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  1. Livy Lions v Paisley Pandas 20/04/19

    It's the £5k paper clips you've got to watch out for.
  2. Livy Lions v Paisley Pandas 20/04/19

    It's Livyngston. Do you guys still care? Flip flops on yet? It's a tough one - while we need the points, we need Livi to be up for their remaining games after playing us, too.
  3. The Three Team Mini-League

    ^^^ Learnt nothing from last season, IMO.
  4. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Alloa Athletic and Jim Goodwin are fucking sexy b*****ds.
  5. Two years to the day since you relegated us at Cappielow*. * Copyright, @virginton
  6. Relegation Royal Rumble

    "We can actually go live to the Championship relegation scrap now..." Not pictured: Alloa.
  7. Morton v. Alloa, Tues. 9th April

    That second goal. f**k me dead.
  8. Relegation Royal Rumble

    He absolutely is. I want us to stick with Oran Kearney next season, regardless of what league we're in, but I want Jim as our next manager after that. The worry at the moment is that he'll bypass us as a stepping stone on his way to a bigger club. Like, end up at Dunfermline or somewhere, do a good job and, in doing so, become too in-demand for us to get a look in.
  9. Relegation Royal Rumble

    In fairness, it's not clear exactly what he was threatening there.
  10. Morton v. Alloa, Tues. 9th April

    Aye, go on.
  11. The Paisley Buddies v Dundee

    Great effort from supporters of both sides who attended this match. Over a tonne of food is a hell of a contribution.
  12. The Three Team Mini-League

    I think you only have to look at our struggles to see that the jump is too much for a lot of players. Our fans (myself included) were very attached to players that tore the Championship apart, but who struggled big style in this league. Yes, if we'd still got Jack Ross, Harry Davis and Lewis Morgan, maybe we'd be slightly better off, but the fact is, it's easy to see your team dominate the Championship and lose perspective a little bit. Edit: cue us getting pumped in the playoff now, etc
  13. Hamilton v St Mirren

    Our midfield is hardly heavyweight.
  14. Hamilton v St Mirren

    Haha, not what I meant! I'm soft as shite. None of that nonsense for me.
  15. St Mirren v Celtic

    The f**k are you going on about?