoSL. Not so sure about that one though.
  5. I’m praying it goes ahead with fans. Have managed to get a final ticket for the Sunday night. The night before, Pearl Jam at Hyde Park. Carlsberg don’t do ultimate weekends, but if they did.....[emoji120][emoji120][emoji120]
  6. Other than Livi Utd, is their any other clubs looking to jump ship next season to the EoSL?
  7. Can’t put up an argument with what you say, but the reality is that most of them are playing. I’d also imagine quite a few are regretting having started the season and probably wish they could bail out now. The clubs that have decided to have a hiatus, will they manage to kick start themselves a year later? Who knows. There’s many reasons why local clubs have decided to carry on and you’ve got to admire them for having a go at it. Just to add, from the time I made my first post, events have overtaken it somewhat. Who knows what’ll happen next, but one things for sure, it won’t involve fans watching at any level.
  8. Watched today’s Broxburn game from behind fence. They somehow managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Whilst at 3-0 up, it didn’t really reflect the score. However, they got caught massively in the 2nd half, with Crossgates even missing a penalty. Cracking game to watch, but Broxburn must be kicking themselves.
  9. Took in the Broxburn 4 v Crossgates 5 game today from outside the ground. Broxburn went 3-0 up just after half time and somehow managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Nothing between the teams on the day, but a cracking game to watch.
  10. I’ve got 3 sets of different heights I stick in the back of the car. Needed the taller ones today at Broxburn.
  11. To be honest, not everyone is being discreet. Think this is the reason the WoSL has tweeted recently that fans have been getting into grounds (via committee’s etc), and it’s not on. You’re spot on about “will fans show the same level of appreciation when the vaccine is rolled out”. I hope so, but you never know. It’s a crying shame that the lower leagues have been totally overlooked at the moment. All the talk is only of the SPFL. It’s as if the lower leagues didn’t exist. You guys will know as well as me that their is no problem letting fans in at all, at that level. It’s been a golden opportunity lost, to let footy fans from the SPFL see what else is out there. As it is, the game at this level is dying on its feet at the moment, and it’s only good will that’s keeping the game alive. I managed another game today from outside(with the help of my ladders). I do feel guilty that I’m watching a game free of charge, and have made a couple of donations to clubs.
  12. I’ve always asked someone from the club if they’ve any objection to me watching over/through a fence. They’ve all said they’ve no problem, and just be discreet. That and just giving yourself some room. I counted about 25 watching over a fence at Musselburgh recently.
  13. Ladders are a pre requisite for anyone wanting to see a game now. My car’s packed with various sizes on match day now.[emoji849]
  14. Edited to add, their are a few people watching games over fences. The clubs and officials (to my knowledge) don’t seem to be bothered, and I always ask in advance if they’re ok with me doing so. I even made a contribution to one of the clubs to cover the ref for one of the games. One club even let me come inside the ground, as long as I was discreet and stood well out of the way of everyone. The game at this level is going to be killed off if they don’t let fans back in, in some form. Having been down to England, their system works fine with larger crowds than we get up here. No one will convince me that their is a problem social distancing in lower league footy up here. As opposed to looking at the problem from Celtic & Rangers, downwards, they should be looking at the problem upwards from junior level.
  15. The games down South were all done before restrictions in England. The juniors games in Scotland were all through/over fences, and last Saturdays Blackburn game was within my area. By the letter of the law, I shouldn’t be watching games over a fence, but other than that, I think I’m ok. Just trying to find games in West Lothian at the moment. Given that nearly all the juniors that are left are in this area, I should be fine. That said, all the games were called off due to water logged pitches last weekend. Strangely enough, the Harthill ground actually falls into West Lothian, as it’s in Greenrigg, and not Harthill.
  16. Was fortunate to take in a few games down South. Kendal Town, Whitley Bay, Workington, FCUM and Corinthian Casuals. All cracking clubs that are very welcoming. No chance of travelling now though. Have been taking in games in Scotland, watching through fences and so forth. Plenty of scope in the juniors and EoSL league for doing this. I’d rather be doing this as watching games on tv or screening. A few clubs that are watchable are Rosyth, Livingston Utd, Fauldhouse, Caledonian Braves and Blackburn.
  17. Was fortunate enough to watch the games from behind the fence the last few weeks. Thoroughly enjoyed watching them, and you’re guaranteed goals going forward with Fauldhouse. It’s a crying shame fans can’t get in, as there’s absolutely no reason why football at this level can’t work without fans. It’s going to kill the game, the way things are going.
  18. Today will be the 4th consecutive week that they’ve played a game on the park. It was looking a bit heavy at one end after last week’s game against the Dale. Today it’s Pumphy at home.
  19. Watched the game from outside the fence. Decent game, given that the players aren’t that match fit. Turning point was probably the sending off. Hard tackle which in days gone by would have probably been a booking,but by nowadays standards, punishable by imprisonment.
  20. Hi guys, just as it says on the tin. Does anyone know of any bounce games today in West Lothian. I know the score that you can’t watch, but theirs a few grounds that you can catch a look at a game from outside. Just desperate to see a game, like everyone else. Thanks
  21. Sorry for the delay. Yeah, heading off on Thursday. Got tickets for CARP, Boca, and I’ve been set up for Estudiantes as well. My contact has also got us an invite to see Estudiantes at their training base. Also got Huracan, Argentines Juniors, Independiente and a couple of 2nd div games lined up. Was looking to venture into Uruguay, but the fixture gods haven’t been kind. Sadly, the Velez game this Friday has been cancelled, but as I speak, I’m waiting on more 3rd div fixtures to be announced. All in, got 8 games planned in 11 days, but still hoping to get more. The CARP game we’ve got the hospitality package. Paid just short of £100 for it, but god knows what’s involved.
  22. Pretty embarrassed by the whole steward thing. I was sitting along from the young squad and thought they were excellent, and did their club proud. Don’t know what started the thing with the stewards, can only guess someone was woken up by them, and complained. Just another piece of shit publicity in a club that excels at it. The whole thing was cringeworthy, and as a Falkirk fan would encourage the young team to keep up the great work and follow their team.
  23. Think it’s at La Manga and they’re also playing Ajax Jong as well. Both bounce games.
  24. I must have been sitting about a dozen seats along from you. Third time I’ve seen Palace getting beat 1-0 there, twice to late goals.
  25. Looking to go to the reverse fixture of this game next April with 5 mates. Any idea when fixture dates/times will be announced?
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