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  1. This whole 'signing good players and having a capable manager' thing really paying off for them. Not the sort of gamble we like to take round Paisley way.
  2. I'm still firmly in the 'give him more time' camp. The performance against Motherwell was decent. Yesterday, we were never taking something from Pittodrie playing with 10 men for an hour. He should get the full first round of fixtures. If we're bottom at that point, then it needs to be reviewed. But I think it'll improve. That said, we absolutely need a back-up left back. (PS I've got a rant brewing about how Jim Goodwin has fucked any chance we had of making money of Erhahon, but this isn't the time.)
  3. We've already had the cup exit to lower league diddies as well. Though it's not our fault the competition is weighted against the top flight sides...
  4. Team almost picks itself, IMO. Left side is the only problem but we really have no choice there. I'd go Main over Greive, I think Main looked decent on Sunday and will be playing with a point to prove. I suspect Flynn might get the nod over Kiltie but that'd be quite a negative move IMO. Gallagher - Shaughnessy - Dunne Strain - Ethan - Baccus - Tait ---------- Kiltie ------------- -------- Main - Ayunga --------
  5. He pulled up while shepherding the ball out near the touchline. It was his hamstring, I thought.
  6. Hilarious reading that because people complained Robinson did the exact same thing when he arrived. In reality, for us, it probably didn't make much difference, but folk have still used it as a stick to beat SR with.
  7. Kendal Calling typically takes place slightly closer to Kendal.
  8. Definitely think we've got a bit better at playing the loan game in recent years. If you compiled a top ten of loanees, most would be from the past decade. TBH, most would be the past 5/6 years but the trio of loanees in the cup winning side skews the data slightly. Off the top of my head, and in no order, Paul McGowan, Isma, Newton, Dummett, Sean McLoughlin, Famewo, Cammy Smith, Liam Smith, Connor Ronan, Harry Davis... have all been, I'd say, very successful for us. I'm not counting Lewis Morgan, and there's probably others I've forgotten. However, the current model - maybe using a loan player or two to add a bit of quality to an otherwise settled squad - is a WAY better strategy than filling the team with loans in a 'spray and pray ' approach.
  9. While you wouldn't complain if either of them came back, I felt they both hugely papered over the cracks. We were heavily reliant on both and it contributed to hugely inconsistent form. Both McGrath and Ronan were in the squad that went 11 games without a win, remember.
  10. The security is significantly softer when the cheeks are in town.
  11. He stopped taking the kicks toward the end of the game. Assumed he was perhaps struggling with them for some reason. What was his recent injury?
  12. But he behaved impeccably throughout, suggesting rehabilitation does indeed work. Perhaps a spell behind bars would benefit Lamie, too.
  13. Yep, based on today we'll be fine. I think Greive is still very raw and we need to remember how far he's come. I suspect he's actually 4th choice when everyone is fit. Baccus and Erhahon excellent today, but I'd still prefer to see Kiltie as the most advanced of the three. I'd possibly have O'Hara making way. I think we need a left-sided back up player, too. Tait isn't the answer there: kept having to cut back inside to cross. It's slow and predictable. If Tanser is going to be unreliable (and hamstrings are problematic when they start going) then we could be in trouble. Do we have a LB in the youth team?
  14. I thought we played ok. Perennial probllem of not scoring, but I'm actually not worried based on that. Oh, and Curtis Main will start the next game for Greive. Guarantee it.
  15. It really was, sadly. Arm out at 90 degrees from his waist as he turned to shite out of getting hit flush by the ball. Hit his arm. Absolutely no question.
  16. Aye, not sure what they're raging at. Obvs we've got the benefit of replays but it was a 100% stonewall penalty. Thought we took a while to get into the game but then were the better side, kind of from the point McGinn went off. Failing to score from several good chances then chucking a penalty away is St Mirreny as f**k though.
  17. If we stand aside and let Robinson go, we're as good as giving up on the season. Another nine months of listening to a manager complain that he's trying his hardest with another guy's signings, etc. People seem to forget that we have been largely shite since we came back up. We've managed solid but unspectacular league positions under Goodwin but the football's been fucking dire. A few decent games - the wins over the Old Firm, 5-1 United away - have glossed over endless turgid matches with no attacking intent, and a couple of big-occasion bottle jobs. I haven't been impressed with Robinson so far. I was highly critical of his formation switches last season, and his interviews have, on occasion, been bizarre, post-truth bollocks. But he has to be given more time because going back to square one at this stage, with no guarantee that the replacement would be any better, is utterly mental. It feels weird for the first game of the season to feel so important, but it really is. The strange thing is, if Well beat us, he arguably becomes less desirable to both them and us. If we turn them over, will that make them want him more? It's almost certainly moot anyway. I really don't believe they want to bring him back.
  18. Astonishing inconsistency from the ref here. Kudos to the castrato Saintees sitting near the mic who is utterly apoplectic. I hope he gets the help he needs. Quite entertaining.
  19. Absolutely zero chance Robinson would be getting talked about by anybody if we hadn't taken him from Morecambe. The main two reasons the rumour is perpetuating are 1) because our fans are split on him. The ones who want him to stay are twitchy because we lost Goodwin to Aberdeen. Those who want him out the door are talking about it because they hope he'll go. Either way, the rumour isn't getting binned as quickly as it ought to be. And 2), the game on Sunday and media looking to add spice to an otherwise uninspiring fixture. Remove those two factors and he wouldn't even be getting a mention.
  20. If that panned out, yer arrow's pointing in the wrong direction.
  21. Everyone's turning their heating off now. Muttley was just ahead of his time.
  22. Motherwell will be rolling in it after their European run so they'll be able to blow us out the water financially.
  23. 15-16 was bleaker than this by a very long way. Going into a Championship with Sevco and Hibs, Ian Murray in charge, absolutely random set of bargain basement signings.
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