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  1. 55 minutes ago, medals said:

    St Mirren Charitable Foundation wins £70,000 lottery cash to deliver lifeline support

    The charity has been named the winner of the People’s Project after securing most votes from the public.

    St Mirren Charitable Foundation is the winner of the People’s Project and the funding needed to launch its 2023/24 Fit and Fed initiative.

    Who made this application and were all parties aware?

  2. 19 minutes ago, elvis said:

    Where are you seeing this.

    Reported by the Record but it's one of those stupid articles where you have to scroll for miles to find the bit they've actually tweeted about.

    This is the only relevant text and they've managed to spell the word 'Record' wrong so I'm not believing it.



  3. 9 hours ago, TONTROOPER said:

    Aye ok........you got Greg Kilties' phone number by any chance?....just askin.

    I had it but he blocked me and changed it. 😞

    Keep forgetting he played for you guys. I'm a big fan and think he has a lot to contribute to us. Doesn't get as many starts as perhaps he might in a different formation.

    9 hours ago, Savage Henry said:

    I’d bite your hand off for Brophy.  

    I really don't think we'd be difficult to deal with and I feel "selling" to you is our best bet of getting him off the wage bill. Zero chance we'd want a fee for him, I'd imagine.

  4. Excellent game and a great way to round the season off. Congratulations to County; now please buy Brophy.

    Gutted for Thistle though. It's the hope that kills you and you must have felt you were home dry. Absolutely devastating turn of events.

    Still, two teams at the end of long season served up a thoroughly enjoyable game. No consolation to Thistle, I'm sure, but they can be crazy proud of how they performed. Just looked very leggy towards the end there.

  5. 1 hour ago, Buttocks Brown said:

    Thistle are a great recent example of how quickly fortunes can reverse in football.

    I remember we played them at Firhill in the League Cup group stages in 17/18. They had just finished top 6 in the Premiership and we had narrowly avoided demotion to the 3rd tier. They beat us 5-0....... then went onto be relegated that season whilst we won the Championship. 2 years later we were 2 divisions above them.

    It was a Thistle fan that started the now-legendary Relegation Express thread for us. f**k em.

    (But no, I did want them to beat County and the Fat Racist. Quite disappointed there.)

  6. 3 minutes ago, djchapsticks said:

    I've been saying as much with regards to Marcus Fraser and Scott Tanser in particular. Feel they will maybe not be starting quite as regularly come the start of next season.

    Small was good but is young and very raw. If Robinson really rated Tanser there's no way Small would have started as many games as he did. "Peak-age experienced wing-back Vs card-prone rookie" shouldn't even be a contest.

  7. 2 hours ago, Div said:

    His contract is absolutely killing us.

    Aye, felt good at the time when we were outbidding Aberdeen and Hibs. The fact he was even injured on that initial loan spell probably should have been the warning sign. 

    He was doing a job for County when he first arrived, but the guy just has the worst luck. I don't hold it against him at all, tbh, but his career with us peaked in the first couple minutes of the 21-22 league campaign at Dens and has rarely hit the heights since then.

    A loan to the top end of the Championship where we still have to pay part of his wage seems like the best, most realistic option I reckon.

  8. 3 hours ago, Sortmeout said:

    That’s definitely the over-riding emotion but I’m missing the football already and a bit of me wishes I had that buzz just now that a game like this brings with it.

    But overall still aye thank f**k.

    That's fucking bold talk given what happened to you lot last time you were in a playoff.

    But also: I agree. Life is weird without a football-related knot in your stomach.

  9. He still does so many parts of the game very well, and is exactly what you need against the sides that prefer a bit of hammer throwing. Livi, and probably us, tbf.

    Obvs his pace isn't great, so you'd need someone fast alongside him. But he's got those long throws, is good at both ends for corners, and is handsome.

    He also scores highly on that 'good pro to have in the dressing room' and we've already got Ryan Flynn signed up next season to fill that role.

  10. 8 hours ago, Fuctifano said:

    I'm now at the point where I think this won't be close. Either we'll run amok in the first leg and see it out relatively comfortably, or the gap between top half championship and bottom half Premiership will be too much and County will win by 2 goals in each leg with cigars out. 

    Nah. Attritional zero goals over 210 minutes followed by a 2-1 victory on penalties. It's what the neutrals want.

  11. 7 hours ago, ZingaliMan said:

    No idea just a teaser he wrote on twitter mate. 

    Aye, fair enough: it's definitely a heavy hint that he'll be joining us so we'll see what happens. He has mentioned so many times now how much he enjoyed his spell with us and he strikes me as the type of player that really needs to enjoy the game. 

    Wouldn't surprise me to see Watt + Greive line up at the start of next season.  

  12. 17 minutes ago, craigkillie said:

    He's a good player clearly, but it's a stretch to credit St Mirren's scouting when it was basically just part of Robinson's "sign all my ex-Motherwell players" strategy. A lot of these guys seem to just be world class aftertimers.

    To be fair to the guy, I think he's not really involved with the Scots game and was just responding to a request to look at MO'H. He's seen the value and the £0 fee and has filled in the blanks.

  13. 16 minutes ago, glenburn bud said:

    I think losing Main Baccus and the likes of O’Hara would be a disaster for next season.

    I get that they might bring in some decent cash in regards to O’Hara and Baccus. But very difficult to replace in my opinion.


    Problem is, losing them for a fee is literally the business model. The reason we can have players like that is we've banked on being able to sell them. If we don't sell them (or at least one of them) then we'll end back with unsellable duds on one-year deals.


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