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  1. I think there's a reasonable chance we'll go to a traditional 3-5-2 with Main in for McGrath. Will be interesting to see how Ronan gets on in the 10 role on his own. Totally agree, though, he's an absolute baller.
  2. Did Ethan not go off with a hamstring issue in a game a couple weeks ago? Must be slightly more persistent than they thought. Great news (relatively speaking) about McGrath, though.
  3. In some tweets, he used the H word. In another, he joked about the Squinty Bridge collapsing while it was full of Rangers fans. He also referred to Rangers as Sevco. I only see one of the above as being truly problematic.
  4. Beats seeing that fucking pic of Alan Main. Yeah, I'm inclined to agree. Failure to act on this completely undermines any future position we may wish to take on sectarianism. Obviously, the hypocrisy from the mock-outraged, handbag-clutching Sevco knackers on Twitter is there for all to see, but whataboutery really must be avoided. He really should have had the sense to wipe his Twitter account and start from scratch when he became chairman. That said, the joke about the bridge is basically harmless in and of itself, poor taste or not. It's his use of the H word that will land him in hot water.
  5. It's more that what we've got to replace him is a decent enough player who isn't a million miles off contending to start. McAllister won't last the whole game but he's still a dangerous player. He also did well at Parkhead last season in the formation we are now playing.
  6. Agree that it's best to remove whataboutery from the situation... Sectarianism in all its forms should be eradicated. If that involves punitive measures for him/our club, then we need to be ready to take that on the chin.
  7. Tbf he seems to have survived being outed as a misogynistic racist so he might be ok yet.
  8. I was pleased with today. The quality Rangers have us always going to make these games tough, but seeing us actually set about them at the start was refreshing after so many meek non-performances against the cheeks in recent years. TBH, the loss of the three points pales next to the injury for McGrath. I really hope our excellent physios can work their magic on him and that he's not out for more than a few weeks, tops. That aside, we can confidently call ourselves a half-decent team. I hope the 3-6-1 suits Kiltie as much as it seems to suit pretty much everyone else (apart from Main).
  9. Just out of interest, what were the Saints fans singing to the tune of the Heartbeat theme last weekend? I couldn't make it out on my entirely legitimate stream.
  10. Yeah, it's an odd feeling, not having the usual dread going into a game like this. As you say, they'll almost certainly have too much for us, but I fancy our chances of making a game of it.
  11. We'll never know the exact figure until Callum Davidson confirms it via Randomguy.
  12. I've heard that's what we've offered him (accurate to two decimal places).
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