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  1. Or there's 4-2-3-1 but then four of Greive/Ayunga/Brophy/Main/Offord miss out. I will say this: Baccus will be our POTY this season. I'm already convinced. Boy was everywhere and was mostly very tidy
  2. Glad to see we've switched to a formation that suits Greg Kiltie at last...
  3. And the money that came in for Goodwin wouldn't have been spunked on Robinson.
  4. Fucking hell. That's not great at all. Is it the Covid season catching up, maybe? It certainly doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
  5. Thing with fitness, especially if they're being worked harder than usual, is that it's all about the long-term gains. The theory is that they'll probably be struggling now but will be fitter as things get tougher through the season. I think at this stage we can only hope that that's the case.
  6. I really don't see why they don't, when you consider the paltry sums involved. Also, I can't see why what Rangers offered was rejected but Celtic's barely-better offer was accepted. Are we really sitting there saying 'we won't take a penny less than £125k'? Given we now seem happy that he's staying (ie we weren't desperate for that 125k), then why didn't we just stick a 500k tag on his head and test the water that way? I dunno, it all just seems a bit weird and inconsistent to me.
  7. Thought it was interesting to see the way Robinson had the players laid out on his whiteboard - there was very much one deeper player (Ethan) with two operating in front of that. Obviously that doesn't necessarily translate exactly to the pitch, but that appears to be the ethos.
  8. Awaiting the tiktok video where his Da is flicking Ange the middle finger off screen.
  9. The number of rumours coming out of St Mirren dried up when Goodwin was in charge as well. Boring for us, but clearly sensible for the club.
  10. This. Based on a first choice middle three of Ethan, Baccus and O'Hara, Reid is probably vying with Flynn to be fourth choice. He should be getting plenty minutes this season. (I haven't forgotten Kiltie, but he's only really a 10 and we're not playing that way.)
  11. If we find ourselves 3-0 up with 20 to play then he might get some time Vs Airdrie, but otherwise, yeah, he'll be getting rested I reckon.
  12. Backup goalies are such a weird thing. We're apparently of the opinion that Lyness and Urminsky are ok for a game or two at an absolute push, but any more than that and we'd need a more dependable keeper. I get the economics of it, and I get that a club our size probably can't pay out for two keepers of first-team quality. I just find the concept of them strange.
  13. I was making a shit joke about how the situation described in the article is identical to ~9 months ago, yet nothing has changed.
  14. Not sure how posting articles from nine months ago is going to help you here.
  15. Quite surprised to see Tree House Tam having a shitty opinion just for attention.
  16. The only thing missing from the reveal was it being Gogic going off his nut to Ewan McVicar.
  17. Booooooooo! But yeah you're probably right. If I was Robbo I'd be putting absolutely mad formations/selections on there just to wind people up. A bit like Goodwin did on matchdays.
  18. They have Stacks (piles of shipping containers masquerading as food and drink places) in Newcastle and Sunderland and the youngsters go crazy for them. Probably have similar elsewhere but I don't get out much. However, the fact that they are just shipping containers doesn't stop people spending a tonne of cash in them. This just looks like a creative, and potentially excellent, way of filling a corner or two with relatively little outlay on our part. I hope they make a success of it.
  19. Greive has signed a two-year deal. Pleased with that.
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