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  1. I do find myself wondering what the Rangers kit man makes of all this.
  2. Just for clarity, absolutely agree with all that, and I'd be demanding instant replacements being brought in. I just think it's good that we're not resorting to fielding players from the youth team if those two guys do depart. But yeah, no way should we be trying to see the season out without replacing at least one of Baccus and Erhahon, if they go.
  3. It's an excellent point. Gogic-Kiltie-O'Hara is a far from disastrous trio in the middle. Kiltie did well when Baccus was out 'injured' just before the WC.
  4. I wonder what's ended the Joma deal. I think the strips have been good - shame about the supply issues, especially this summer, but I don't think anybody could have foreseen that.
  5. Yeah, just saw him sharing all that stuff on Instagram. Anton Ferdinand hyping him up. Absolutely no way they're going to this trouble to sign a new deal. Makes me think we'll do everything we can to hang onto Baccus until the summer. Losing 2/3 starting midfielders in January, even with Gogic available, would be a disaster.
  6. Baccus starting for the Aussies. Absolutely buzzing for him.
  7. I'm honestly just absolutely buzzing about the thought of seeing a current Saints player playing Lionel Messi in a competitive game. I don't even care about the prospective transfer fee or the money from FIFA, I'm just fucking delighted that this talented lad has taken a gamble on joining a random team on the other side of the world, that it's paid off for him, that it's going to transform his career and that I get to hear WC commentators repeatedly mention our club. I was really down about this tournament - still am, on most levels, and many of the games have been gash - but this is just putting a huge smile on my face every time I think about it. Bit tinpot? Maybe. Basking in reflected glory? Yeah, a bit. But I'll remember what this lad has achieved forever.
  8. Fairly shit craic in Coventry, tbh. But I've moved around a lot so my humour is quite eclectic.
  9. I'd say that's definitely true. Wouldn't want to comment on the cup draw, though.
  10. Just tell me how to get it to you. I'll do a bank transfer. Not even kidding. A bet's a bet.
  11. The real takeaway here is that the club, and everyone involved, is aware of the issues. We've spent a lot of money, as we have needed to do, and which we had available to spend. Now we no longer have that money to spend and all the chat is around balancing the books. Tweaking the outgoings to make sure we don't go into the red. Honestly, I have zero concerns.
  12. No point wasting your energy wondering, mate. Just have to wait until the Rangers kitman confirms it for us.
  13. I think it was good management from Robinson to drop him for a week. He looked fresher and played like he had a point to prove.
  14. 250 more people in the ground today than the comparable fixture last season (end of October, early kick-off). This will go sadly unnoticed by everyone who chose to slag us for the 'one stand' decision, but it has proved to be an absolutely brilliant move.
  15. Shame, that. Won't complain about the decision - it was a penalty - but the wild array of other decisions going against us is a farce. If Rangers players actually got booked for their bookable offences then they might have to change the way they play. It's appalling. Proud of Saints, though. We can take anyone in this league at home and we have proved it.
  16. This is what I don't get. How do they decide this shite? The var official's only job is checking this stuff. It was a clear penalty under the current rules, but why does only that handball count? It's absolute lunacy.
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