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  1. Ouch, that is a tricky run. But not so much harder than the teams' below you that you can see us catching you before the split. It's likely still to be post-split that you could get dragged into it, I reckon.
  2. I simply don't think it's as cut and dried as that yet. Looking at the fixtures to the split, our games are fairly evenly balanced - I don't think one of us has a significantly worse set of games than the other. Obviously the form table (below) doesn't look good for you guys, but I'd suggest we are eminently capable of suffering a downturn in form and dropping points in games we ought to be winning or drawing. At least it's interesting. The threat of play-off and increased likelihood of relegation might be horrendous in the long term, but in the short term it's done a huge amount for the bottom half of the league.
  3. Yeah, fingers crossed. With Dayton in, it's hard to look at our best line-up and not think we've at least got the potential to stay in contention for 10th place (such lofty ambitions ). That said, while we're still shipping cheap goals, getting men sent off and while Thommo has yet to prove his fitness this season, massive doubts remain. People keep saying we need a new centre half, but IMO we need two. At least the latter half of our season will be interesting.
  4. There is a movement on B&WA to get him chased out the club already. I think he's hoping to sign for Dundee before the end of the transfer window.
  5. Might be for the same reason we're trying to get shot of Wylde, who has also made a 'respectable' number of appearances, even if his respectable performances are far lower. Also, there seems to be whispers of 'injury prone' around him. I guess time will tell. Nobody here is under any illusions that we're doing anything other than shopping at the bargain bin end of the market, though.
  6. Anybody aware of any 'alternative' links to watch the game online, for those without BT Sport?
  7. Haddad did play a big part in this magnificent piece of quick attacking football, though - one of our last ever goals against Rangers FC.
  8. Teale confirmed as boss to the end of the season. Good decision, IMO, but clearly could've been made a month ago.
  9. Fuxake. Talk about an untimely photo opp. Insert mountain-related metaphor for the rest of our season here ---> <---
  10. Just the six points at stake? I preferred our game against County, which saw an as-yet-to-be-determined number of points up for grabs.
  11. You've only got one joke, but I'm actually beginning to admire your ability to crowbar it in at every opportunity.
  12. I just looked up the odds for exactly that scenario, but they're already paying out on it, sadly. Missed opportunity.
  13. Keeping your gang rape experience to yourself, though? It might help to get it off your chest.
  14. How would relegation change that? We'd just cut our cloth to suit. We're not Dundee. I can't comment as I have never experienced gang rape, from either perspective. Care to enlighten us all?
  15. It appears his interest has gone long before his pace has.
  16. Wasn't that rumour doing the rounds a couple of weeks ago? It either has legs, or Grieve has been trawling B&WA.
  17. Don't: I really wouldn't underestimate our board's ability to negotiate £150k down to a shade over a grand.
  18. Goodwin might sense the opportunity to get a sly elbow in, knowing nae fucker's filming it...
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