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  1. I think it was Negrito. Negredo plays for Valencia...
  2. The TV cameras picked up Terry, I think. Not sure about Evra. In both cases, the identity of the accused was virtually good enough without evidence.
  3. Probably less than ours, though I don't know. It's clearly what you do with it that counts, though. To pick an example entirely at random, let's say Aberdeen, they have a far higher budget than both of our teams, yet have won the same number of trophies as both St Mirren and St Johnstone (though not if you combine the teams) in the past 15 years. Which you'd imagine must lead to immense frustration and neediness among some of their fans.
  4. Your 'asking rhetorical questions that you think are hilarious then getting pissy and needy when nobody answers you' schtick got tired a very long time ago. Also, boasting, unprompted, about Aberdeen crowds in an unrelated thread? Give me strength. You really are the neediest, clingiest person on the internet, aren't you?
  5. Goodwin's alright - we're a much worse team without him. But yeah, I take your point that it doesn't necessarily reflect well on our squad.
  6. Not that I know of, and bloody hope not. I don't think anybody knows if and when Plummer/Osborne are coming back, so without Goodwin we'd be fucked.
  7. Amazing pass, but yeah, Ball looked offside. I think Reynolds knew what he'd done, but hit the deck trying to claim he'd been clattered. Don't blame him for trying it, TBF. Even just watching the highlights, you can see how much we missed a stabilising force in midfield. They had so much time and space to pour forward and pick their passes. How long til Osborne is back? (Or Plummer, so Goodwin can move forward again?)
  8. Two down, eight to go for Ball. I'm glad he's finding fitness and, more importantly, the back of the net. He's become about five times more important for us now Thommo is out for the medium term.
  9. We hit the woodwork, so we should have won 3-2. I like this game.
  10. But they obviously didn't have enough ability to score, did they? Or they would have done. (Unless you're suggesting they chucked it?) You could have won by more, but that scenario would have relied on events that your players simply weren't capable of making happen on the night. Your famous team met its match: that's the end of the story. I dread to think how much we could have won by had the game been played shortly after one of your taxing European adventures. You're lucky we agreed to reschedule, TBH. Re the Barcelona thing, that's a totally different scenario and simply isn't comparable. I knew you'd struggle to get your head round this.
  11. Yes, it's a ridiculous argument. If your strikers can't score, then you don't deserve to, and therefore shouldn't, have won. It's pretty simple. If you want to use the word 'could' then it might be acceptable. It's a subtle distinction and I don't expect you to be able to get your head around it. In football, what teams 'should' have got, is exactly what they get. If a Saints fan came on and said we 'should be' top six, you'd rip the piss, and rightly so, because we've consistently failed to amass the correct number of points to lay claim to that. There's only one blinkered fanboy here, and it's the one who's clearly seething because his team was 2-0 up, yet fucked it up.
  12. Aye, I listened to the commentary for Saturday's game and thought Thommo did a reasonable job. While obviously biased, and kept saying 'we' (which is fair as he is is still on the SMFC payroll), he was calm, happy to point out our flaws, and didn't appear to jizz when Kenny equalised. Really, it's the 'should have' attitude that annoys me. 'Could have', maybe, but they're not fucking entitled to anything.
  13. Always a ridiculous argument, that, as if strikers missing chances, keepers making saves and defenders being shit are all parts of a football match that should be ignored when assessing the result. Perhaps that sense of entitlement crept onto the pitch and contributed towards your team's spectacular collapse.
  14. I think I told you that (re the 10 goals), you said you weren't so sure He's a pure finisher. Naturally took him a few games to adjust to the pace, but he'll do well for us. Just need to give him plenty support, make sure runners get beyond him, and get the ball pumped into the box.
  15. Read the rest of my post, and my others in the thread. I took exception to his tarring of everyone in Paisley with the same 'backwards' brush, and I merely showed how easy it would be to do the same with Dundee. Wasn't deflecting, there are no wagons, let's find the culprit and make an example of him. But let's not assume everyone is as moronic as one individual who acted stupidly.
  16. http://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/news/local/dundee/claims-of-racism-at-dundee-demo-for-gaza-1.506518 However, unintentionally, you make a good point. If people don't call out the culprit while he's doing it - if people just turn away or look at the floor, then his actions will see everyone labelled as racist, or backward, or moronic. It's in everyone's interests to tell these idiots to get to f**k if they chant racist stuff.
  17. No, you can't change. I tend to have sympathies with the club of the city I'm living in - was Coventry, now Newcastle - but I was born a Saints fan and that can never change. If I'm at a Toon game and they score, I can celebrate (I was there for the 4-4 game vs Arsenal and we went ballistic when the equaliser went in, in fairness) - but no other team gives me that horrible knot in my stomach like St Mirren do.
  18. No; the opposite. As you well know. Dredge up whatever you want. Bigotry has no place in football and they should make an example of whoever did this. Ignorance may have been the exacerbating factor but it's clearly no excuse. Of course, bigotry is something that the authorities in Scotland have had an issue dealing with for some time now. If St Mirren fans were alone in dishing out racist abuse in the 80s I would be fucking stunned. What took place then, in a vastly different society, has little bearing on an isolated incident in 2014.
  19. I'm just glad we've managed to find a date for the fixture that will allow Aberdeen sufficient time to have recovered from their European travails. Straightforward home win, sadly.
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