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  1. Yeah, it really did. Sadly, Ethan not getting booked fucked one coupon, and Celtic the other. Bloody mug's game.
  2. Looks like a 4-3-3 to me. Interesting. I've stuck a few quid on draw/Erhahon to get booked at 10/1.
  3. Finding a role for him would be a PR masterstroke for Robinson. I'm glad joining Killie worked out for McGinn. He deserved better than having his career peter out in Greenock.
  4. It'll help if his performances mean his selection/appearance on the touchline to be brought on doesn't prompt groans from the crowd. The more he can show what he is capable of, the more people will welcome him onto the pitch, and hopefully he'll be lifted by that.
  5. Good shout about the strikers, I'd temporarily forgotten those lads. I'd be happy running with them as the options. Brophy is injury prone, and there's an outside chance we could be losing Greive to the World Cup, so we'll need plenty cover. The 3-5-2 is fine if we can make it work, which means Kiltie playing, and a proper RWB. They're hard to find, as we have discovered. 3-5-2 would be great news for some of those players you've mentioned, but not so much for Jay Henderson. I think the main thing in manager's mind will be building some flexibility into the squad.
  6. Assuming we go with four strikers in the squad, I think you can find room for the Main we saw on Saturday. He's clearly a confidence player and he was very good. Recruitment will depend heavily on how Robbo wants to shape us up. We need more wide players if he's going for a 4-3-3, though Greive could be one of those. Either way, we'll certainly be bringing in at least one striker and one winger/wide forward, but it's safe to say Main will be in the picture too. I think our shopping list will look like this: Striker; Winger/WF with pace, please; One further midfielder (assuming O'Hara and Baccus stories are true - that would leave us perming three from Kiltie, Baccus, O'Hara, Reid + new person); Possibly a right back if Robinson decides he doesn't want Fraser as first choice; GK - assuming it's Carson. Maybe a surprise additional attacking mid to give Kiltie competition.
  7. I can see Ross going for it, and he'd be a hell of an appointment for Dundee. Obviously being back in the Championship wasn't part of Operation Become Scotland Manager, but he's going to have to rebuild his rep. His stock was never higher than when he won the title with us, so that will be appealing. Plus, your squad is already riddled with ex-St Mirren players, so that'll save him a job.
  8. Yeah, I said this on the matchday thread. If Dundee can still cover his wages, he'd be a great player to have in that league. If he wasn't on quite so much money, you'd say he'd make a great signing for someone like Partick. I think broadly speaking, Dundee have fallen foul of two key errors: a honking appointment in McGhee, and a failure to adequately freshen up a squad that was probably flattered by those performances against Killie. We have nearly fallen foul of those in the past, only the penalties against Dundee United keeping us up in similar circumstances. Cammy Smith will always be the poster boy of a player that skoosked the Championship but couldn't make the grade in the Prem. But he certainly won't be the last.
  9. Is there a clip anywhere of Main's goal? My dodgy stream froze yesterday so I missed it. Looked on YouTube but no dice, and official highlights aren't up yet.
  10. I'd agree with this. Better to let others boo you. Saves energy.
  11. Great to hear Robinson's comments about him as well - he'd "hate to have played against him" - which shows he clearly rates him and his work ethic. We MUST get the guy on an improved deal asap.
  12. The most mystifying thing here is how we shipped four points to this absolute rabble. Shows how poor we were at times under Goodwin. For the Dundee fans saying Adam can GTF, it's worth bearing in mind that he'll still absolutely stroll the Championship. Stephen McGinn was finished at this level but has just won another title. I'd be trying to keep him if he's up for the challenge.
  13. Thing is, when you have a 'rival' that this happens to, I'd imagine you'd end up actually feeling a bit sorry for them. I'd imagine it'd be like having a sickly relative that you never really liked, only these days they haven't got the energy, talent, finances, infrastructure or support levels to come and visit you. But on the rare occasion you go and see them they just bang on about how you're in your rightful place now and fling shite at you and mind the gap, etc. Wait, what was I talking about?
  14. You getting some injuries looked at?! You strike me as the kind to have felt a groin or two...
  15. I guess most of your staff are going to be there for the taking at this stage. Club will be keen to manage costs as you drop down. Probably more to do with recruitment than the physios - Dundee fairly gambled on 'experience'. Though anyone coming in has big shoes to fill as the outgoing guy (whose name has left my head) was a miracle worker, tbh.
  16. I was trying to think of possible exceptions. He's a decent shout. Most of them tend to be ones who've gone on to be p***ks after they've left. I feel like Stuart "Get Carswell On" Carswell has been a bit of a p***k on social media since leaving. Doug Imrie was also annoying and got worse after he left. But I still wouldn't boo an active Saints player because fundamentally we still want/need them to play well for us.
  17. Definitely agree with this. What good can come from hurling abuse at one of your own players? It makes zero sense. I've never felt the need to do it. Even the really shite guys, I usually just end up feeling sorry for.
  18. He's had games where he has looked the full package. Hungry, dynamic, mobile... Playing with bite and vision, able to pick a pass and dictate a game. Sadly, there have been but a handful of such games. If I close my eyes and imagine him playing, I mainly see someone blindly heading the ball forwards about 15 yards to an opponent, or "winning a free kick" and whinging at the referee in that way that really ought to result in more bookings for players. In a nutshell, he came back from Barnsley a better player, but not one who wanted to play for us any more, and it shows.
  19. I think the gap between top and bottom is fairly significant.
  20. It was notable that he came back from Barnsley a better player. The talent is there for all to see, but so is the often lackadaisical approach. I'm not sure his style suits the pace of the game up here. Hell, if I was him and Italy was on the cards I'd be all over it. I am convinced he thought he was getting a move in the January 2021 window - pretty sure the day that window closed he tweeted a message to the effect of 'my time will come' or something like that. I don't personally believe he's been at the races since then, though he was involved in most of our good results early on this season. As everyone has said, a six-figure fee (pretty much what we'd be due for development anyway) and a chance to move to a bigger club is best all round here.
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