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  1. Great performance from Rangers today. I thought they'd win as Celtic already have the league wrapped up but didn't think it would be as easy as that. Peach of a dummy from Defoe for 2nd goal, too. I don't think Morelos would've made the same decision.
  2. European Election - 23rd May 2019

    Not sure why you're singling England out when it was a UK-wide vote, or why you're ignoring the Welsh who also voted Leave. It was always going to take a few years to leave so do we just keep running referendums until Remain finally wins?
  3. European Election - 23rd May 2019

    Not sure what effect the Sunday Mail thinks the Greens can have in the European Parliament on climate change between now and October. (an issue the EU are very keen on tackling anyway and rightly so). This election is about whether you support Brexit or not so taking votes away from the SNP, if that is the Sunday Mail's goal, is irrelevant as it's all about how many votes the Remain parties can get combined against the Leave parties. The Brexit Party has my vote. Leave or Remain is an issue I've gone back on forth on but in the end I voted for Brexit. And since then the way the main parties have have tried to obstruct the democratic will of the people its left me with no other option. Had Yes won the 2014 referendum and Scotland was made to vote again I'd switch my vote from No to Yes despite being an unwavering No supporter. I still wouldn't agree with it but democracy isn't about me getting the result I wanted.
  4. Rangers'll probably pay about £300k for Hastie. Still don't think he's being signed to go right into the first team though. Rangers already have way too many midfielders. The club has 17 midfielders with Kent and Coulibaly returning to their clubs in the summer. Then there's Hastie, Jones and possibly Greg Stewart still to join. Madness. Been the same for a new seasons now. The squad needs some quality defenders and forward players (especially with Morelos leaving in the summer).
  5. It is interesting how every other goalkeeper in all 4 leagues appear to be able to do their job without aiming fly kicks at people, catching the ball then do WWE style elbow drops & just all round being a red faced angry mess if any opposition player dares to try to invade his territory. Bitter, seething mess of a man. And yet, they say there's no more genuine heels in the business these days. Show's what they know eh?... Hey, wait a second, didn't your own goalkeeper land a punch on Glen Kamara at Ibrox recently in the 5-0 game and get sent off? ( It did get rescinded but he clearly raised his hand as Kamara, to use your words, "dared to invade his territory".)
  6. The reaction every time Greegsy has a wee kickout at someone usually has everyone on here, well, seething for want of a better word. There was an absolute meltdown from fans of various clubs on the match thread yesterday. In your case, for example, you're a Partick fan going from the Championship section to seek out the Rangers thread so you can have a go at Rangers by boasting that a club you don't even support (Celtic) are better than Rangers. That's peak seethe right there. His disciplinary record throughout his career is actually not too bad. Most likely gets singled out by opposition fans (like Buffalo) because of how good he is.
  7. PFA Scotland Awards

    It's not just ending Celtic's trophy winning run though is it? Hearts would be Scottish Cup winners and would also qualify for Europe. If that were to happen and Kilmarnock were to slip down to 4th after 38 games then I don't think Clarke would deserve the award more than Levein. But I did mention these things in my comment that you've responded to so I'm not sure why you thought I was implying Levein would deserve the award simply for ending Celtic's trophy run.
  8. PFA Scotland Awards

    At this point he's certainly the leading candidate. But it always baffles me why these awards are given out before the end the season. What if Levein wins the Scottish Cup, finally ending Celtics trophy run and getting the club into Europe at the same time whilst Kilmarnock drop down to 4th place after 38 games?
  9. Rangers vs Hibs

    You don't think Rangers will appeal that so he can play next week?
  10. Rangers vs Hibs

    I think the reason the corner wasn't taken again was because Arfield cleared the initial corner and then the other ball bounced onto the pitch. There was definitely an error from Hibs after that though as there was no justification for not challenging for the drop-ball.
  11. Rangers vs Hibs

    That was an error from Hibs was it not?
  12. Not sure I'd go as far as to say they "deserve" a guard of honour. But...... If I was Steven Gerrard I'd be ensuring it does happen so that the players (who are still here next season) will be even more determined to win the league.
  13. Rangers vs Hibs

    Hibs, I'm sure they'd admit, certainly haven't been as free flowing/entertaining as they were last season but Rangers just can't seem to get a win against them this season. Fully expect Rangers to get the win this time round though as the pressure is off. Then again, the atmosphere at Ibrox could be fairly flat and the players might be in holiday mode whereas Hibs still have something to play for. 2-1 Rangers. Morelos first goalscorer, Rangers to get a penalty within the 90 and Hibs to get a player sent off etc.
  14. His signing has served its purpose before he's even joined the club. I fully expect him to never play for Rangers and then get loaned out in January.
  15. No probs. The fee was what? £600k? I dare say Hearts could be up in third right now if they'd kept him, making it a more enjoyable season, more prize money, above Hibs etc... And he liked a goal against your cup final opponents so could have made the difference in that game also. I read a lot of comments from Jambos during the Lafferty transfer saga saying there was no profit in selling him, and if there was it would be buttons. They were probably correct in hindsight.