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  1. Can't say I agree with that at all. You can see opposition players doing their best to wind him up every game and he very rarely reacts, if ever.
  2. That yellow card for Morelos' trademark goal celebration was always coming. I'm just surprised its taken this long. Even in the card happy Europa League he gets away with it. Hibs away in the next game though. Would have preferred Morelos up front for that rather than Defoe.
  3. Not surprised at that poll to be honest. Brexit is giving the undecideds/soft Yes’s an idea of what voting for Scottish Indy might actually entail. Thats why an Indy ref any time soon is a guaranteed No victory.
  4. Another good result in Europe for the Gers. Pity they couldn't hold on for the victory but to be top of the group after 5 games is impressive. I wonder if a team has ever went from the 1st qualifying round all the way to the groups and then won said group or if Rangers would be the first team to achieve it?....
  5. Very tidy finish from Jack. Rangers playing well this evening.
  6. Just happy to get the win only 3 days after a difficult Euro away game.
  7. Rangers have been absolutely shocking in that first half. Very lucky indeed to be going in 1-1 at half time. 2 good goals, though.
  8. Would settle for a 1-0 win and back up the road but I'm fairly confident of a 3 or 4 one victory. They're too depleted. If everyone was fit they'd have the 3rd best team in the country.
  9. IMO, the support for independence peaked at 45% and as the Brexit farce continues I highly doubt Yes is going to gain any kind of traction any time soon. Certainly not by 2020 if that is indeed when indyref2 will take place. There's only one way a Yes vote would win in my opinion and that's if the public had a guaranteed exit date and all the answers before the vote. Then again, the general public probably wouldn't like the answers to those questions. (questions purposely left unanswered last time???)
  10. Viewership this week... Raw - 2.6m AEW - 1.4m NXT - 891k Smackdown - 3.8m (up 84% from the final episode on USA Network last week) Good number for WWE. Maybe benefit from having a credible rival? That said, not a bad start for AEW and they've wiped the floor with NXT.
  11. Great job from the commentary team. Seeing Tony back on the mic brought back good memories of the WCW days. Nice to see Earl Hebner and Chris Van Vliet working for them, too.
  12. Well that was a much easier game than expected. It all seems to have gone a bit stale at Aberdeen eh? Rangers were just having a laugh after the 3rd goal went in, trying out new formations etc in preparation for Thursday. A far cry from the games last season.
  13. But then our points start getting divided by five instead of four and that extra team who qualifies for Europe will inevitably lose in the first round every season. Its hard enough for Rangers to carry 3 teams in Europe as it is.
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