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  1. Yep. I think about this a lot, especially around the sense of entitlement that comes with supporting certain teams. It was rife when we saw the meltdown around our OF ticket allocations in the summer, and even now, even though it's been shown our attendances have gone up and that games against Hearts and Killie bring bigger crowds than the Old Firm, they still believe they've been wronged somehow. But on topic, you always hear the 'couldn't put up with watching that shite' the loudest after a result against one of the Old Firm. The sheer outrage that you haven't played in a way that allows them to roll you over is always hilarious. Your double-winning team was hardly easy on the eye in the traditional sense but I bet not one of you gave a tiny f**k.
  2. Must have an agent link. Fucking agents man. We don't need this sort of exposure tbh.
  3. I think we'll edge this 2-1. I think Small might start at LWB. Main and Watt up front.
  4. Hayes has previous for that as part of a mass Aberdonian heads gone. Remember that two-footed lunge on McGrath when we beat them at our place? The melty-faced p***k.
  5. That is simple. Makes me wonder why Aberdeen don't just play better and win more matches.
  6. I've asked them and they do agree: Dons fans are tying themselves in knots over letting Gallagher go for free only for him to then rock up at a league rival and immediately become one of the best centre backs in the division.
  7. I can actually see why they're a bit tetchy. This is grim reading for a team that has blown the cash they have over the past ~12 months. Obviously one of those Ds was actually an L as well. Bit embarrassing for St Johnstone really.
  8. I was thinking this about Killie. They have absolutely blagged it if they stay up. Fair play if they manage it. Big rebuild needed in the summer if they survive, and probably if they don't. As we have found in the past, the problem is it's hard to plan when you don't know what league you'll be in.
  9. I keep clicking in but it's basically just been force of habit for the past couple of years. Obviously being this safe by Feb 1st is new territory. My preference for who goes down is now dictated by which outcome will be the funniest. Aberdeen would be funniest, followed by St Johnstone, but they'll be safe. So I'm going to go United>Motherwell>Killie>County in order of hilarity.
  10. Gimme a minute, I'm just off to find your posts complaining about the ref ruining the 4-1 game, when the ball hit the arm that Gallagher was using to support his weight on the ground. I know lots of Dons fans were livid about the shite decision that day.
  11. We've just gone up to 4th in the league and a Morton fan has broken cover on our match thread. He must have an absolute belter up his slee... Oh.
  12. "Handed" a victory by Aberdeen's chronic indiscipline. At least you've got a bit of fight, should keep you out the drop zone. But now he's being properly coached and is better than anything you have. Funny how that works out.
  13. You guys got any more decent players that your basket case club can't get a tune out of?
  14. Can't believe Goodwin was basically holding them together all this time.
  15. Aberdeen listing players in numerical rather than formation order is basic as f**k, tbqhwy.
  16. Watt does feel like he has more goals in him than any of our other strikers. I'm not sure I like the guy so will have to readjust to that slightly. But I've seen Newcastle fans at work this week getting over their pure hatred of Anthony Gordon so I'm sure I'll manage.
  17. Last time we signed an on-loan left back from England he absolutely pocketed Tavernier in a famous victory for the Paisley Saints. He didn't do much else for us, to be fair, but that may have been down to being assaulted by some thug from Livi. Oh, and if we're signing Tony Watt, I might need to go and delete some tweets
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