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  1. If you need to make late changes to a strip you just fucking iron over the mistakes. 🤨
  2. I actually feel a little sad to see GLS step down. He's made mistakes, sure, but anyone who can't see the absolutely insane progress we've made under him is being wilfully myopic. Definitely a step into the unknown here, but it's got to be a positive thing. There have been times in our lives when we feared for St Mirren's future. The most important thing is that our kids and grandkids will have a St Mirren to support.
  3. To be fair, I thought that about the UK population and Brexit and yet here we are.
  4. The elephant in the room, of course, being that many of our fans are fucking mental. Mad that the same people who comment on the SMFC Facebook page might now have voting rights in relation to key club decisions. Anyway... I've been in from day one and my name's on the wall. This is excellent news and I'm genuinely really pleased with how this has panned out.
  5. Controversial basis for an open internet forum, but I'm excited to see how it pans out.
  6. I know you were being tongue in cheek there, but the 'won one more game thing' took me by surprise to the extent I actually had to check. Absolutely mad that every team from 5th to 11th (inclusively) won either 10, 11 or 12 games (nod to the fact 5th & 6th had tougher post-split games). I think the diddies will be in for a similarly tight league this time round, if not tighter still. Very tough to call who'll end up where, but it shows the importance of every point/bit of positive GD you can grind out. Even these early games are crucial.
  7. Fair play, that is an absolutely belting strip. Very, very sharp.
  8. Well summed up. It's a strange set of circumstances that sees arguably our best defender essentially being fourth choice, yet here we are. If anything, as you've said, it underlines the fact Jim has a plan and is prepared to stick to it.
  9. If McCarthy's away, I could see us going down this route for the 'replacement' - young promising lad who may well end up going out on loan straight away.
  10. Yeah, was about to say something to that effect. Truth is, we'd probably take the 250k without Kennedy, so would definitely take the deal with the player.
  11. You've been gone so long, things have changed.
  12. Might need to revisit this based on the confidence of the Dundee fans in our matchday thread. Just unsure whether they'll pip Hibs to third or have to settle for fourth.
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