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  1. Goodwin saying players have had their heads turned and that we could lose 'five or six' from the squad. 😐 My money would be on JDH, obviously, and possibly Erhahon (he had that cryptic 'my time will come' tweet in January.) Probably safe to say Fraser will be away, too. https://twitter.com/PLZSoccer/status/1382355466102009857
  2. This was always going to be the issue with his comments. He's stitched himself right up, tbh.
  3. Couldn't get a free stream until the last 15. Saw Alnwick punt three long balls forward that went uncontested, saw Shaughnessy play himself into trouble twice with a shite first touch, and saw Cammy fail to trouble the keeper from a wonderful Dennis cross. Then I turned it off.
  4. 5/10. Which means, appropriately, that I just failed to scrape into the top half.
  5. That's Morton-esque, tbh. You've had a decent decade - well done - but diddiness is such a persistent stain.
  6. Just came to see if anyone had seen that that. The guy who posted it on Twitter doesn't seem like a WUM. Doesn't make it true, admittedly. https://twitter.com/timomouse/status/1380629933278515205
  7. 2/1, incredibly. The same as Dennis. Which even if Dennis is starting in the bench, is still shite.
  8. It's been quite rough for Lee. You can see he's been a shadow of the player he once was since that tackle. The threat of being halved by a centre back again is clearly playing on his mind.
  9. Fair enough. Your rant has spiced things up to an extent, though: the fallout if we get a soft penalty now will be beyond delicious.
  10. Yeah, was gonna say this. The money in England means that the salient point here is less about Leicester competing with other English teams. It's more about the ways English teams can compete with the rest of Europe. Leicester could scout the entire world and give players a) competitive wages and b) an incredible platform. The budgetary margins from Man Utd/City to the others might be vast, but the reality is, as you've said, that there's a law of diminishing returns whether you're paying 30m or 80m for a player. Most Scottish top flight teams would struggle to match English Championship wages, possibly League One. It's a real shame the wage cap has been scrapped as it could have played a huge part in raising the quality of players that clubs like yours and mine could have attracted.
  11. Those 16-17 vintage Mind the Gap posts all aged well. Still, hilarious at the time and that's the main thing.
  12. Even if the ball was out of play... imagine a full-back clears a ball into touch and then gets cleaned out by the winger. Foul all day long and this is no different.
  13. Saw the "cool character" quote and thought he was talking about Brian Rice.
  14. I felt the same way about the Hibs 3-0 at our place with, I feel, some justification. We were denied that penalty which would have made it 2-1 before half time, then Boyle handled the ball for the third. But regardless how we all felt about that, Goodwin avoided a tear-soaked meltdown and for that I am grateful.
  15. I was pleased and impressed when Accies stuck by Rice when he admitted his addiction, but I am staggered he's still got a job there now. Feel they could rightly have punted him a while ago. That interview wasn't a good look.
  16. How does he send the keeper the wrong way every time? Fucking witchcraft. Edit: @djchapsticks 😂
  17. Hadn't even occurred to me, that. I think it's pointless trying to pretend that's not the neutral's preferred outcome here.
  18. Plus any perceived notion of home advantage for either side has pretty much gone out the window this season, plastic pitch considerations aside. I'm becoming increasingly hopeful that the playoffs will actually be entertaining.
  19. TBH, I've been totally bored by all football that doesn't involve Saints this season. I've been fairly bored by most the football that does involve us too. That said, I'm quite excited by the prospect of a couple of neutral, high-stakes games that I can just watch and not give a shit about the outcome beyond the point and laugh potential. I'm rooting for the Championship side to not get rolled over. That's about it.
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