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  1. I'll give you that; that was a bit special. The duality of getting national attention as a fan of a Championship/L1/L2 club... you're either on a brilliant cup run, or, more likely, making a complete tit of yourself.
  2. Actually, I'd just been back looking through tweets from the time, and found this gem: So yeah, THIS guy was raging because we were actually playing the strongest team we possibly could. I mean... FFS. And this was the guy I was referring to before. I've had to quote my tweet, not his, because he did have the sense to delete it: This was a belter - us playing defensively is holding back Scotland as a nation (not just in a footballing sense):
  3. The furore around this game, mainly on Twitter, was hilarious. Both Celtic and Sevco fans were apoplectic at different times. The backdrop was that Goodwin had been seen at Celtic Park "with a Celtic scarf on". (Narrator's voice: he wasn't wearing a scarf.) So our staunch friends were already spitting blood, and the fact we were playing kids was just another example of us lying down to you, and part of a ****** plot. Regardless of the fact we were literally being made to play. Then the game came and the tables turned. I literally saw a Celtic fan say we "should never be forgiven for what had done to you"; the source of his ire being that we had played defensively. Obviously we should have played three up front and let you pump us. I'd like to say the Sevconians took that opportunity to climb down from their previous accusations, but of course they didn't, the paranoid fuckers. This was what came to mind when I saw the thread title. I knew that day you were in for a shit season. Entire team totally rattled. Hayes very fortunate not to be sent off also. When non-Dons fans were imagining how Scott Brown's time at Aberdeen would pan out, this game was what they were picturing. Brown off the pace, throwing his weight around but with much less referee protection than he was used to. Worse, it was as if everyone else was following his lead. No surprise whatsoever that, having seen that performance in the flesh, Goodwin bombed Brown out asap.
  4. As I laid out in unnecessary detail when we approached Ross, it's difficult to know what job he actually would be offered/would take at this stage. He lives in a nice part of Northumberland and was obviously happy commuting to Edinburgh. The only commutable English jobs from there would be Carlisle, maybe Middlesbrough, or at an absolute push one of the Yorkshire clubs. But I don't think his stock is anywhere near high enough to be offered one of those. He missed out on the Aberdeen job, Hearts would never touch him, so that leaves... Livingston, if he doesn't want to relocate? I thought the Dundee job was a decent fit for him to get back on track. Skoosh the league, decent budget to rebuild the following season. I think, in his head, he's biding his time to get offered a job at a decent English club. He doesn't realise how irrelevant he's becoming.
  5. The issue lies in then passing on that info as fact, without qualification or disclaimers. A bit of gossip you've heard from Jim McAllister is absolutely welcome here. It's a great bit of info, and fair play to you for passing it on to us. But have the sense to position it as such.
  6. That seems to happen so frequently. Wonder how it's allowed to happen/how players keep buying into it.
  7. On the plus side, you have to be in with a shout of automatic promotion next season if you can keep that squad together/add a bit of quality. First time for ages (since 13-14) that the league hasn't had a 'big spending' team in it. At least one of Hibs, Hearts, Rangers, Dundee United and Killie have been in the league since then. Plus strong title tilts from us and Ross County in amongst that. Dundee the obvious candidates, but they could also totally implode. Depends which manager they get in.
  8. Difference is, Davis' game isn't entirely dependent on being able to do whatever he wants on a football pitch with complete impunity. Brown was exposed when he suddenly wasn't allowed to referee games any more. That said, you have a point in some respects: it's easier for an older player to stroll games/look good when you've got the likes of Aribo/Kent playing around/in front of you. Ross Wallace joined us when he was ~35 and it wasn't an automatic starter in a poor side. But his class was still evident and he made a huge contribution - the assist for Obika's goal Vs Hearts. Davis has been playing regularly at a high level and he could absolutely do a job for us. Whether he will want to, or will take the huge wage cut, remains to be seen.
  9. Caley came out a different side after the break. They deserve huge credit because - as everyone has said - that first half was as hopelessly imbalanced a game as I've seen at this level outside games involving the OF. They need to get torn into St Johnstone from the off on Monday. Could be a good game.
  10. Fair play to Caley there. Absolutely rank rotten in the first half, but found something nobody could have expected. Game on for Monday, at least. Samuels caused loads of bother when he came on, and Middleton, strangely, caused much less bother when he went off.
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