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  1. Just had another watch of the highlights.. difficult to tell from the angle and the blazing sunlight but it looks like McHugh just gets a foot in in front of Jackson
  2. Alas it was our old arch nemesis from days gone, Bob McHugh
  3. Was more a gentle jibe at you saying yous scored your second and third [emoji23]
  4. I mean if you feel it would benefit you then feel free. Kamberi never scored off a cross.. none of our goals came from crosses.. two lobs from Slivka for the 3rd and 5th goals yes.. crosses no
  5. I mean considering the only time Kamberi touched the ball in the box for the 3rd was when he slotted it home.. and again not Morton players signalling for any handball.. especially McLean who had the best view of anyone Unlucky m9
  6. Nice clean challenge from Vela to start the attack for the 4th goal. The Morton defender desperately trying to wave for offside on the 5th 🤣 Still to see these apparent decisions Morton fans have been whinging about... not a single Morton player signalled for handball when Kamberi chested it past Rogers and as previously mentioned.. it was a clean tackle from Vela Into the next round and onto next week vs St Johnstone, which'll probably be the make or break for Hecky
  7. Now... how to defend a lead without letting your defence near your goal?.. Since they have a better conversion rate than Morton
  8. Onto shitting the bed in extra time we go
  9. The opposition can't score if you put the ball in the net yourself...
  10. I know folk were saying the place was empty today... but f**k sake...
  11. Is that specky boy there to hold out his season ticket in an attempted aggressive manner?
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