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  1. TBF, there were elements of fortune about our win at Dingwall, and I said at the time County were better than their league position. Doesn't surprise me at all that they've grabbed a couple of results now. If Jim doesn't start to get a tune out of us in the final third - especially with the resources we've got - then he's going to be in trouble by Xmas.
  2. Weirdly, I feel less annoyed coming away having lost 2-0 to a decent team in a game where both teams have gone at it, than after, say, the 1-0 to Dundee.
  3. Decent Saints line-up; pleased to see the back three (presumably) in their proper positions. Hoping Ethan and Millar get some game time.
  4. The big story here is actually that three points tomorrow would put us on the same number of wins as Hearts managed in total two seasons ago.
  5. I would take that draw right now. We rarely get pumped, but I do expect Hearts to win this relatively comfortably, albeit not by a big margin. Early goal for Hearts should settle it. (The obvious footnote here is that we have tended to pull out a few decent results right at the point when I'm questioning our tactics most strongly, but this run of draws and losses really has been quite dismal.)
  6. Decent post, and good points. Obviously the Killie away support won't hugely affect the average over a season, but it's definitely a factor, especially when you see the crowd Livi brought through at the weekend. What's interesting to me is the concept of that apathy that comes with being relatively comfortable in the league. Our support, especially the W7 boys, were really galvanized by our flirt with relegation to League One. We had that escape, then a title win, then another mad narrow escape. The adversity bonded the club with the fans. Now we're just a bit turgid and it feels like there's less riding on games. Just a thought. I would be interested to see how your season this year impacts your support, especially as your actually in more of a title race than most of us expected. Coming out on top in a close league could do wonders for your crowds.
  7. Or, that I found it funny and continued to do so. Whatever mate. I've read enough people ripping us repeatedly for this being our "best side in 30 years" without thinking any of those posters had been gotten to. It's just the way this site works.
  8. Thing is, every time I start to feel really dissatisfied, we string a few decent results together and I feel obliged to wind my neck in. We got past the whole 'squeezing Kiltie and McGrath into a 3-5-2' phase and things improved. We strung three wins together and things felt good. But take a step back and see they remain our only three wins, and suddenly it's not so rosy. Most teams are playing a version of a back three now, so I'm happy to shut up about that, but we remain wholly unconvincing as a team, and definitely not entertaining. We won't go down and I don't think we'll be close to relegation, so it feels churlish to complain, but what's the plan from here? We've got to get players in who can play this system. Millar looked like the answer but has gone AWOL. Brophy blows hot and cold, and lacks the service. I'm not saying the team we put out yesterday should have blown Livi away, but it should certainly have been good enough to cause them far more problems than we did. We turn in far too many turgid performances. I'm far from calling for Jim's head, because at this stage the parallels with the final days of Danny Lennon are very strong, and that turned out to be a huge error. But fans won't come out in numbers to watch that bollocks.
  9. If using irony to call out obvious bullshit is being got at, then honestly I don't know what P&B is for any more.
  10. Plucky result for us against the league's best midfield. It's good for McGrath to get game time against talent like that: it'll only improve his overall game.
  11. I'd agree that Livi edged that, but it was incredibly poor all round really.
  12. Shame it's a moot point given the quality of the opposition.
  13. To be fair, when they realise they could be fucked, it does make those clubs very easy to deal with, transfer-wise. *Glances at Kilmarnock"
  14. Typically tight game today. I'm glad McGrath didn't play Ireland's second game as he looked knackered when he came back last time. Also hoping Millar and Erhahon are back in the XI. Not sure how Dunne is getting on, but I'd be tempted to bring him in for McCarthy if fit. My XI, assuming fitness all round: Jak Fraser Shaughnessy Dunne Millar Power Erhahon Tanser McGrath Ronan Brophy
  15. Wingbacks are rare as hell. If that's our system, then we should do whatever we can to keep hold of decent ones.
  16. f**k, I'd forgotten about that. And they were chasing a deficit at the time so he was only actually wasting their time. Absolute incredible scenes.
  17. Disappointing outcome, tbh. We all know the real value here would have been in GvB turning them down after a couple weeks' dithering, leaving Rangers high and dry and retrieving their target list from the bin. This is no fun whatsoever and I think he'll be decent for them.
  18. To be fair I'd forgotten how good Livi's midfield was. Can someone bell Power, Ronan and McGrath and tell them not to bother turning up?
  19. The socks are different and, I believe, the Paisley pattern itself is subtly different. It's basically the same, though.
  20. Yeah, I went for 1. Bit too much white on it, but the Paisley pattern is class. Should be on every shirt we make, tbh.
  21. That right? There was some videos after the Dundee game as well. Not ideal. Our away fans have built a pretty good rep for a number of reasons so I'd hate for that to sour.
  22. Decent stop from the header towards the end. Tait, I think, on the end of a long ball from Alnwick.
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