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  1. Bloody hell, Gowser. I wouldn't blame Dundee for sticking by him this season until the trial (let's face it, we did the same) - and he's hardly Ched Evans, is he? Genuine question: Would Dundee fans want him to remain at the club if he was found guilty and given a short sentence that only lasted for part of the off-season? Ie he was fine to start pre-season as normal next season? It's such a shame. Great player, lovely to watch, but he's clearly some sort of unstoppable moron.
  2. You can guarantee that. They'll be the likes of Rooney (yours) and Michael Higdon. Realms of fantasy. You guys are right about Thommo, too. I'm the same age as him and, frankly, I'm fucking knackered! Did a lot of sport in my teens/20s - my knees are shagged, my hips hurt and I have to crack my spine daily. If Thommo's anywhere near as tired as I am, then the sportscene job will be looking more and more appealing with every passing minute.
  3. Normally, you'd say that'd be typical St Mirren, pulling an unlikely random win out of a shite run of form. But not this season. Just can't see it. We are 12/5 to win this weekend. That means, if you bet £10 on us, you will lose £10.
  4. Aye, I'd agree with most of that, though not fussed on Costa Rica either (despite their WC qualification.) Also, I can't see how Croatia are comfortably better than England either. I'd put England about the 14/15 mark, I reckon. Sailing through a straightforward Euro quali group ought to do little to boost the rankings, either.
  5. From an English perspective, it's a case of 'can we play you every week'. This isn't really a good England side, though it's heading in the right direction. It is full of pace and enthusiasm and you can tell there is competition for places in midfield/wide forward now, for the first time in a long time. However, Scotland were very accommodating. Unlike all those nasty 'foreign' teams who don't play the game the 'English way' - keeping the ball, passing neatly, finishing well - Scotland kindly played the 'English way', but a little bit worse, which flattered England. (Basically, what I'm trying to say is, Scotland looked like England do, when England play any of the genuinely top teams.) Oh, and Wilshere is a pure knobend but he's fucking brilliant to watch. I love his scampering, fighty style, and when he takes a couple of touches and bursts into space, it's magic. Shame he's made of cobwebs and kittens. He reminds me of the kid at school who would start fights then cry to the teacher when he gets hit. I think it's a shame for Scotland that the year's fixtures didn't end on Friday. It was clearly the much, much bigger game and would have left everyone feeling reasonably happy through the winter. If anything, I hope it teaches Scotland a lesson for when Germany rock up. As the away team, the Germans will have far more in their counter-attacking locker than England could muster in a million years.
  6. ^^^ Makes no sense whatsoever. I mean, have you ever actually seen a t-rex trying to elbow someone with those tiny arms? It's a fucking joke - he'd never get a game at the back for Saints.
  7. Don't know the answer to that, TBH. I imagine that if Thommo was pissed off at being overlooked, he'll have got over it now - I doubt Goodwin being a daft twat will change his opinion much either way, even if it has rubbed a little bit of salt in the wound. (Assuming there is a wound at all.) This is only guesswork, but I don't see how the board would/could have overlooked Thommo if he was interested in the role. Then again this is the board that appointed Tommy Craig, so f**k knows what's going on in their heads sometimes. Back on Goodwin, knowing St Mirren's track record for appointing from within, he was surely in pole position to be our next manager. But Goodwin is continuing to shoot us and himself in the foot. I actually thought he'd have made a decent manager; now I just can't see it. I mean, I really can't see that Tommy Craig will survive the winter. I don't mean he'll get sacked - I mean that you guys have some bloody harsh winters up there and he's right in the 'danger' demographic.
  8. Now there's an optimistic appraisal of Falkirk's long-term promotion chances On topic: fuxake. I've defended JG at length on here before, and I still think the Ross County incident(s) were overblown and over-replayed. But he should clearly have been sent off on this occasion, and yet again he's leaving us short of one of our more important players. For an intelligent man, he's a fucking idiot. He knew the guy was steaming in behind him, why not just take the collision and draw the foul? What I don't get is how people get genuinely wound up by Goodwin. Like, to levels of pure hatred. He's a panto villain for thick c***s to boo at - he gives people something to hate and something to talk about. And he weakens St Mirren by being unavailable for tonnes of games, so you'd think our relegation rivals would at least appreciate that. As others have said, this season is fucking honking. The strips, the manager, vast elements of the squad, the injuries... Yet again, in a fucking dross league, we're managing to find even greater levels of dross and underperform. I can't, at the moment, even see us managing to scrape a play-off place, so we won't even get the excitement of a couple of big games against QotS.
  9. Re the wage thing, I think it's been established that Thommo could have played elsewhere and earned more money in the time he's been at St Mirren - during which time, it's no coincidence that we've stayed in the top flight and won a trophy. I don't think there's anyone related to SMFC who would begrudge him the chance to earn a spot of extra cash, (while also helping to raise the profile of the club) in a way that doesn't affect his on-field performances.
  10. You mean 'practise playing a crucial element of football'? Don't be so ridiculous.
  11. I always said he'd be better off in La Liga, where players of his ability can get by without being hacked to f**k by lesser footballers.
  12. 12 of the 18 players in the squad that managed a draw away to the Famous Aberdeen were products of our pretty awful youth system. I don't know. There is some speculation in this thread if you can be arsed to filter through all the typical Black and White Army digs and in-fighting: http://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/index.php/topic/38900-youngster-in-contract-dispute/ From what I can put together, it seems he was on a standard contract (which he and his parents will have signed) and he's now bumping his gums because we're not letting him just walk away from that contract, presumably to attempt to sign for a different club. If there is a perceived injustice occurring here, it's not just St Mirren and it's certainly not just Kieran Doran involved.
  13. Yeah, he is out of position. To give him some credit, I wondered if he was struggling for a better sight of the ball, but there's no-one in his way! He can't really have expected our right-back to welter it like that, it was a one-game-in-40 shot from Naismith, but yeah, he was badly placed. I've watched that over and over now (obviously) - I know I've bummed Callum Ball more than enough on here, but watch how his (lack of) movement buys himself so much space in the box. Three St Johnstone defenders walk past him, together, as six of them are drawn towards the ball. Callum was in a great position for a parry or if a decent cross had come in.
  14. Shit, ignore that. Sorry. I wasn't looking at where the ball was. Onside, as you say. But I suspect the linesman has made the same mistake I did.
  15. The lines on the pitch beg to differ. Clearly off in both those pictures.
  16. Ball offside on Tuesday, SJ goal chalked off wrongly today... Sometimes when you're stuck, you need the rub of the green. Won't catch me complaining.
  17. I think it was Negrito. Negredo plays for Valencia...
  18. The TV cameras picked up Terry, I think. Not sure about Evra. In both cases, the identity of the accused was virtually good enough without evidence.
  19. Probably less than ours, though I don't know. It's clearly what you do with it that counts, though. To pick an example entirely at random, let's say Aberdeen, they have a far higher budget than both of our teams, yet have won the same number of trophies as both St Mirren and St Johnstone (though not if you combine the teams) in the past 15 years. Which you'd imagine must lead to immense frustration and neediness among some of their fans.
  20. Your 'asking rhetorical questions that you think are hilarious then getting pissy and needy when nobody answers you' schtick got tired a very long time ago. Also, boasting, unprompted, about Aberdeen crowds in an unrelated thread? Give me strength. You really are the neediest, clingiest person on the internet, aren't you?
  21. Goodwin's alright - we're a much worse team without him. But yeah, I take your point that it doesn't necessarily reflect well on our squad.
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