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  1. Sickening if it is true and if a culprit is identified I hope he gets a lifetime ban from all football grounds in Scotland. But dredging up the Gullit thing? Seriously? There are no words for how ridiculous a piece of reporting that is.
  2. While you're knocking Cardiff back, if you fancy putting in a good word for Tommy Craig, that'd be smashing.
  3. You're right enough. I was watching it on my phone and thought it was his team-mate nodded it through. Nice one Isma
  4. Yeah, fair enough. Certainly, the description of the midfield's performance is worrying, to say the least. I think our strikers will start scoring eventually. I'm convinced Ball will get there, and from what I saw of Caldwell pre-season, he has quality too. We need to forget about the return of Thommo now - he's clearly out for a while - and find ways to get the best out of what we have.
  5. OK, if that was the case, you guys could start the St Mirren Relegation Thread with my blessing.
  6. Cracks me up that Saints fans are complaining that we played badly but won, given that we've (apparently - I wasn't there) played well vs Dundee and Motherwell and lost. I know which I'd rather have.
  7. Obviously my crazy-high levels of faith in Callum Ball haven't yet come to pass, but I reckon this is the game for him. Seems like he's getting into good positions, just sclaffing his chances. I'd play him tonight to see if he can score one off his ample backside, with the aim of giving his confidence a boost.
  8. Well which flight are we in? We'll be fine this season.
  9. Does make me wonder how we signed players before there were airports, TBF.
  10. Apparently Drury picked us over Southend. He mumbled something about there being no airports in the South East or something.
  11. It's like we have an embarrassment of non-goalscoring riches. I'd still go Marwood - Ball - Wylde up front, with a view to bringing Drury on for Marwood and Caldwell for Ball, if the starters aren't performing. With our first choice three in midfield, though, you'd hope we'll be a better side than the one that played Accies.
  12. All wind-ups aside, I really bloody hope you manage that.
  13. He gets really needy when he gets ignored and starts going on about people not answering his questions. Like the kid in class who gets his own separate reading lessons, he hasn't yet figured out we're laughing at him, not with him.
  14. But... but... but... airport! Airport! We only sign players because we have an airport. Which is why the teams in Scotland that aren't right next to an airport never sign any loan players.
  15. Mouth breathers is right. I had to 'hide' the St Mirren Fans updates from my feed. Scary stuff, tbh.
  16. Probably. Edit to add: Adam Drury signed from Man City, goes straight into the squad for this game, subject to clearance. He's a winger/full-back. We did need more width down the right, but I would still have preferred that other lad we were meant to be getting from City, the defensive midfielder. Ah well, Drury's as good as Plummer we'll be happy enough.
  17. That's clearly maintenance, not theft. The nice folk of Paisley will fix your car while you wait.
  18. We were certainly shitting ourselves over that final 11-point gap.
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