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  1. With a new TV deal and prize money all doled out so teams can budget accordingly. I think it's been handled perfectly, tbqhwy.
  2. Jon Obika had added "Relegator of Hearts" to his LinkedIn profile and if he's forced to remove that he's going to take legal action and delay the start to the season and threaten to take other clubs down with him. Nah, just kidding, he's not a petulant c**t.
  3. I'm pretty sure it's a bluff and that the threat if the hassle and expense involved from the SPFL's point of view is the so-called incentive. Sadly, despite what Hearts believe, the SPFL can't control the vote.
  4. Hearts complaining about the lower league clubs, forgetting they are one.
  5. IlliteratePrinceCharlie is back on the prowl. Hearts have some really weird fans. Edit: @TonyFerrino beat me to it with oddly similar wording 😂
  6. I for one am stunned that you've managed to find a sports litigation solicitor that thinks it's worth attempting some sports litigation, especially given they'll get paid in any event. It's like asking a chiropractor if your back needs an alignment, FFS.
  7. No football scores to check so I'm basically going online every ten minutes to see if Hearts are still crying and/or Budge has been put back in her box yet.
  8. 😂 Get fucked: you were bottom of the league since Christmas. Legal action is a 100% non-starter. Feel free to bookmark this.
  9. We're all good for the St HibMirrenian cooperative axis of torpedoing this bullshit right to the bottom of the sea where it belongs, right?
  10. How magnanimous of her. In the same spirit, it's also, therefore, not the time to be launching spurious and doomed-to-failure legal action just because your shite fucking team finished last. Honestly, the narrative that Hearts got relegated by Covid couldn't be further from the truth. The reality is that they're hoping Covid will bail them out. It drips from every word of that plan.
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