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  1. Not taking the piss, but I honestly thought that was common knowledge.
  2. Real shame for Allan, that. Only 28; you hate to see it. Still, you don't take chances with heart defects, if indeed that is the issue. Not saying Magennis is at Allan's level right now, but that would help to explain why you've been sniffing around there. For background, it was widely assumed Ross would come in for Magennis when Ross moved to the Mackems, but Magennis was on a long contract at the time (he's been signed up till 2021 for ages now) and, as Netflix showed us, Sundlund had no money, so I'm assuming it was a non-starter.
  3. Let's hope they're all still St Mirren players by then. If the Betfred cup games turn out to be a platform for Magennis getting fitness back then they'll be a really welcome break from league action. I'd also like to think they'll be a chance to remove the shackles from the midfield. On the flipside, if we happen to struggle in games against lower-league teams who've barely kicked a ball while we've played a quarter of our season, then the knives could really be out for Goodwin. Probably best to play a tight, counterattacking 4-5-1 just in case, eh? 😬 Realm shame about Dennis: as @djchapsticks mentioned earlier, he looked promising against Hibs. He was making space in the box, and moving in a way that our other strikers don't seem to. Only a snapshot, but enough to suggest he's got something about him.
  4. We'd get circa £200k development fee next summer, as long as we offer him a new deal, which we would. So any offer now, while he remains in contract, would need to be significantly in excess of that.
  5. Ew. Magennis is 100% going. We've only put that statement out to show we're playing the game, and to push the price up. I can imagine a swap deal of some sort taking place: £250k and Mallan for the season, or something like that. (Ok, Mallan is pie in the sky, but I'm sure we'll push for a player of some sort.) Edit: had a quick glance on Twitter and nobody (that I've seen) seems that bothered. Either that's reflective of Magennis' relatively poor season for us pre-injury last year, or, as a support, we're just on such a downer at the minute that news like this is just standard.
  6. Someone said on here a while back he was away. Lucky guess or itk? Depending on what the definition of 'substantial' is, we should take it. Survival of the club takes priority in the current climate. Plus, the boy is injury prone. I still think our squad is heavy in the middle, and I'd rather see cheap/experienced defensive cover brought in.
  7. I might try and hide from the score and watch it late on. Though I hate non-live football. Trying to pretend you're watching it in a d world where the final score doesn't already exist just leaves me a bit cold.
  8. Thing is, it's easy to mark someone like Durmus out the game if there's no movement inside. We've got to give teams more to think about than we have done. Re Connolly, he visibly took about five minutes to adjust to the intensity of the game on Saturday, (not blaming him) so yeah, get him on from the beginning. Tell him to run himself into the ground for an hour then swap him if necessary.
  9. Yeah, that all seems fair. At this stage I honestly don't know what Connolly has to do to get a start. He looks genuinely capable of unsettling defences and is one of the quickest players we've had for some time. Even if he's only fit enough for an hour, that's fine. I've been giving a lot of thought to what needs to change in the way we play, and I honestly think it could be as simple as taking the shackles off one of the two midfielders. If it's Cammy, then great: make Foley sit and spoil (he's not good for much else on current form) and give Cammy licence to push on and support McGrath and Erwin. That's what the teams who've beaten us have done well (of the games I've seen): Hibs, United and Kilmarnock all had players pushing on from deep to support the front men. We have a) failed to deal with that defensively and b) failed to match it going forwards ourselves.
  10. We're basically the Belgians at the start of WWI. Neutral/non-aggressive, no danger of us invading your territory, we might offer slight resistance, but it's a case of when, not if, we'll be defeated.
  11. Fair play to the Dons fans here for being cagey/gracious and implying we even vaguely resemble a football team at the moment.
  12. Speaking of nippy wee p***ks, didn't James Grady have something to do with our club for a while there? Like, youth dev or something. I swear I haven't dreamt that. Edit: never mind, I think his son plays for a Saints youth team and that's about it.
  13. Genuine question, because I can't think of any examples: does anyone know of any manager who has ever successfully changed their style/philosophy? Certainly don't think it's applied to any of our managers.
  14. You're right about the way we're set up. As much as the commentary team was awful, there were some interesting elements to what Tait was saying. He was talking about being happy to let Killie have possession: there was one moment when they kept it for a bit and then blootered a shit long ball forwards that ran for a goal kick. He implied that justified the 'no possession' approach. Then there was a Killie free kick on the edge of the box, and the awful commentator kept talking about the fact we'd left Durmus forward to hit them on the break. As if we've seen that happen even once this season. Killie weren't amazing, but they were a damn sight better than us when it came to attacking in numbers and moving it around in the final third. I hate to say it, as I think there's talent there, but McGrath isn't working at the minute either. Though perhaps it's because he's got absolutely no options around him when he does get the ball.
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