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  1. Probably. Edit to add: Adam Drury signed from Man City, goes straight into the squad for this game, subject to clearance. He's a winger/full-back. We did need more width down the right, but I would still have preferred that other lad we were meant to be getting from City, the defensive midfielder. Ah well, Drury's as good as Plummer we'll be happy enough.
  2. That's clearly maintenance, not theft. The nice folk of Paisley will fix your car while you wait.
  3. We were certainly shitting ourselves over that final 11-point gap.
  4. More offended by Tommy Craig's inability to tie a tie properly, TBH.
  5. It's not a moot point at all: I was mocking you for a basic failure to name body parts which, in the context, was entirely relevant. Speaking of moot, though, I see your ongoing campaign of needily scrabbling for relevance in other teams' threads continues unabated. Did your mum not hug you enough? Or did your dad hug you a bit too much? I can think of no other reason for the way you crave attention so desperately.
  6. At the risk of uttering the most famous of last words, I'd be reasonably confident of Goodwin containing Harkins, and I think it'd be a contest worth watching. You rightly point out, though, that without JG sitting in, Harkins will probably have the freedom of SMP.
  7. Edit: @Standfree Pedantry had nothing to do with it: you were exaggerating for effect and therefore talking out of your arse. Or was it your elbow? You're right, it is confusing!
  8. Are your elbows half way down your forearms? Fucking deformed inbred c**t.
  9. Amuses me that Dundee claim they want to see Goodwin playing. We are far less likely to lose with him on the pitch. The thought of entering such a crucial game with no holding midfielder scares the shit out of me, TBH. Regardless, I've got a bad feeling about this one, but my head says 1-1. Harkins inside 20 minutes, Thommo to equalise in the last 15 after coming on as a late sub. I also hope Gowser gets a good reception. Harkins, on the other hand, could go f**k himself, if only he could be bothered.
  10. Play without a defensive midfielder = get cuffed. People were saying they wanted to see McLean and McGinn play together in the middle, but it's a terrible idea if they haven't got someone sitting in behind them. As soon as Declan Hughes wasn't available, I had a feeling we were in trouble (though it would've been a risk pitching him in, too, in fairness). This is why we need JG on the park and why he let us down on Saturday. Fuxake Saints.
  11. You assume/hope that the investment in training facilities will pay off when it comes to developing players, avoiding training injuries, etc. It seems to be playing its part in attracting players to the club, and in helping develop our reputation south of the border as well. That's two of the biggest English clubs now with nice things to say about SMP and Ralston, not to mention the approach our club takes with young players and the support/development opportunities we can offer. Ok, loan deals are what they are (ie not ideal), and we all want our best players on three-year contracts (like that one Josh Magennis has...) but it's not an ideal world and, for a club like ours, it's vital to be as attractive to loanees as possible. Which, hopefully, we are now.
  12. This transfer window has been really bizarre. You know all the other windows, where we'd have said 'we need a centre half, or a striker, or a winger, or some pace', and Gus and Lennon responded by bringing in central midfielders? Well, this time it's like the club has brought in exactly what we needed, in line with weaknesses in the squad, the demands of the league we play in, and the style of football we all want to see. It feels weird.
  13. Shame: from his description, Evans sounded perfect for our needs. Ah well, no point dwelling. That wiki link is abit of a dead end - is Drury also a 6' hard b*****d midfielder, by any chance?
  14. Yeah, he's certainly got previous. I don't think you'll find many (honest) Saints fans protesting that he doesn't deserve the majority of the cards he gets. It's just his game. Sadly, it's the occasional malicious stuff that fucks us over and has earned him the reputation he's got. In his defence, he can take it as well and never rolls around or looks to get others sent off and this gets overlooked because he's the big baddie. I still like him. I dunno, I just like basket case defensive midfielders when they're playing for your side. Obviously when they're not, you love to boo them. It's an entertainment business and he gives opposition fans someone to vent at for 90(ish) mins.
  15. +1 for the 'Imrie will score' camp. I rarely predict a Saints win, but I think we'll have too much for Hamilton. Saints 2 (McLean, Marwood) Accies 1 (Imrie)
  16. Posts from Standfree on this thread before Aberdeen got humped at home to Dundee United, continued: Posts from Standfree on this thread after Aberdeen got humped at home to Dundee United: He really is a needy little attention seeker. Except when his Famous team's been pumped.
  17. Posts from Standfree on this thread before Aberdeen got humped at home to Dundee United:
  18. I will defend Goodwin most the time. As I've said on here before, the overall number of yellow cards (almost one in two) he picks up is not an issue for me, because as a team we don't pick up very many. Every team gets a certain number, it's just that most of ours go to Jim. So, generally speaking, I don't buy this 'liability' bollocks, because he makes the tackles that need to be made, disrupts the play, commits niggly fouls if necessary. Fair enough - every team needs one. However, he's clearly let everyone down on Saturday. As we can all see, there was no need to do that to Sutton. If he got booked for leading with his arms while actually trying to win the fucking ball, even that would be vaguely acceptable in my eyes. It's part of the game, sometimes you get booked, sometimes you don't. Leading with the arms is bad (m'kay?) but at least you could describe it as a 'footballing incident'. But what he did on Saturday is not a footballing incident. It's shitty. Luckily, he barely made contact, which is why Sutton didn't even notice it. We defend Goodwin when Thomson dives and gets him sent off, or when Derek Adams whines like a little bitch yet again. This was basically indefensible. Ah well, as Lex said, we have a (hopefully) ready-made, if totally untried at this level, replacement in Declan Hughes, unless we can bring that lad in from Man City. Either way, we have cover for Jim that we didn't before. We have to hope Hughes (or whoever) rises to the challenge so that we can become less reliant on Goodwin this season.
  19. Does this mean that daft c**t Standfree will stay out the St Mirren threads this week?
  20. Ok, Legia fielded an ineligible player. But in a different sense, Celtic fielded 11 of them...
  21. Totally agree with that (and Lex). Goodwin has his flaws, but that's essentially a great midfield. Plenty of dig and craft. We have striking options, we have wide options, but they should all slot in around that middle three.
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