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  1. I just want someone to show me the proof that they're not paying. All I keep getting is snide dicks saying stuff like Sgt Wilson and Deeboy. Here's someone else asking the same question: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/opinion/sport/david-mccarthy-five-loan-rangers-5099920
  2. He's not the only person who's suggested it. Besides, I'd suggest even he is more credible than you, a cúnt on the internet. I can't prove they're paying the players, but you clearly can't prove they aren't. Call it a draw?
  3. I'd read things that implied they were paying it (link below). You clearly know the precise details of the arrangements, though, so I'm happy to bow to your knowledge. http://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/spfl-lower-divisions/loan-signings-were-not-forced-to-go-to-rangers-1-3679195 The Telegraph article asks the question, but seems to confirm that nobody knows. So I don't really see how you are any more certain than I was. Still, keep up your condescending tone. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/rangers/11388286/Mike-Ashley-is-treating-Rangers-like-a-branch-of-Sports-Direct-with-his-knockdown-loan-deals.html
  4. That's definitely what it looks like. How would you summarise the situation?
  5. Come on, it's funny as f**k. Mike Ashley loans money to Sevco, which they then get to use to subsidise Mike Ashley's wage bill at Newcastle. If Wonga did football transfers...
  6. You're welcome. Now be nice to him and use him properly. Oh, and only use encouraging words. Remember he's come from St Mirren so is only accustomed to positivity from the crowd. He certainly wasn't the target for boo boys as recently as 12 months ago.
  7. While I obviously hope that doesn't happen (on either count) it would be marvellous to see three brothers in the same team.
  8. It's almost as if your board wants to keep your club in the top flight. It'll never catch on.
  9. We've got previous for this. Your neighbours bought their way out of trouble in 2000/1 - we sat and watched them strengthen when we were in a position of relative comfort. Then wondered why we were being caught. There simply appears to be no genuine appetite at the very top of our club to do what is going to be required to avoid relegation. They seem to be hoping - and hoping is all they are doing - that we can somehow win over two legs in the playoff final. That said, if our front six were fit and firing, it's not looking bad (making some big assumptions here about Osbourne and Thompson being fit, and Sonupe turning out to be more Isma than Drury.) Mallan - Osbourne - McGinn Dayton - Thompson - Sonupe But fucking hell, that's wafer thin. Take any of those out the equation and we're starting to look very thin indeed. On any given day, three of those could be injured, based on this season so far, McGinn isn't firing, and Sonupe could turn out to be all pace and no skill. Shows how much McLean has been carrying us so far this season.
  10. Any danger they've picked that up from the kid-on Sky News Twitter account that tweeted the same thing? That's the only place I've seen it.
  11. At least he's not signed for either half of the New Old Firm. This is hard enough to take as it is without him pitching up at Sevco.
  12. Fuxake. Genuinely gutted: thought he'd stop til the summer at least. Massive boost for Ross County and Motherwell. It's almost as if they've signed him too. If Aberdeen beat Celtic to the title and we still stay up, it'll take the edge off a little. Gutted though.
  13. Tommy Craig is not greater than anybody. He's the shittest card in Scottish Football Manager Top Trumps.
  14. Ouch, that is a tricky run. But not so much harder than the teams' below you that you can see us catching you before the split. It's likely still to be post-split that you could get dragged into it, I reckon.
  15. I simply don't think it's as cut and dried as that yet. Looking at the fixtures to the split, our games are fairly evenly balanced - I don't think one of us has a significantly worse set of games than the other. Obviously the form table (below) doesn't look good for you guys, but I'd suggest we are eminently capable of suffering a downturn in form and dropping points in games we ought to be winning or drawing. At least it's interesting. The threat of play-off and increased likelihood of relegation might be horrendous in the long term, but in the short term it's done a huge amount for the bottom half of the league.
  16. Yeah, fingers crossed. With Dayton in, it's hard to look at our best line-up and not think we've at least got the potential to stay in contention for 10th place (such lofty ambitions ). That said, while we're still shipping cheap goals, getting men sent off and while Thommo has yet to prove his fitness this season, massive doubts remain. People keep saying we need a new centre half, but IMO we need two. At least the latter half of our season will be interesting.
  17. There is a movement on B&WA to get him chased out the club already. I think he's hoping to sign for Dundee before the end of the transfer window.
  18. Might be for the same reason we're trying to get shot of Wylde, who has also made a 'respectable' number of appearances, even if his respectable performances are far lower. Also, there seems to be whispers of 'injury prone' around him. I guess time will tell. Nobody here is under any illusions that we're doing anything other than shopping at the bargain bin end of the market, though.
  19. Anybody aware of any 'alternative' links to watch the game online, for those without BT Sport?
  20. Haddad did play a big part in this magnificent piece of quick attacking football, though - one of our last ever goals against Rangers FC.
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