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  1. Yeah, if he wasn't on contract I'd have a bad feeling about that. There's still time, I guess.
  2. Love that he was picked ahead of £25m(!) man Chris Wood.
  3. Red Rum etulosba netfo si nerriM tS gnihctaW.
  4. Which is ironic because it's the managers under pressure who are least likely to use the young players, and thus the cycle continues. TBH, as we limp into 'season over' territory, it'd be nice to give some of the younger guys a game, but they're all on loan in the seaside leagues.
  5. Didn't realise he was there. Totally forgot about that guy. Felt like there was a player in there somewhere. Did he not get sent off quite early in his spell with us?
  6. I know very little about O'Hara. Not even sure what position he plays. one of the middle three in a 4-3-3*, by any chance? * I did realise the one huge downside of that system, if it really is what Robinson prefers and is gearing up towards playing: it doesn't suit Kiltie at all. The boy needs to play number 10 or not at all, tbh.
  7. Does make you realise how much slack Jim was being cut just because of his links to the club. We have rarely been convincing on the field, since we got promoted. A few stellar performances dotted in and amongst a lot of dross. I'm not buying the whole 'he needs to assemble his own squad' thing, because our squad is decent. However, I also think there was every chance Jim could also be the one experiencing this shite run, because he oversaw plenty of shite runs and performances himself. The Ross County game - and his subsequent comments - remain the things that annoy/concern me. If he wants to play 4-3-3, then we have the players to do that, no bother. So I guess maybe now's the time for him to change to his system before he runs out of excuses.
  8. Top six was a tap-in and we've shat the bed. Simple as that.
  9. The very real prospect of losing to Hearts five times in a single season means I can very much live without making the top six.
  10. I'd probably let him go, tbh. Can't remember his contract situation - I think there's an option for a second year but can't remember whose option that is, his or ours - but the only thing nagging away at me is how scarce left backs are. We obviously signed him with the 3-5-2 in mind, but with that in the sea where it belongs, he doesn't have a natural home. TBH, I'd sooner play him in the wide left forward position (ie as an alternative to Jones) than at LB. His (and Dunne's) ball watching for that first goal was criminal.
  11. I know that's bait, but when you see the view behind the goal you can see he's looking at exactly the point the ball's heading.
  12. We're going to miss Conor Ronan way more than we're missing Jamie McGrath. Great game, no real complaints from me about the result. Subs were weird, and defending was appalling, but I hope we can take some positives into the crucial next two league games. Sims and Boyce are fantastic players, but Hearts have quality throughout.
  13. That'd been coming. Shame after we got back into it. What do you call it when you completely shit the bed, work hard to get the sheets all clean, then promptly shit the bed again?
  14. Yeah, totally agree. Kiltie has been decent if not spectacular. Gogic was fairly majestic at times. Certainly putting himself about.
  15. Aye, Jack Ross was at it. No clue what he's talking about. Time for a sub now, I reckon.
  16. I just don't get why his head is so perfectly spherical. It gives me the creeps.
  17. Ronan did him a huge favour by being three full seconds ahead of him.
  18. I just wish we played more intelligently. Case in point at the end there: throw in about 30 yards into their half. Two backwards passes to Alnwick who then puts it into touch where the throw was taken from. Fucking irritates the hell out of me.
  19. That right back Atkinson is a dirty c**t. Should have been sent off in the league game and Jones has him on toast.
  20. Good goal but we're shite. Mind, the rule where you're allowed to tackle someone as late as you want in the box as long as they've already got their shot away is some laugh. ^^^ verge of tears, etc.
  21. Fuxake. We've started fucking terribly. Why was everyone stood watching Alnwick flailing there? Hopeless.
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