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  1. I think we might be working from different definitions of the word 'joke'.
  2. There's a 300/St Johnstone away support joke to be made there but I've had a long day so I'll let you lot put the pieces together yourselves.
  3. Morton fans getting awfully cocky considering the fact they're literally five days away from marking 100 years since they won anything.
  4. St Johnstone are going to pip us to 10th place on goal difference.
  5. Agreed, @Hendo. The fact is, a few weeks ago we were talking about the fact we were safe and planning for next season. Now we can't buy a win, the team looks utterly spineless/demotivated and we could very easily end up in 11th. In fact, I now believe we will. If we end up in the playoff, regardless of the outcome, that is a disastrous collapse and, for me, he'd have to go.
  6. Doesn't relate to the CEO rumour, but I always liked him as a player. Every team should have one.
  7. If you do finish 11th (as opposed to higher: Dundee are finished) I think you'd skoosh the playoffs. If that happens, is anyone making a case for Davidson staying?
  8. I think that may come down to the mentality of the other three bottom sixers. Based on the way we're playing, we could end up on the right side of a 3-1 and get ourselves almost over the line. But it's far more likely that better organised, more motivated teams will continue to find it very easy to score against us. If everyone we play feels they have something to play for still then we could really struggle. Will be interesting to see when we play each other, for example. If it's soon after the split, I think you'll turn us over.
  9. He's had quite the fucking impact in games against you this season.
  10. Fair play to Mugabi there, he was at least trying to do something. Dunne and Tanser would have given it a minute to see how it panned out.
  11. WTAF ? A total nonsense of a post ! Yeah, Dick Campbell would be better.
  12. Depends if April turns out to be the cruellest month after all.
  13. See, people saying we should be patient... When we have a manager that comes in and 'gets it', we are patient. Rival fans couldn't understand why we weren't getting angrier at Jack Ross or Oran Kearney, who both inherited significantly worse squads in much worse positions that Robinson has done, but we could see an improvement in attitude and application from the players. In both cases they were given time, despite the popular narrative from the media that they were under pressure. They said the right things, their interviews were good, and while it took a while for results to come, and in both cases went right down the the wire, the fans' patience paid off. This is the total opposite. There is no sign that attitude has improved, and Robinson has been talking an absolute tonne of shite since his very early interviews. He's not been wrong about everything - some of our squad aren't good enough - but I'm very concerned based on the early signs. It's hard to quantify a 'feeling', but this is why folk are comparing him to Stubbs. It's just a vibe. I really, really hope I'm wrong.
  14. Yeah, I've gone from desperately wanting Arbroath to win that league to being quite pleased Killie aren't going to be in the playoffs.
  15. I'd been one of the guys saying 'let's give Lyness a go'. Yeah, let's not.
  16. It's madness. I'm very, very far from convinced.
  17. Yep, I think he's very transparently getting his excuses in. The thing is, several things can be true at the same time: We were frequently shite before he arrived; Finishing comfortably safe should have been a simple task; He's failed to get a tune out of a squad that absolutely should be good enough for at least survival; We frequently went on equally shambolic runs under Goodwin; Robinson's team selection has sometimes been woeful but he's frequently picked our best available team in their best positions and we've still been shite; We always had a solidity about us under Goodwin and that has completely disappeared; Players seem to be hugely underperforming now: we are less than the sum of our parts... I could go on. It's clearly not a black and white situation, but on balance I think Robinson has fucked this. Assuming we crawl over the line and stay up, of course he gets the summer, but pressure will be in very, very quickly next season if we don't start well.
  18. Nice to see the Ton fans making an appearance on here: you'd think they'd be busy preparing to celebrate the upcoming 100th anniversary of them last winning a meaningful trophy, yet here they are. Lovely to know they never stop thinking about us.
  19. We are hilariously shite. Not blaming Robinson completely, but we are so fucking timid now. I just can't see what our game plan is. Basically, when he took over, top six was a tap-in, despite how shite we had been for long spells this season. Our squad is flawed but it was good enough to stagger over the line. If he conspires to take us to 11th place - which absolutely looks on at the moment - then we need to get rid in the summer and think again because I'm seeing nothing positive at the moment.
  20. Absolutely no chance that was a foul on the Well keeper for the second goal no matter what their commentators say. Hell of a game, though. Well deserve to be ahead, though Brophy should have buried the chance that hit the post. At least we're being entertained.
  21. This is what I've gone for: Basically a score draw with Power and Dunne to get booked, with insurance when Motherwell's inevitable late winner goes in:
  22. Urgh. There's a grim inevitability about this. I've seen this movie too many times.
  23. Basic maths (32 teams, 23 players per squad) says that's ~$284k per player. I've always liked New Zealand...
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