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  1. I cancelled mine a few months back as well; I'd been paying in since day 1. I feel bad as I do believe in the fan ownership thing and I don't want to contribute to jeopardising that, but whatever is going on needs to stop.
  2. Why have they drawn the line to his fucking forearm? Var is a binfire.
  3. I agree, tbh. Taking that decision out of the conversation, if VAR can't correct obviously wrong calls then I honestly don't know what it's for. I didn't want it before it came in, I didn't want it when it first came in and they were giving absolutely fucking everything, and now they've tweaked it and somehow it's worse still. Just needs to get in the bin.
  4. Mind how many soft as shite penalties we got when he was in charge? Arguably led us to an inflated league position the season McGrath scored 14 goals. He didn't do much complaining then.
  5. @sergie's no1 fan I didn't see the game - what sort of reception did Goodwin get?
  6. That defence is makeshift as f**k. Can't see us winning this on that basis tbh.
  7. Nah, not for me. If he's in attendance at the celebration in October as former captain then fine, but tomorrow he's in charge of a rival because he chose to leave us. He knows how tribal football is.
  8. Ah, that'd be a shame, I wasn't aware of that. TBH keep forgetting he's English and might feel the draw to be nearer home. Though I'm not sure anyone actually wants to be nearer Middlesbrough for any reason.
  9. I think Main will extend. He's been a bit of a journeyman and seems to be enjoying his football again. I made the same point about Carson and O'Hara, but seeing other seniors sign will hopefully start a ripple effect. I'm less confident about Strain, but he does have that family link so maybe sentiment will kick in.
  10. Our disciplinary record is awful, too. Might look at some card bets for the weekend.
  11. I think that Robinson has the measure of Goodwin, tbh. Not quite to the extent that Martindale did/does, but as the teams head out on Saturday I know which squad has the better manager behind them. Obviously the longer-than-usual gap between games should hopefully have Goodwin and Mulgrew right at each other's throats already, too. That said, close game. 2-1 to whichever team doesn't have a man sent off in the first 15 minutes.
  12. Outstanding news about Carson. What a keeper. Hopefully see a couple other seniors sign on for longer now. O'Hara till 2025 would be unreal.
  13. I would dispute the point that our style of football would be of interest to Aberdeen fans. I'd say it's perfect for a club like ours, and mostly pretty effective. But for the deluded masses in the North East it wouldn't be what they expect to see, based on a few seasons of success 40 years ago.
  14. Absolutely tremendous news, that. Plus, sends out a message to the other senior pros. They'll be reassured to see someone of his quality signing up and, assuming they're happy with the numbers, will be more inclined to sign up themselves. I'm buzzing, tbh.
  15. Mad that Goodwin will be out of his next job before you appoint his successor.
  16. I'm not stirring here - genuinely not - but Andrew Dallas gave a penalty to Rangers under near-identical circumstances in the 'four penalties ' game. Obviously it wasn't a penalty today, and it wasn't then either. I feel safe in saying VAR isn't the only difference between the two circumstances.
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