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  1. Have we not had a fair bit of Northampton Town crossover recently? I feel like Dylan Connolly went there, and had Morias not played there before us?
  2. It's mad, in a good way, that we currently don't have any loan players in. When was the last time we had a pretty much complete squad free of loanees? I realise it's a bit of a 'Yer Facebook Da' argument to say that loan players just block the opportunities for our own young players, but when you see our benches full of youth team guys, it's pretty heartwarming. That said, I do wonder if we might still bring a loan in, if they're of sufficient Ronan/Gogic-esque quality.
  3. Precisely. So given the wiggle room within the phrase 'one of the best', both in terms of scope and the total number included, it's reasonable to say we probably are.
  4. Brophy was injured at back end of season, and Main's just had surgery. I believe they are both training but perhaps not ready to play yet.
  5. Classic Twitter, tbh. I think he'll still have plenty to offer. He was never the fastest but that won't matter so much in the position he's in now. I guess the real shame is that he won't get a game past McPherson
  6. Fair play, that's a great signing. I adored Carey with us. Always felt we hugely under/mis-used him. Gutted when we let him go.
  7. Ffffuuuuuuck. I'm getting really optimistic about the season ahead. this never ends well. League is, IMO, tougher than it has been for some time. Aberdeen will be stronger but fucking boring. Hibs will be better. Livi are Livi; County will nee to adapt to losses of influential players, but we tried writing them off last season and look where it got us. Perth Saints look shite still but surely they can't be that bad again? Despite all that, I think we're in for a good season.
  8. This is interesting. If we've got someone pressing and winning possession like that in midfield then we might get by without a traditional DM. I'm really liking the sound of this guy. Can't wait to see him play for us.
  9. He now runs a gym about half a mile from where I work on Tyneside. He's piled the muscle on.
  10. A new girl in my team at work is married to Conor Newton's best mate (I know, right?). Once I found this out I insisted on making her watch the Final goal. She couldn't have given less of a shit. However, it did emerge that her husband was also at the final in 2013 to support Conor so he's good people, in my book. Good story, Steve.
  11. I'm starting to suspect that we've motivated Ethan by telling him to make a name for himself this season and snaffle a decent PCA from January. That means we'd have Ethan, O'Hara, Baccus, Kiltie, Reid and Flynn vying for three places in the middle. Do we definitely need anyone else there? I'd say possibly not. I'd rather see Reid getting minutes.
  12. By Aberdeen standards? A cup every 10 years and occasional top six finishes.
  13. It was known anyway, but Keanu Baccus confirmed now for St Mirren.
  14. New CEO: on the ball, local guy, saying all the right things, seems to get the club. Transfer business: virtually done already and looks promising. Strengthened in areas that needed it. Shame about Gogic but it was always going to be a long shot IMO. Manager: based on last night seems set on a 4-3-3 but we've seen he is willing to change that if/when required as well. I'm happy the back 3 seems not to be the preferred formation. Squad: only lost Alnwick that I'd have wanted to keep, and Carson is a great replacement. Shirt: looks great, and the reveal was the best ever. That legends/community vibe was spot-on. Can't remember a summer ever going as smoothly as this. Feels weird. Obviously we need to see the signings in action but the likes of O'Hara, Carson and Gallagher have pedigree at this level. The two wide forwards look to have physique and pace and w are very well stocked for strikers now, including the young lads. I hope at last one of those will stay in the squad. When the logo lasts longer than the bank itself...
  15. No way Shaughnessy or Dunne will go. I could see Fraser heading out, but he's too useful in that right-hand of three CHs role. If he's happy being backup then I think we'll keep him.
  16. You'd struggle to find a fanbase more eager for a young striker to come through the ranks. Barry Lavety was the last*. I am desperate for Jamieson and Offord to be good enough to be in the frame this season. *McGarry was a midfielder.
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