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  1. No allegedly about it: St Mirren are definitely fúcked. What? Oh...
  2. But, but, like your wise fellow fan Bigmouth says... Yeah, it's a fair cop. We're more fúcked than an underage girl hanging around Prince Andrew.
  3. If we win, we'll have seen a 12-point swing on Dundee since that clown started the relegation express thread. Fingers crossed!
  4. It's almost as if I was being tongue in cheek. Except for the bit about 'melters': that was entirely serious. As for why you've questioned the sanity of Scotland's most famous motorway, I have no idea.
  5. Bump for this amazing thread. We had nee chance of staying up until the Dundee fans started making melters of themselves here. Now I'm pretty confident of safety, as long as the likes of Ludo keep gobbing off. Keep up the good work, guys.
  6. Holy shit. I had this bookmarked for the end of the season. Didn't really think I'd be dredging it up quite so quickly. Amazing fucking scenes.
  7. Hilarious. I don't understand how. I've also predicted we'll finish bottom two, I'm just saying there's a chance we won't. You guys are opening yourselves up to all sorts of pointing and laughing if we survive, for which we have a lot of previous.
  8. Ok then. I stand by the fact that we can potentially overturn the deficit. I still don't think I failed to grasp anything, though, because you're talking about predictions and things that haven't happened. Bookmarked, just in case, because only one of us stands to potentially end up looking stupid here.
  9. Where have I failed to grasp that? Where did I refer to St Mirren in the post you quoted? Did I not, elsewhere in this thread, admit that I think we'll finish in the bottom two? I'm simply questioning the logic and the finality of what some people (including you) are saying.
  10. Not at all. On the balance of probability, I think we are going to finish in the bottom two. The season isn't over yet, though, and to claim it is, and to suggest that an upturn in form from us, or a downturn in someone else's form, is completely impossible, is patently ridiculous. To suggest that the result at the weekend was the 'nail in our coffin', and to seek plaudits based on that, was the work of a moron. The loss didn't help, nor will the suspension of Thompson. But, if anything, the creation of a sense of injustice and embattlement amongst our squad might have been just what we needed.
  11. You've got me. Football teams never get better or worse: their form always stays the same throughout any given season. Hibs were safe at Christmas last year, and remained so. No team has ever overcome a six-point gap with more than half a season to play.
  12. Aye, the six point gap to you lot is unassailable with just the 21 games left to play.
  13. This. It falls firmly into the category of 'seen em given, seen em not given' - so there's no way the league would overturn that decision. I wish we'd learn to be more cynical and cuter as a team. I mean Andy Millen, Tommy Turner cute. Thommo should have been putting every effort into either trying to score, or getting the (other) dirty c**t sent off. Other teams will wind us up and roll around - we seem to play the nice game for ages, until Goodwin, and now Thommo, snaps and lunges in or elbows someone in the chops. It's just not very fucking clever, is it? I said this about Goodwin vs DUFC at the time: why the f**k did he raise his arm when all he had to do was stand his ground and draw the foul? I dunno, I feel like we're a bunch of wee boys (not a reference to our threadbare squad) in terms of our attitude on the park. Let's not be petulant and lash out, let's frustrate the f**k out the opposition and wait for them to crack instead. It's like we're being bullied constantly, then when we crack, it's our punch that the teacher sees. Thing is, this is exactly what you want the likes of Thommo and Goodwin to bring to our young squad, but it's the full-on polar opposite of what they have been bringing.
  14. A takeover can't happen soon enough. We're going down faster than the Belgra... no, I can't do it.
  15. Surely there must have been some racist thug from St Mirren at the weekend who Celtic could invent report to take some of the heat off Tonev again?
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