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  1. Haha your crazy Mr. Whisperer, if your claiming hes a racist. Wouldn't have been banned but he kept enlarging the situation needlessly

  2. deserve to be banned. idiot.

  3. Can't believe you got banned mate, come back soon :)

  4. isnt in the P&B league, some innocent gypsy boy shall feel my wrath this night................

  5. I agree. That's why I'm not getting my name, I'm getting something personal which means alot to me
  6. So it does. That's interesting. Why would anyone get that tattoo'd to them though?
  7. Thankyou! could never be an instructor! Couldn't be bothered teaching idiots like myself
  8. Passed it 3rd time with only 2 minors!!! Woopah!
  9. Cheers! well getting both sides done and the guy recommended doing it over two sessions as the ribs are apparently hellish to get tattoos over. Will end up greeting but f**k it, once it's done it's done! 20th December is sesh one so a wee while away
  10. Wasn't whinging was just asking fuckwit! And no it wouldnt
  11. Away to head down for a consultation. Going to get writing down both sides from below the armpit to waist. Any idea how sore this will be? And how long it will take? About 12 letters in two words on both sides if that helps
  12. Forgot Venables. 1. Ferguson 2. Stein 3. Scolari 4. Pozzi 5. Clough Sure there will be ones abroad I've not really heard of though
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