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  1. At least there’s one Stranraer team having a good season so far. If I win the 10 grand might takeover the club. 😉🤣😂
  2. Am a teacher so no is the answer to your question. 🤣😂😂
  3. Been allocated two tickets for the knockout match in Glasgow but can’t find any details re kick off time. Maybe not decided yet. Anyone hazard a guess when cause if it’s too early would struggle to make it.
  4. Sitting second overall just now but doubt that’s going to last long! Oops think this is for something different. 🤣😂😂
  5. Am not sure the forecasts were just as severe in the other 5 areas though and in many cases the stadiums not as exposed to the elements.
  6. I get the fact clubs can't cancel matches. So a local ref has a look prior to the match ref arriving BUT is the local ref purely expected to merely look at the state of the pitch at that particular point in time or is he also able to take account of extreme weather forecasts like tonight's (which are never COMPLETELY wrong)? If its the former then that is where the problem lies. Ridiculous in this day and age when the forecast ain't even questionable.
  7. Feel sorry for anyone who started to make their way for a game that was never ever likely to be played - pure madness. That is not being wise after the event - was blatantly obvious and there is something well wrong with the procedures that it wasn't cancelled at 3.30 pm or earlier.
  8. Don't see a thread for this. Important game for both teams and a crazy decision to go ahead with the game. Anyone who thinks a forecast of 60/70 mph winds will be wrong enough to allow a proper football match to take place is kidding themselves on. I stay close to the ground and the forecast is clearly going to be pretty close to the mark. Not trying to put folk off travelling through but its not worth taking a risk purely for a football match which will be no spectacle and might get abandoned. There is space in the calendar to play this match another time.
  9. Its going to be one of those awkward days where nobody can win with regards to a decision on whether the game goes ahead. First thing this morning the rain was light and am sure the pitch would be playable and probably still is just now. So hard to cancel the game on the basis of what you think will happen BUT probably odds on come 3 pm the park will be in a right mess and we will either get a late call off or people complaining the game shouldn't have been given the go ahead. Weather forecasts tend to be fairly accurate these days - especially those sort.
  10. If am being 100% honest not sure thats a red card either. Not the best camera angle though.
  11. Yes agree with all of that. I also thought Adams had an effective game but the other stuff does him no favours. He should take note that even his own fans, who clearly rate him are conceding that he is taking that side of things too far. Hes like a man mountain when hes the one tackling BUT like a ballerina that has blown over in the wind when anyone goes near him.
  12. Fair enough reply but don't think any of the incidents you may be referring to are anywhere near the same scale. Stand by my original comments - he takes it well too far and should be embarrassed. If I was his manager I would want him to stop it as it doesn't do your team any favours. Obviously am only commenting on what I have witnessed - perhaps hes not so bad against other teams.
  13. My comments have nothing to do with his connections with Stranraer - couldn't care less about that side of things. He has the right to play for whoever he chooses or whoever wants him. BUT you would need to be incredibly blinkered (looks like you may come into this category) not to recognise that the way he acts on the pitch is beyond ridiculous and very hypocritical.
  14. If Ayr hadn't had a man sent off think its very debatable whether Stranraer would have won but given what we have been through recently what an achievement to win 4 in a row when it looked like our season would just dwindle away. Some of the play wasn't great but the players worked ever so hard for the cause - well done to Stevie Farroll for keeping them all going and not allowing team spirit to collapse. I can see Jamie Adams is popular with Ayr fans but seriously his conduct on the park is a joke. Hes a very physical player but hey I have witnessed many players like that over the years. But never have I seen a player who is no stranger to a hard/dirty tackle throw himself about like such a fairy when anyone challenges him or in some cases simply comes within 5 yards of him. At one point in the game he put a shocking tackle in on Turner (he seems to like a crunching tackle on a youngster) and then minutes later was rolling about when Scott didn't even make any contact (after he had just been booked for a tackle on him). Its one thing trying to get an edge (part and parcel of football) but hes just a blatant cheat and a bully on the park. Our players and our coaching staff have performed better than I expected after being put in a very difficult situation in January. Hopefully we can retain some of these youngsters for next season and add a bit of quality within an affordable budget. Games like today prove that you don't need to spend loads to get decent results at this level. Well done to everyone for providing an exciting day for the hard core fans who continue to follow week in week out - they deserve it.
  15. Poor display from Stranraer but reluctant to be too critical. The players and manager were left in a difficult position a month or so ago. Instead of complaining they got on with the job and have probably more or less secured our place in this league next season already. The young players have played with energy and enthusiasm but today that wasn't enough. That is just the way it is - move on to next week guys. East Fife probably deserved the win. Our defence opened up easily on a number of occasions. If am being honest I thought it was a penalty but maybe once I see the footage I will change my mind. We tried hard but never created much! One final point - I can only assume some of the East Fife contingent haven't realised that the rules have changed with regards to red cards when the foul results in a penalty and the player clearly tried to play the ball. The ref got the colour of the card correct.
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