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  1. Liquidation, newco, re-entry into League 2? It's a bold move to avoid relegation and I'm excited to see how it'll play out.
  2. To the guy who thought that win was undeserved: you've seen nothing mate. We also didn't deserve to win against Hibs, United, County and Celtic. This is just the latest hard luck story from one of our opponents.
  3. Yeah, can't see there being much in this either way. Hardly a revelatory opinion, but I've been impressed with what I've seen of Nouble. So far this season we've seen that we do better against teams that come at us (Aberdeen game when down to 10 men for 60 mins the exception). Livi in the same mould as us - not so big on possession, but effective when they've got it. Hoping that doesn't mean we struggle as we did against St Johnstone and (10-man) Motherwell.
  4. Can't agree with any of this. @craigkillie has mentioned the potential money, which is one thing. Of more importance is the standing of the club, and the idea that players can come here and be picked for their national team. Not only that, we've got players who are newly being picked. McGrath, Ronan, Baccus, Strain, and Lewis Morgan a few years back. That's great for future recruitment. Plus we stand a chance of bringing in better fees for those players when they leave. Also, to flip it on its head, it shows we've generally gone up a level in terms of the standard of our squad. That doesn't benefit us, but it shows we're progressing. Only downside is risk of injury and or fatigue, but I'll take that against those positives.
  5. Fantastic to see Baccus and Strain playing for the Aussies, and to see Gallagher inspiring Scotland to victory as well
  6. I would have sworn Courts was in charge when we won 5-1 at your place, but right enough it was Mellon. Mad that that was 18 months ago and you're onto your fourth manager since then. Obviously not your fault Courts left, but you're gonna have quite the predicament if Fox can't get a tune out of what is still a decent looking squad. If you're into February and the football's shite and you're still bottom, do you give this one time or twist again?
  7. Feel bad for Jay. Very hard to see how he gets near a game for us at the minute.
  8. Just realised I posted this on the wrong thread. Though, to be fair, it's pretty much our thread anyway, what with that reduced Celtic allocation.
  9. Neither Saints player in the Australia squad for the NZ game. Guess we've got to assume they're on the periphery. Greive on the bench for the Kiwis. Was going to watch while I worked but probably won't bother now.
  10. Thinking more about the allocation issue: we've all seen the pictures of the obviously Celtic fans in the away end and, to a degree, I'm comfortable with that. If they want to pay us money and sit on their hands for 90 minutes, then fine. The main things for me are that a) we're not relocating our own fans and b) we've nipped the 'two away ends' thing in the bud. The fans who've 'snuck in' are largely quiet/non-vocal and that's the real difference. The on-par attendance confirmed we've not missed out: more of our own fans in the place, and a smattering of silenced Celtic fans. While we're working on building our own fan base, this seems like an ok compromise.
  11. I know you've seen the numbers so at this point you're just railing against St Mirren making the matchday experience as positive as possible for its own fans. I realise that it's tough to hear that we don't want your money, and we've acted to reduce your numbers, and that we as a club wholly believe it's been a positive step, but it's all true. The fact we've just beaten you at home for the first time in 12 years... Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe not. But we can't hope to consistently match you on the park, so we seek small advantages where we can. Whether that's letting our fans keep their usual seats, or Curtis Main ripping the piss for several minutes near the corner flag, we'll take what we can get. If you honestly still can't see why this has all been utterly perfect for St Mirren FC then you're either being disingenuous or you're just hard of comprehension.
  12. It's decent, being the club players come to to ignite their international careers.
  13. And if you subtract one from the other you get the number of years Rangers have existed for. This CANNOT be a coincidence.
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