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  1. Hoping for a win but can see Slavia maybe edging it 2-1 Would expect Rangers to turn it around in the home tie though if there is only one goal in it.
  2. I’d consider this championship league win number 55 but happy for others to consider it the first if it somehow mitigates their dissatisfaction. As long as we’re champions now and trying to win it again each and every season going forward I’ll settle for that.
  3. Absolutely delighted to finally win the league today. Thought I was going to be lording it over everyone who laughed at us on our way back to the top of Scottish football but it’s just a massive relief more than anything else. Still plenty of work to be done in terms of progressing as far as we can in Europa League and winning the Scottish Cup. Then maybe in the summer we can take a bit of time to reflect on what a wonderful season it’s been before focusing on winning the league again next season.
  4. Usually it’s a difficult game at Livi but this surely has to be a good time to play them? Their form has dipped recently and they’ll be hugely disappointed at losing in the final the other day. 0-3
  5. Morelos and Jelavic as a front two would have been unreal. Difficult to compare the two but Jelavic went on to do well in the Premiership whereas Morelos is unproven at level just yet. I suspect Buffalo might just go on to star for a West Ham, Everton, Hull City though. Maybe even higher. I doubt he’ll ever be as good a finisher as Jelavic but he excels in other aspects such as workrate and setting up goals. Jelavic could score sensational volleys, overhead kicks etc. I was gutted when he left and it’ll be sad day when Alfredo moves on also.
  6. Agreed. I’m sure the Rangers players were very happy with the draw also. Makes the pre-match prep quite easy for Gerrard & Co though, one would imagine.
  7. Rangers with a good chance of progressing to the next round. I see there’s of a video of their team cheering when they got Rangers. Seething. They probably think we’re sh*t after watching Sparta reserves wipe the floor with Celtic.
  8. Delighted to get through to the next round. Got a bit nervy at 3-2 when they were having a right go but Rangers deserved winners in the end. Morelos was superb in both games and to be involved in 8 of the 9 goals is some going. Thats 6 penalties we’ve had against Belgian teams this season which would put us in 8th place out of 18 had we been competing in the Belgian league 😂 Would prefer one of the weaker teams left in the tournament in the next round to be honest. Save the glamour ties for the final. 👍
  9. Rangers suffering from a bit of Euro hangover and took about 30 mins to get into the game. Once they took the lead they were superb for the next half an hour or so. Once the subs had been made we were far more disjointed and treating it a training game for Antwerp which unfortunately led to us losing a goal. Still, it’s another 3 points and only 3 wins to go. Onto the next game... 🏆👍
  10. I hear a certain Premiership club have recommended a right back to Gerrard who is currently training with them but doesn’t have a contract. Played over 200 Premiership games and funnily enough played for Royal Antwerp..
  11. It is certainly good odds. Not sure I’d be spending as much as a tenner on it though.
  12. Utd played Rangers at Ibrox early in Mellons reign and he set up to have a right go at Rangers. They lost 4-0 going on 10-0 so I imagine he’ll have learned from that will set up defensively looking to nick a goal on the counter. 1-0 Rangers.
  13. Not many free agent right backs available at the moment according to Transfermarkt but stumbled across this guy...
  14. Rangers starting XI Rangers: McGregor, Barisic, Tavernier, Helander, Goldson, Kamara, Davis, Arfield, Aribo, Roofe, Morelos. Surprised that Arfield is starting ahead of Jack. 🤔
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