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  1. Difference is, Davis' game isn't entirely dependent on being able to do whatever he wants on a football pitch with complete impunity. Brown was exposed when he suddenly wasn't allowed to referee games any more. That said, you have a point in some respects: it's easier for an older player to stroll games/look good when you've got the likes of Aribo/Kent playing around/in front of you. Ross Wallace joined us when he was ~35 and it wasn't an automatic starter in a poor side. But his class was still evident and he made a huge contribution - the assist for Obika's goal Vs Hearts. Davis has been playing regularly at a high level and he could absolutely do a job for us. Whether he will want to, or will take the huge wage cut, remains to be seen.
  2. Caley came out a different side after the break. They deserve huge credit because - as everyone has said - that first half was as hopelessly imbalanced a game as I've seen at this level outside games involving the OF. They need to get torn into St Johnstone from the off on Monday. Could be a good game.
  3. Fair play to Caley there. Absolutely rank rotten in the first half, but found something nobody could have expected. Game on for Monday, at least. Samuels caused loads of bother when he came on, and Middleton, strangely, caused much less bother when he went off.
  4. As much as I'd love the drama, I just can't see it. ICT can't string one pass together. Absolutely dire.
  5. Absolutely outstanding work from Cammy MacPherson to win the ball back in the build up to the second goal there. Oh, and I got on St Johnstone at 11/8 after the first five mins when it became clear that ICT are fucking awful. As @Hoose Rice says, easy money.
  6. Really don't care who wins, so rooting for the funniest outcome. Mon the Caley.
  7. Actually quite looking fwd to this one. Wife is out tonight so I'll be on a mission to get the kids to bed by 7.30. Takeaway in, couple of beers and 90 minutes of truly awful, eye-gouging football. 0-0 banker.
  8. I think McGinn would be an excellent fit at Newcastle. I could well imagine them showing interest. They'll need some steel and Premier League experience to provide balance to whoever else they're bringing in this summer.
  9. I actually really like him; have always been impressed with him against us. Thing with us at the minute is not understanding exactly what shape we're aiming for so it's unclear how anyone fits in, and where we will need squad depth.
  10. Agree with all those, but Greive would be top of the list. He's basically here on work experience and is almost certainly on absolute buttons. He could be going to the World Cup. Got to get him on a better deal asap.
  11. In case there were any lingering doubts about Ethan and Goodwin not getting along, Erhahon has posted this on his Instagram, with (I assume) Lee Erwin adding the clearly pisstaking comment... I'm not stirring, nor taking sides, but it's fairly clear EE and JG didn't see eye to eye.
  12. Jesus, I actually did forget about that. OK, point withdrawn. But I doubt they'd cough up the requisite fee for Brophy anyway.
  13. Weirdly, the prospect of that happening doesn't worry me so much at the moment. Looking through our squad, who might he take that would adequately improve Aberdeen? We've got no midfield left - though you'd imagine he'd be asking the question about McGrath, Ronan and Gogic, none of whom are ours anyway. Brophy hasn't been a target of Aberdeen in the past, and I doubt he would be now. Grieve is too raw. Same for Reid and Henderson. Beyond that, I can't see anyone he'd actually be interested in. There's been talk of Dunne heading up there: they'd have to offer a fee and that is frankly mental, so if they want to do that, let them crack on. The only other real 'asset' we have is Erhahon, and word is Jim didn't like him. I think we're largely safe from a Dons raid, TBH.
  14. If it wasn't for Caley's injury/suspension-hit squad, I'd agree with you. But I think you'll have enough to scrape a draw then edge them in Perth. That said, losing 4-0 to a manageress Hibs team chasing... (checks notes)... 8th place is some laugh, though. Resting/relaxing players, if that's what you were doing, is absolutely insane management when momentum is so critical. And if you weren't holding something back for the playoffs, and are actually that bad, then yeah, ok, you may have a point.
  15. I think what happened was he was a better player than people expected. Which isn't the same as being decent.
  16. Remember when you could've had McPherson for free on a PCA, but you told us you wanted him permanently so we recalled him and made you pay actual money for him? LOL, good times. Great bants.
  17. You can forgive his excitement: first time the lad's seen toes that weren't webbed.
  18. The rule needs looking at, for sure. There isn't a truly meaningful game in the league this weekend. Ideal chance for every club to play some kids and generate a bit of interest. Plus, out squad is bare bones now. It's just severely lacking in common sense.
  19. Gonna nail my colours to the mast here. The sheer hilarity of seeing St Johnstone go down would outweigh my discomfort at seeing Kirk Broadfoot in a good mood. Sadly, based on last night, I can't see ICT laying a glove on St Johnstone. Pointless goalless draw in the Highlands, Farmers to win 2-0 at their place.
  20. That, plus some decisive move in the transfer market so far. Something else I was impressed by last night, but I must preface it by saying I'm NOT one of those who thinks a manager has to be screaming and shouting to do a good job... however, I really liked the way Robinson was bellowing at and cajoling players last night, right up to the final whistle. The game was classic dead rubber stuff, but he clearly wasn't happy with the levels in the final 20 or so. I liked that.
  21. Sure he'll take a step down. Could imagine him doing a job for the likes of Partick, Raith or, at a push, Falkirk or Dunfermline.
  22. Perhaps. I think you'll be in for a hell of a window, btw. Jim did make generally good signings for us and he knows how to sell a club. That doesn't necessarily translate to performances, but the summer will be a laugh.
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