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    FIFA 22

    Also find it somewhat silly when I change the battery pack on my controller, it switches it to Controller 2 in-game and doesn't change back unless I restart the console
  2. Dave1875

    FIFA 22

    The hell have they done to defending this year? My defenders wander around and out of position like they're participating in Upper Class Twit of the Year... Meanwhile the AI opposition defence is like Michael Caine and pals defending against the Zulus Also noted that the AI's main strategy is a powered low cross.. obviously didn't like us abusing it soo much in previous games
  3. Porteous getting frustrated and whinging already.. that’ll be him sent off in 3.. 2.. 1..
  4. First half unavailable. What a petty mob [emoji23]
  5. Usually in East Stand bud so the walk up from Lochend Road helps to avoid the majority of the crowds. Would take anything that went up Easter Road, Lochend Road or Leith Walk before the last was dug up for the trams
  6. Mueller playing in Orlando's game vs Philadelphia Union on Sky Sports right now, can't hurt to have a nosey at our future player
  7. Used to park at Ocean Terminal and get a 34 up to Lochend Road, yeah the buses are a hassle but there's no parking time limit at OT and it's usually fairly empty early Saturday afternoons
  8. 0 shots on goal backs this up. I fear they will come out in the second leg, knowing the tie is beyond them now and just look to take as many of our players out as they can
  9. According to an American FM streamer I watch, we're getting a hard-working, enthusiastic player who will play for the shirt and give everything. Dunno how much bias is in that given that the streamer is also and Orlando City fan.. but still a good endorsement from someone who has seen Mueller play live. As usual though, we wait and see how he performs and draw our own conclusions. Hoping we can get him in earlier than January, whether we lose Boyle or either him or Mueller switches over to the left...
  10. Hibs have Hibs’d it before the season has even begun. Picked up new home top today, can confirm it has Tynecastle on it [emoji23] not even slyly cut off by the side panels or anything
  11. Seams at the side just cover Tynecastle, thankfully my flat makes it onto it [emoji28]
  12. Dunno if I’m a fan of lack of collar. Probably looking into it too much but last time we had white sleeves and a green collar we got relegated
  13. Our first sponsorship logo with Marathon Bet was a bit of an eyesore. Pretty sure it was also highlighted on the first time we wore our white away kit that the colours from the logo leaked onto the shirt. Didn’t help that the logo itself looked like it was about to fall off at any second Thankfully the logo was switched to a much better simplified version the next season
  14. Doesn't fill me with confidence then... wasn't really sure of our half-bottle green half-emerald green number.. absolutely adored our first kits with them though, home with the shield behind the badge and the black away with the white and green stripes... Do Joma seem similar to Nike in they'll sort their big club partners like Villareal and Atalanta with decent quality-make kits whilst the rest just get run of the mill templates?
  15. We're dropping Macron for Joma. Hopefully the quality is as nice. As usual with every manufacturer; seen nice kits from Joma and seen some absolute stinkers
  16. Apparently leaving the EU is considered worse than genocide
  17. Porteous either needs a boot up the arse or a boot out the door. Great defender when he wants to be, but inconsistent and error prone as hell. Not to mention he makes a meal out of it when players stand up and challenge him. Should've started McGregor over Porteous today
  18. Fair play to St. Johnstone. Turned up wanting to fight for the win, we didn’t. Didn’t have anyone to physically match Shaun Rooney, played Porteous when we should’ve played McGregor. Can come up with all the excuses we want but it doesn’t take away from the fact St. Johnstone deservedly were the better team and won today, well done Fermers
  19. Too passive, Boyle doesn’t look interested, players aren’t playing for each other. Each time St. Johnstone come forward I’m just waiting for them to score whereas we don’t have any real penetration
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