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  1. St Mirren fans clearly waiting for precisely the right moment to get involved and wreak havoc here.
  2. We're not really into must-win territory yet, but a victory here for either side would be a massive boost for them. Having said that, a defeat for Livi here wouldn't drag them into trouble as much as drag us away from it. If results elsewhere go as you'd expect at the weekend, there could be some fresh air above Hamilton and St Johnstone. But it won't be that simple: we have got real, major injury problems at the back. Ironic, really, as that was our strongest area at the start of the season. But injuries to Broadfoot, MacKenzie and, now, P. McGinn have left us with two fit first-team defenders in McLoughlin and Waters, both of whom are on loan and might not be here after January. I'm sure Livi won't be shy about targeting our weak areas. Tough to call this one. I'll play it safe and say 1-1.
  3. We'll 100% deserve to win, though, and everyone will agree.
  4. That is crazy attacking. Gonna go one of two ways, I reckon. But if we haven't got goals in that side, we haven't got goals. No Foley, though, and a patchwork defence. 5-4 Hamilton.
  5. w.facebook.com/groups/2217557490/ He's absolutely slavering. It's actually a bit of a shame.
  6. Nah, I'm one of those controversial types ("dicks", I think they're called) who's quite happy to make money any which way. It doesn't affect how shit I feel when we lose.
  7. You might not like betting on your own team (I certainly don't), but 15/8 for Hamilton here seems like a staggeringly good bet to me.
  8. Even as early as that game against Morton in the LC you could see you were riddled with pace. I said then you'd be a good team this year. It's direct football, but in a good way.
  9. Hard to blame Motherwell for any of this when we've yet to register a shot on target.
  10. I might be a bit emotional at the moment, but it keeps making me well up a bit. It's just pure fucking class.
  11. Pressure's on Motherwell to do the right thing, tbh. Any points they take from us will literally be taking money away from a foodbank. At Christmas. They always seemed like decent folk so I'm sure they'll step up. 😍
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