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  1. But when you state the same fact over and over again, it becomes clear that there is some sort of agenda or judgement involved. Otherwise, you'd state it once, then move along when others have given the all-important context to your facts.
  2. It's controversial, but I actually preferred the Scissor Sisters' cover to the Pink Floyd original.
  3. Fair enough. Like Stu said, it's almost certainly bollocks then. Was it FlareyBob, by any chance?!
  4. I liked this: Yes, no club in the world can rival being nearly three years old.
  5. Well, it's not been mentioned on B&WA, which, if anything, should lend credibility to the rumour.
  6. Fair enough. I'd almost certainly want Morton to win in a cup final against Celtic or Sevco, but years of superiority will give you that sort of magnanimousness.
  7. Holy shit. Edit for clarity, Milners: RussellAnderson was being heavily ironic.
  8. The limit on green dots should have been lifted for the past 24 hours, IMO. Gave all mine out within minutes yesterday and today. I like this one: Yes, they really must miss the 'blue pound', which is why they were happy to restrict your ticket numbers. You fucking cretin.
  9. Yep. Remember last season: that 'progressive' and much-admired Bundesliga was won earlier in the calendar year than the SPL was. The fact is, the longer this goes on for (Newco in the Championship or lower or bust), the more likely we are to eventually see other teams become genuine title contenders.
  10. Came to post this. Utterly gut-wrenching. Just felt so fucking hollow afterwards. It was the worst feeling.
  11. I would politely suggest that 'football finance expert' Chris Brady is nothing of the sort, rather, that he is, in fact, a mere gobshite.
  12. Commiserations for Saturday. Winning goal must have been crushing. The worst thing that can happen is for your team to give you hope, then chuck it away - and your equaliser against ten men was, for me, reminiscent of the dead club going down to 9 men against us in the LC final in 2010. As soon as you dare to believe, you are opening yourself up to all sorts of heartache. It'll be no consolation whatsoever to have me, some twat on the internet, saying that it was a real achievement to reach the final, but it really was. Great performance. Bring on next season.
  13. The beauty of the internet is such that it gives us infinite space in which to discuss both Moshni's cuntery, and also Sevco's meltdown and general shiteness. There's no need to forego one for the other. It's a good day.
  14. Milne vetoed the 10-2 vote, though, didn't he? And also... Gilmour deserves all the abuse he gets around the Armageddon pish, but I'd like to think he redeemed himself more than slightly for standing up against the 8-8-8 bollocks when a lot of other chairmen seemed to be in favour of it. Milne, in particular, was especially critical of Gilmour, IIRC. Yep, here it is: http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11789/8642192/stewart-milne-blasts-stewart-gilmour-over-failed-spl-restructuring-vote What a c**t
  15. This. Put an end to the pervading sense amongst media and the authorities that the game is somehow 'waiting' for Sevco to make their debut in the top flight. Start focusing on what's going well in the game. For one thing, I'd be interested to see some figures on the number of domestic players in the Premier League over the past ten years. I could be wrong but it feels to me that there are fewer dud imports over here now than at times in the past.
  16. It's funny because we've gone down a level and now are being forced to attract a lower standard of player than we may have been able to do so whilst in the top flight. Like shits in the night. Good luck in the big league. I hope we can do as good a job as you managed in keeping Newco down.
  17. Fuxake, don't drag us in with this. We were shocking, all season. We deserve to go down and we're comfortable with the arrangement. Scottish Football seems pretty healthy right now, and I'm looking forward to all but four games next season.
  18. Fair play Motherwell. I can say this with some certainty: had we somehow pipped you to 11th, there's no way we'd have pulled off that result, so respect is due. Now finish the fucking job.
  19. Noted. I was going for an Oldco/Newco angle, but I'll stick to your version in future. f**k, now we're down, I really hope they get promoted. Never thought I'd find myself saying that.
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