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  1. Someone want to tell Aberdeen this isn’t a bounce game?
  2. Referee had a shite game. Multiple times Aberdeen players were hanging around the Hibs players necks and nothing given. Seen penalties given for less than the first half Aberdeen shout Another Beaton masterclass
  3. Were the Hibs Bois in the Holburn okay?
  4. Can’t complain about the result, soon as Aberdeen equalised after Whittaker’s stupidity you could tell it was only going to be their game. We are the masters of pointless knock ons and headers. Amount of times Hanlon got the ball and hoofed it to Doidge was getting beyond a joke. At times we looked like 11 folk who’d never met selected from the stand and told to play. Fair play to Aberdeen fans for deciding to come to the game for the second half, really spurred your boys on [emoji846] Fingers out for Hibs now, allowed St Johnstone to catch up with a game in hand. We don’t wise up then we can forget Europe
  5. Shambles fae both clubs. Got tickets the other week and turns out they were the seats right behind the disabled shelter in block Q so were inaccessible. Back to the turnstiles we go for new tickets
  6. Doidge has been beyond shocking today.. that just sums it up
  7. Our passing is so bad. Dunno if our defending says it all when Horgan has been the best one
  8. Might go back to bed if it’s another 90 minutes of Hibs passing back and forth across the back with very little attacking penetration like we saw against St. Mirren
  9. 3-5-2 from Hibs today by the looks of it...
  10. When I lived in Aberdeenshire I had no need to as both my parents worked for Stagecoach so I got a pass that enabled me free travel on all Stagecoach in the UK (Megabus not included sadly). I did do a few lessons years ago but my instructor stopped due to medical reasons and just haven't gotten back to it. Now living in Edinburgh it's easier to get around via walking or the bus. It doesn't help that I'm an awful pessimist who imagines he'll crash if he gets behind the wheel...
  11. We prefer that a third club isn't involved for the club shop, thanks
  12. Well that was shite. Struggling to find pass marks for most the players, even Allan & Doidge. As mentioned; Gray, McGregor & Stevenson look finished or on their way out. Horgan was poor, Allan was poor. The midfield looked lost looking for each other at times. Marciano seemed content to give the fans heart attacks by playing it short with a St Mirren attacker right there. Literally the only 2 with pass marks for me we’re McGinn & Docherty. McNulty could’ve been there as well but he was getting zero service at times. Highlight for me was walking along Albert Street with my dad after the game and listening to this wifey tear into her mum over something her mum said about the midfield. Was near howlin’ when she called her mum an embarrassment and didn’t want to go to the football with her anymore 🤣
  13. Turnstiles on the South end of the East Stand nae working 🤣
  14. Christ I’d recently erased this from my mind. Now got to purchase more brain bleach for later now 🤣
  15. James Collins... £200K... for THAT... for a guy his size his balance was like watching Bambi on ice whenever a opponent went near him. 6 goals in 36 games tells you all you need to know Rowan Vine... you thought James Collins was shite... says it all when all people really remember of Vine from his time with Hibs was his beard.. you could say he was the original Hipster Filth at Hibs Jorge Claros... finally a postive note.. expected him to be another shite Fenlon signing given the crowd he was introduced with (Soares, Doherty, O'Donovan &.. *sighs* Kujabi).. but fair to see he exceeded expectations and I was gutted that we weren't able to sign him fully cause Motagua kept pricing him out
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