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  1. How many of them would have started had they not been isolating? Christie, Ajer, Griffiths and Edouard? Celtic should still be able to win at Parkhead against a team on a combined salary of less than 25% of Duffy’s weekly pay no problem. There’s been games this season where Rangers have made 5, 6, 7 changes and still won so the excuses about having players missing is a complete red herring. And yet, Livi were the better team and were unlucky not to take the 3 points. The amount of headers and 50/50 balls they were winning was unbelievable.
  2. Anyone else get the sense the more Celticky journo’s will now try to create the narrative that the season can’t possibly be finished just so Rangers’ title celebrations are muted added to the fact they can say we never really won it?:..
  3. Shite performance from Hibs but they got a goal in the end and won us the league. Whats happened to McGregor? He been woeful this season. Duffy did alright until the goal, as did Hazard but it was a comedy of errors for the equaliser. The Hibs keepers positioning for the first goal could have been much better so he didn’t exactly cover himself in glory either. I don’t understand the high praise Turnbull gets. Give him a run in the team and they’ll be talking about him the same way they do with Laxalt these days. Nowhere near the quality of the creative players in the Rangers midfield.
  4. Not the first time Stewart has disagreed with a refereeing decision that went in favour of Rangers that is clearly explained in the rules. He was arguing Rangers shouldn’t have had a penalty against Motherwell recently for a handball in the box which we all know according to the new rules is a penalty. And yet, Stewart still thinks he knows better. He talks sense sometimes on Sportsound to be fair to him and tries to remain impartial but the mask slips on occasion. Edit: Fair play to McInnes. He was initially enraged by the decision but accepted his explanation and didn’t use it as an excuse for the defeat. Different story after the OF game last week...
  5. Well that last 20 mins could have been avoided. Tav caught miles out of position due to desperation of making up for the penalty miss. Still, delighted to get the 3 points and that’s the most difficult of our tough January fixture list out the way. Top quality finish from the Buffalo for the first goal and the flick on from Kent for the 2nd was superb. Overall it was a scrappy game though and Rangers just stopped running into channels in the last 30 mins. Slowed the game right down and made it easy for Aberdeen to defend. Note to a Coisty... legend that he is... sometimes it’s okay to say something was just okay. Doesn’t have to be brilliant, fantastic, wonderful, tremendous etc 👍
  6. The Dons made a bright start to the game but Rangers gradually took control and the goal was coming. Must admit I was surprised at the red card. Equally as surprised when Main never got sent off. Need a 2nd goal to calm the nerves as to be fair Aberdeen still look like they can get a goal when they go forward.
  7. I thought you's played better against us with Hagi in the team instead of Kent. Hagi is in good form recently whereas Kent’s has dipped a bit. Still think we are at our creative best when both are in the team (along with Aribo) This is such an important game for us today. Win this and we’ll be almost certain to win the league. I’m reluctant to say it’s done and dusted though until it’s mathematically impossible. What better motivation do the players need than to be working hard in training all week whilst your nearest rivals are enjoying pints by the pool.
  8. Kent out of the squad apparently, according to Sky. Would be a huge loss today if true. Still expect Rangers to nick it 2-1. Tav and Hagi with the goals.
  9. Just saw the Sky highlights of the game. Didn’t think it was a penalty to be honest but would have liked to have seen a replay from a better angle.
  10. Gone through all the usual emotions in the build up to these games. Confident, sh*tting it, back to confident again etc I think Rangers might just sit back a bit and try to capitalise on the counter as Celtic need to win. If they stick to their diamond formation the likes of Tav, Barisic and Kent will have a field day. 4-2 Rangers. (No chance am I putting a bet on that though)...
  11. Would settle for a point in this game. As long as the gap is maintained that’ll do.
  12. As the votes were coming in during the indyref in 2014 that was probably my favourite day of reading on here. Good times. The fact a lot of the Yes seethe was coming from anti-Rangers posters made it all the more sweeter. If we’re reminiscing, I can remember fans of various clubs sticking the boot in over the past 8 seasons from East Stirling to Celtic. As Rangers gradually improved those lining up to have their say got quieter and quieter. A particularly low point was Jambos fans lording it over us in 2015 when they won the Championship. Now they’re no further forward and we’re running away with the Premiership... The Dunfermline fans thought they had a bit of rivalry with us as well back in 2013. I think in the end we stopped them getting automatic promotion from league one and they got stuck in that league for another 2 seasons. The ‘no Rangers player would get in the Dundee team’ debate stands out as they were in shock when non-Premiership Rangers wiped the floor with their team in a 4-0 cup victory. I think Harry Forrester scored after 13 seconds.. Now they beg for fringe players on loan or act as a retirement home for ex-Gers. There was a spell when we were trying to establish ourselves as Scotland’s 2nd best team where there was a lot of debate with Dons fans. Don’t hear much from them anymore. These are just a few examples. On the flip side there has been many embarrassments and upsets during the ‘Journey’... Still, the thing that kept us coming back was that we believed the long term goal would eventually become a reality and it appears Rangers finally securing 55 is nearing.
  13. Hamilton had a few chances in that half. Getting some joy down both flanks. Mostly Celtic though and it does seem like they’ll score whenever they go forward.
  14. Thought we were very slow going forward today and wasted so many opportunities to create. I had that sinking feeling when Hibs were getting all those corners in the 2nd half that it was going to come back and bite us but we stumbled over the line in the end. Rangers played far better at Easter Rd earlier in the season and never won. Still, delighted to get the 3 points and onto the next game.
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