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  1. Gimme a minute, I'm just off to find your posts complaining about the ref ruining the 4-1 game, when the ball hit the arm that Gallagher was using to support his weight on the ground. I know lots of Dons fans were livid about the shite decision that day.
  2. We've just gone up to 4th in the league and a Morton fan has broken cover on our match thread. He must have an absolute belter up his slee... Oh.
  3. "Handed" a victory by Aberdeen's chronic indiscipline. At least you've got a bit of fight, should keep you out the drop zone. But now he's being properly coached and is better than anything you have. Funny how that works out.
  4. You guys got any more decent players that your basket case club can't get a tune out of?
  5. Can't believe Goodwin was basically holding them together all this time.
  6. Aberdeen listing players in numerical rather than formation order is basic as f**k, tbqhwy.
  7. Watt does feel like he has more goals in him than any of our other strikers. I'm not sure I like the guy so will have to readjust to that slightly. But I've seen Newcastle fans at work this week getting over their pure hatred of Anthony Gordon so I'm sure I'll manage.
  8. Last time we signed an on-loan left back from England he absolutely pocketed Tavernier in a famous victory for the Paisley Saints. He didn't do much else for us, to be fair, but that may have been down to being assaulted by some thug from Livi. Oh, and if we're signing Tony Watt, I might need to go and delete some tweets
  9. Imagine what the fee would be if Goodwin had managed him properly.
  10. Reasonable to assume that Robbo likes to be more in control. He did his business very early in the summer. We know why Brophy has been allowed to go and I suspect Robbo was happy with the squad, until Ayunga got injured. Ethan was always gonna go, and Reid leaving doesn't impact the team. It's a real shame if this great balancing of the books gets undermined by a total freak injury.
  11. It's feasible we could have taken less and a bigger sell-on.
  12. Wonder what Chabbi is up to. Maybe he'll be our Chabbi. For what it's worth, I don't think Baccus will go tomorrow. We don't need to sell him and there is no pressure to do so. Outside chance of a payment threshold being met, but as long as it's not a gentleman's agreement then I'm sure we're all quite happy.
  13. The Ayunga tackle was just really unfortunate. It had a few replays on the dodgy feed I was watching. Ayunga was lunging, the defender got to the ball first and they collided. Total accident and just a footballing incident. I can see why it was sore for him, but in my non expert opinion I think it'll be ligaments but I'd be inclined to think it won't have caused any significant damage.
  14. Hoping this was an oblique Richey Edwards reference, tbh.
  15. I think that aspect is covered by your current squad, tbf. Cheers for the info about the strip. Well have been excellent with the mental health awareness raising recently. I didn't know that's what it was about so fair play. Excellent cause.
  16. f**k knows but it's an absolutely awful strip from a side that's had some belters over the last few years.
  17. "You're getting sacked in a minute, sacked in a miiiinute..."
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