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  1. Christ I’d recently erased this from my mind. Now got to purchase more brain bleach for later now 🤣
  2. James Collins... £200K... for THAT... for a guy his size his balance was like watching Bambi on ice whenever a opponent went near him. 6 goals in 36 games tells you all you need to know Rowan Vine... you thought James Collins was shite... says it all when all people really remember of Vine from his time with Hibs was his beard.. you could say he was the original Hipster Filth at Hibs Jorge Claros... finally a postive note.. expected him to be another shite Fenlon signing given the crowd he was introduced with (Soares, Doherty, O'Donovan &.. *sighs* Kujabi).. but fair to see he exceeded expectations and I was gutted that we weren't able to sign him fully cause Motagua kept pricing him out
  3. The relegation season. Could tell it would be a bad season as soon as Malmo withdrew their length and left us a quivering mess without so much as a thank you. Couldn’t buy a win, Fenlon gets papped and we get all excited like virgin brides on their wedding nights when Butcher... sorry.. just saying that man’s name makes me shudder still... was appointed. Turns out he’s nothing more than a bully, he all but ruined Alex Harris’ Hibs career and all but destroyed the club. Literally the only bright spot was the 2-1 win vs Hearts under the lights at ER. Was confident of survival until Accies scored their first in the 2nd leg... just knew we’d fucked it from then on Shows how bad that team really was when we needed Hearts starting with -15 to not finish bottom
  4. I’ll take joint-third place, given how anonymous I’ve been over the years compared to my other accounts.. I mean uhh.. fellow Hibs posters.. [emoji52]
  5. Do you really want to open up this can of worms? But seriously, as far as I'm aware no
  6. Can’t wait for it to come back to bite us in the arse as he equalises in the 90th
  7. That Aidy White is a scary looking fucker. Definite serial killer potential
  8. Just a shame about the tragedy that happened right after full time 😞
  9. Do we have the Boxing Day Derby Bingo Card set up yet?
  10. Aberdeen Best: @Melanius Mullarkey Worst: @afc_blockhead Celtic Best: @Flybhoy Worst: @Romeo Hamilton Best: @accies1874 Worst: @Im_Rodger Hearts Best: @topcat(The most tip top) Worst: @Pet Jeden Hibs Best: @Mon Dieu Worst: @RadgerTheBadger Kilmarnock Best: @craigkillie Worst: @Dindeleux Livingston Best: @EdinburghLivi Worst: Motherwell Best: @YassinMoutaouakil Worst: @MJC Rangers Best: @The_Kincardine Worst: @54_and_counting Ross County Best: @Savage Henry Worst: St. Johnstone Best: @tree house tam Worst: @RandomGuy. St. Mirren Best: @Coventry Saint Worst: @Munoz
  11. He still posts but it seems to be a rarity which is a shame. Just when you think he’s gone for good he comes in with a spectacular gif or post on a thread and then leaves for a long while again
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