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  1. Well, you seem to have clung onto the memory somewhat. It is hard to compare levels of greeting between matches played pre- and post-internet arrival, mind. (I actually agree, though, it was a decent point for us, and by, say, Tuesday, fans need to move on. See every Rangers/Morton thread for proof of why.)
  2. You haven't won anything for 59 years. Am I doing this right?
  3. Nice post on B&WA pointing out that tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of Brian Hetherston's death. http://www.blackandwhitearmy.com/forums/index.php/topic/41149-bubbles-gone-but-not-forgotten/
  4. We have turned from a team that was basically there for the taking to a team that is at least capable of shitfesting its way to a 0-0 draw against better teams. Hence almost managing that at Ibrox, managing it against Falkirk, and I'm predicting that'll be the order of the day here, too. The smart money is definitely on the goalless draw.
  5. Some of the crack on this thread has been shockingly low-rent.
  6. That's twice today, on two different threads, that we've had fans of honours-starved clubs, neither of whom have ever won the League Cup, decrying it as a competition. I believe the appropriate response is or jenniferlawrencesayingyeahokay.gif I do wonder if the Accies are choosing not to win it like Falkirk do.
  7. I have to say, some Saints fans have had pure stinkers on here. Not me, obviously. My repartee is sparkling.
  8. Honestly.... that moment when one of your own fans kicks your ass far better than any of the Falkirk fans were managing.
  9. We can't all spend parachute money as wisely, and achieve as much with it, as you did after your last relegation. "Copy Falkirk!" we implored our BoD. "They know how to bounce straight back!" Sadly, instead, it seems we have frittered the money away on shit signings and under-achievement. Why, oh why, can't we have been more like Falkirk?
  10. How will me doing that help with your bid to have whatever it is 'dropped'? First you want it dropped, then you want me to read up on the matter. Make your mind up; I think you're losing the plot a touch here. Well, we're not in a position to pick and choose what competitions we win, like Falkirk are, so we're still quite proud of that. Forgive us and our diddy-team, cup-winning ways.
  11. Drop what? I just responded to the point you made. I haven't got a clue what the rest of your post is on about.
  12. Pretty much. I dream of being at Falkirk's level: so good that we can 'not bother' winning national cups out of choice, because it's so far beneath us.
  13. Yes, there's no other explanation for St Mirren fans posting in a St Mirren match thread, the day after the game in question.
  14. That explains why Falkirk have never bothered with it, right enough. Honestly, it's a decent day out - you should give it a go some time.
  15. I was only being a dick in response to the inanity of the 'crowd size' post. There are a number of factors that can explain the apathy around our club at the moment, and they have been well-trodden. Mainly, though, a midweek game at home to a non-rival, in the middle of a season in which we have been fucking shit and are challenging for nothing? That'll do it. (Oh, and I don't understand your point re 57/87, TBH - not sure why you've omitted 59 and 2013 there.)
  16. Nice things such as... a complete stadium? Cup wins in living memory?
  17. Sooner or later, he's going to score a goal for us, and then who's going to have the last laugh, eh? EH? In fairness, I think our form has been nigh-on identical to yours since he came into our side. Doesn't affect your point about the gap between us at the moment, which is frankly a bit upsetting, but he's obviously offering us something that we didn't have before.
  18. It wouldn't be a Saints/Falkirk thread without a stadium upgrade debate. Of course, we were fucked over by the SPL in a different way: we complied with the stadium rules, at great expense and in such a way as to totally f**k our player budget for the 2000-1 season. We promptly went down again as Dundee United bought their way out of trouble, and then the rules were relaxed. As if Love Street didn't have enough seats for the vast majority of SPL games we hosted that season without converting the Love Street end. Fuckers.
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