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  1. Can we just skip to the World Cup break now?... Please?
  2. Probably getting fed up of people hunting him down in the Jewel Asda for a photo
  3. Anyone know what the whole thing with the phone torches in the second half was about? Noticed some away fans doing it and then a bunch in the west joining in
  4. Porteous to continue his sensational form by getting sent off
  5. That’s not true, Besuijen gave a nice keepie uppie showcase in front of the east stand when the ball went out for a throw
  6. Few weeks on we've got Youhan, McKirdy and Boyle running about with a big meaty Ukrainian in the middle for Marshall to punt to... then again anything is better than watching Porteous tip-toe forward with the ball, not even looking for anyone making runs, turn and pass it to Hanlon or randomly punt it and get upset cause whoever he's trying to pass to doesn't get it. Weird considering when Boyle came on vs Livi, Porto was looking for him everytime
  7. Fucking brutal after the goal, too slow and no one spotting runs. Should be playing like this when 2 or 3 up Porteous just doesn’t look interested at all
  8. Least Ron will have the new hospitality suites as a way to deflect from the abysmal transfer business when he appears on podcasts and we get yet MOAR surveys
  9. Andy Walker is shite but f**k me he has been diabolical this game
  10. We were soo bad that half, zero attacking threat and only tested the goalie at the end. Send Jair back to Portugal, literally seen him make only one pass. Has zero control once he has the ball. Pass back, pass back, pass back, forward a wee bit, pass pack, pass pack and Porteous hoofs it out for a shy… think I got the Hibs game plan sorted out
  11. Shall we draw up some bingo cards as to what f**k up Hibs can achieve next? I'm guessing we get the paperwork for a signing wrong
  12. We wore it against Livi at the Tony Macaroni
  13. Lets hope Paul Hanlon doesn't fancy a career as a pundit after he retires
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