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  1. 4 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

    Hopefully on top of players coming in, we are in the position to offer a few of the 2023 players an extension.

    Henderson, Shaughnessy, Reid, Kiltie and Greive should be priorities.

    Agree with all those, but Greive would be top of the list. He's basically here on work experience and is almost certainly on absolute buttons. He could be going to the World Cup. Got to get him on a better deal asap.

  2. 6 minutes ago, flyingscot said:

    Power came in, provided a body, but was never really anything other than OK. Gogic as everyone else has said was way above him. Jim probably has Gogic heading to Aberdeen along with half the Saint's squad.

    Weirdly, the prospect of that happening doesn't worry me so much at the moment. Looking through our squad, who might he take that would adequately improve Aberdeen? We've got no midfield left - though you'd imagine he'd be asking the question about McGrath, Ronan and Gogic, none of whom are ours anyway. Brophy hasn't been a target of Aberdeen in the past, and I doubt he would be now. Grieve is too raw. Same for Reid and Henderson. Beyond that, I can't see anyone he'd actually be interested in. There's been talk of Dunne heading up there: they'd have to offer a fee and that is frankly mental, so if they want to do that, let them crack on.

    The only other real 'asset' we have is Erhahon, and word is Jim didn't like him. I think we're largely safe from a Dons raid, TBH.

  3. 7 minutes ago, Radford said:

    Hopefully we can somehow scrape through but what was a proud away record is now long gone. Ironically, our home form has picked up but we need to get through this away leg first.

    We absolutely scabbed a couple of 1-0s at Pittodrie and Tannadice back in the autumn (the latter could easily have been a heavy defeat but for Zander Clark) but since then our record is 1 win, 4 draws, 9 defeats in 14 games.

    We've failed to score in 8 of the games with a total of just 7 goals. We've scored more than once in just a single game when Ali Crawford scored a last gasp winner at Livingston in about the only genuinely good performance we've produced in about half-a-year.

    We've conceded 28 goals, keeping one clean sheet in a goalless draw. In short, we concede 2 goals a game and only score every second game ourselves.

    I see Inverness are 1 defeat in 12 games and their current home form is 5 wins, 1 draw, 12 goals scored, 1 conceded. 

    And folk are genuinely telling me St Johnstone are in any way favourites for this game on Friday? If this was a Scottish Cup tie, the whole world would have "upset" written all over it. 

    If it wasn't for Caley's injury/suspension-hit squad, I'd agree with you. But I think you'll have enough to scrape a draw then edge them in Perth. 

    That said, losing 4-0 to a manageress Hibs team chasing... (checks notes)... 8th place is some laugh, though. Resting/relaxing players, if that's what you were doing, is absolutely insane management when momentum is so critical. And if you weren't holding something back for the playoffs, and are actually that bad, then yeah, ok, you may have a point.

  4. 7 hours ago, djchapsticks said:

    Power was never any good for us. The myth that he 'started well for us' is just that. He bounded about giving away fouls, penalties and possession but looked busy in doing so and some folk liked that.

    Not for me, Gogic is 10x the player. 

    I think what happened was he was a better player than people expected. Which isn't the same as being decent. 

  5. 10 minutes ago, FTOF said:

    Even when the likes of Jamieson, Offord and Jack completed their loan deals, utterly stupid rules meant that they weren't eligible for our last three games. Wednesday and tomorrow would have been ideal to give them som first team experience.
    The worst one though was Reid getting sent back midway through his loan spell from Queens Park and not being able to play at all.

    The rule needs looking at, for sure. There isn't a truly meaningful game in the league this weekend. Ideal chance for every club to play some kids and generate a bit of interest. Plus, out squad is bare bones now. 

    It's just severely lacking in common sense.

  6. 4 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

    Anyway, 3 clean sheets in a row, 7 points and a much clearer gameplan than anything we'd provided in the games before leave me feeling a wee bit more confident in Robinson going into the end of the season.

    That, plus some decisive move in the transfer market so far.

    Something else I was impressed by last night, but I must preface it by saying I'm NOT one of those who thinks a manager has to be screaming and shouting to do a good job... however, I really liked the way Robinson was bellowing at and cajoling players last night, right up to the final whistle. The game was classic dead rubber stuff, but he clearly wasn't happy with the levels in the final 20 or so. I liked that.

  7. 19 minutes ago, houston_bud said:

    Anyone hear anything on Flynn's injury? I'm assuming he is leaving at the end of the season, it would be a real shame if an injury caused him any issues getting a new club.

    He's been a terrific player for St Mirren, would've been even better if it weren't for his injury problems.

    Sure he'll take a step down. Could imagine him doing a job for the likes of Partick, Raith or, at a push, Falkirk or Dunfermline.

  8. 1 hour ago, Dons_1988 said:

    Think you’re overplaying that. I suspect Jim goodwin, like most of us, is absolutely desperate to get to the transfer window. 


    I think you'll be in for a hell of a window, btw. Jim did make generally good signings for us and he knows how to sell a club. That doesn't necessarily translate to performances, but the summer will be a laugh.

  9. 4 minutes ago, Lex said:

    Not quite the end of season crescendo i feel any of us were hoping for. 

    A month ago I'd have bitten your hand off for two cigars-out final games. I had to remind myself of that last night.

    Jim Goodwin will be absolutely desperate to finish above us; whether he can convey that urgency to his players on Sunday, or at any point next season, remains to be seen. 

    Head says another 0-0 with Hibs pipping us to 8th.

  10. 6 minutes ago, C4mmy31 said:

    He seems like a great lad, lots of our fans are sorry to see him go tbh. One thing thou, he'll never need to put his hand in his pocket in Killie for a beer for sure.

    Finding a role for him would be a PR masterstroke for Robinson. I'm glad joining Killie worked out for McGinn. He deserved better than having his career peter out in Greenock.

  11. 3 minutes ago, GAD said:

    Keeping Main feels like it becomes a bit less of a gamble if you have Greive and Brophy there, with the two young guys backing them up. Gives more flexibility and options. There were times this season where Main was the only option, and with his form being so bad it didn't do him any favours.

    It'll help if his performances mean his selection/appearance on the touchline to be brought on doesn't prompt groans from the crowd. The more he can show what he is capable of, the more people will welcome him onto the pitch, and hopefully he'll be lifted by that.

  12. 1 hour ago, GAD said:

    I think we might stick with the 3-5-2 next season tbh. Tanser signing the new deal seems to suggest that to me, and Fraser looks so much better in the back three. I think we will be desperate to get in a Tanser type for the right hand side, and maybe another backup for the left. Means we will have Tanser, Fraser, Shaughnessy, Kiltie and Erhahon in the spots they look most comfortable (providing they all stay) and play a front two , which seems to suit all the strikers at the club.

    I don't think we will sign a striker, I think Robinson will go with Brophy, Main and Greive with Offord and Jamieson backing them up. Mind you, I think Robinson's style is to have a big squad with plenty of competition for places and options. We are kind of used to Goodwin having one first pick and a couple of "utility" players filling in. I think we are going back to the Jack Ross days of hundreds of players in every position.

    Good shout about the strikers, I'd temporarily forgotten those lads. I'd be happy running with them as the options. Brophy is injury prone, and there's an outside chance we could be losing Greive to the World Cup, so we'll need plenty cover.

    The 3-5-2 is fine if we can make it work, which means Kiltie playing, and a proper RWB. They're hard to find, as we have discovered. 3-5-2 would be great news for some of those players you've mentioned, but not so much for Jay Henderson.

    I think the main thing in manager's mind will be building some flexibility into the squad. 

  13. Assuming we go with four strikers in the squad, I think you can find room for the Main we saw on Saturday. He's clearly a confidence player and he was very good. 

    Recruitment will depend heavily on how Robbo wants to shape us up. We need more wide players if he's going for a 4-3-3, though Greive could be one of those.

    Either way, we'll certainly be bringing in at least one striker and one winger/wide forward, but it's safe to say Main will be in the picture too.

    I think our shopping list will look like this:


    Winger/WF with pace, please;

    One further midfielder (assuming O'Hara and Baccus stories are true - that would leave us perming three from Kiltie, Baccus, O'Hara, Reid + new person);

    Possibly a right back if Robinson decides he doesn't want Fraser as first choice;

    GK - assuming it's Carson.

    Maybe a surprise additional attacking mid to give Kiltie competition.

  14. I can see Ross going for it, and he'd be a hell of an appointment for Dundee.

    Obviously being back in the Championship wasn't part of Operation Become Scotland Manager, but he's going to have to rebuild his rep. His stock was never higher than when he won the title with us, so that will be appealing.

    Plus, your squad is already riddled with ex-St Mirren players, so that'll save him a job.

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