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  1. Good post Swello. That's what hurt most last night - we were truly and utterly horsed by a team that was probably very slightly worse than us around the mid-December mark. The SP(F)L isn't great, and the margins between being good and not are relatively fine. Motherwell are a best-case example of this. From rubbish to pretty dynamic, good to watch, and full of goals, within the space of a couple months. I doff my (flat) cap to you. But we, of course, have managed to make a complete and utter c**t of it for reasons that have been discussed ad infinitum. We have precedent for this, of course - Dundee United in 2000/1. If a team actually manages to turn themselves around in any meaningful way (and I don't mean Bomber Brown talking shite-with-no-substance style) then we have shown ourselves to be terrible at responding. (Of course, it shouldn't be about responding in the first place, we should be capable of putting together a squad capable of security, at the very least.) Seeing John Sutton last night, and Charlie Adam at the weekend, reminded me of our promotion squad in 2006. We are many moons short of the last team we put out in the second tier. The worst thing is, at least when, say, ICT appointed Butcher, they got a man who would bounce them back. Gary Teale wasn't the man to keep us up, nor is he the man to help us take relegation on the chin and bounce back. Which begs the question: why? It's depressing as hell, TBH, but no hiding. We absolutely deserve to go down.
  2. Yeah, if we need to go into administration, now's the time.
  3. If we're even getting beaten there, what chance do we have?
  4. Even if you only had him, he'd be the difference between the teams. But sadly you've roasted us all over the park. I've seriously not seen a performance as poor as this for some time. Can we just jack in the rest of the season?
  5. We are a horrible, horrible football team right now. Can't pass, can't tackle, can't mark, can't run, can't take set pieces, can't cross. No fight, nobody wants to put feet in.
  6. I don't know; possibly. Even if he is, we miss last season's vintage.
  7. Seeing Thommo in that second highlights reel there underlines what we've missed this year. A pure poacher who actually knows where the goal is. He had another couple of chances beyond his goals, and nearly always hits the target. Such is the difference between relegation and safety.
  8. Ridiculous prediction, TBH. Who the f**k is going to score for us, exactly?
  9. There are two things at play here: firstly, SMISA asked the BOD to issue a rallying cry, so I can only assume this is a response to that. Secondly, re the timing, I guess they're damned either way. The BOD has been farcically uncommunicative this season, and that's their fault, but we can't have a go at them for finally speaking to the fans ahead of our first real, no-foolin' must-win game of the season, surely?
  10. We've never been this badly in the shit, TBF. We're usually in touch/a couple points off bottom. We have previously managed to make a real drama of it, but the maths was usually on our side. I haven't felt this despondent about our top flight chances since half time vs Motherwell in 2009.
  11. I don't think you know how the word 'notice' works. But thanks for trying. Now, where's that one-eyed smilie...
  12. How will you not notice something that you've just pointed out? You've just noticed it. Weirdo.
  13. Twice we've paid lip service to having some sort of strategy for managerial replacements. Talk of 'dozens' of applicants for the job, both last summer and before Xmas. On both occasions we've taken the easy, lazy, low-cost option. This reflects the lack of overall strategy for the development of the club in general. Gary Teale may well turn out to be OK, and his current win record is about the same as Gus and Danny's. But he wasn't the right man for us at the time, and obviously the unavoidable loss of our only performing player has hindered him. Dreadful, horrible season. We'll be back, eventually, and have a couple of decent young players on long deals. I hope we can keep the likes of Goodwin, who will be good at Championship level, but most the rest of the squad can GTF.
  14. We're definitely fucked now. You always try to cling on to a bit of hope, and I'm a near-eternal optimist, but really, we're fucked.
  15. Nice touch. Hope lots of people support it. As for the game, can't see us taking anything, sadly. I'd take a point - which could depend on whether Genev is fit. Not sure if there's been any word on that yet, but it doesn't feel good knowing our safety could depend on the fitness and form of a guy who signed as a February free agent and who has managed 45 minutes before pulling a hammie. 2-1 Killie.
  16. I tell you what, based on the highlights alone of just one game (!!) - Alan Gow will do for me. Looks like he's slotted nicely into the void left by McLean. Funny how sometimes the biggest joke signings can turn out ok. Long way to go, etc etc, but with Genev and Gow in the team, we may well have a spine again. This is going to be one hell of a fascinating run-in.
  17. Decent post. I bet it probably is fucking hilarious, in fairness. I know, personally, I made some very bold statements about the impact Calum Ball would have. Ouch. Obviously, anyone who wouldn't have had Higdon at the club and in the first team every weekend is an absolute roaster. He'd get into probably all bar one team in our league. All joking aside, Gary Harkins clearly just wasn't 'for' St Mirren, which happens with players sometimes (though admittedly we seem to not get on with players who do well elsewhere an awful lot.) The whole 'he can't play with Gowser' thing was based very firmly on what we'd seen, but again, it's just an internet thing to state stuff as absolute fact when it clearly isn't. If any other team's fans had been as ridiculous as ours had, and then proceeded to have such a pisspoor season on so many levels, then I think we know that certain SMFC WUMs would be on the warpath. Will any lessons be learned here? Will they feck as.
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