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  1. Livingston v St Mirren

    Weren't bad aside from that, tbf.
  2. Livingston v St Mirren

    It's tough to go from skooshing a league to being utterly abject, tbf, and it's bringing out the worst in some people. The fact is, in worrying the top half of the top flight, you're doing something we've not managed for 35 years. Even when we've assembled great squads (2011-13 ish) we've been firmly bottom half. The thing is, all the stuff I want to trot out, such "Ross got us promoted sooner than we deserved", etc, is completely undermined by what Livi are doing. Your arc, from L1 to above Aberdeen, Hibs and Motherwell, in the space of two years, is fucking incredible. Maybe it'll be short-lived, maybe it won't, but at least you seem to be staying sensible. Those average wage stats show you're not paying silly money or anything. Not even sure what my point is here, tbh. Either way, there's no real excuse for all the heads gone anyway.
  3. Livingston v St Mirren

    0-1, Alfie Jones.
  4. Livingston v St Mirren

    An excellent, in-form Saints side took an absolute hounding here earlier in the year. I'm not convinced we are better than the team that won the league, but Livi have clearly taken great strides after finishing second. It's an incredible story; full credit to them. We had been terrible on the road until the Hibs game. I'd be very happy with a draw here but can't see us getting one, especially not with our injury issues and arguably our best player, Magennis, out. 2-0.
  5. Hibs vs St Mirren

    I didn't see the game but I really hope that's true. We are distinctly un-streetwise usually, so this would be a huge improvement. Shithousery has kept Hamilton in the league for years; if we have to emulate them for a season or two, then so be it.
  6. Hibs vs St Mirren

    Obvious comparison is to Beckham's goal - very similar Yeah. Little bit more central, but other than that, identical. Here it is: In fairness, he had to go for it: there was f**k all going on in front of him
  7. Hibs vs St Mirren

    What. A. Goal.
  8. Hibs vs St Mirren

    They're English, but yeah.
  9. Hibs vs St Mirren

    Really comfortable home win, sadly.
  10. St Mirren Vs Hamilton Academical

    I think there'll be lots of games when Anton might struggle with injuries/niggles, so I'd be inclined to play him if he's fit.
  11. The St. Mirren FC 2018/19 Thread

    Jimmy Nicholl confirmed as first team coach. https://www.stmirren.com/news/club/all-news/2373-jimmy-nicholl-joins-saints-as-first-team-coach
  12. St Mirren Vs Hamilton Academical

    Big question for Saints this weekend: after Oran's endless tinkering (some enforced, some not) finally landed upon a winning formula against Hearts, will he keep the same team? It saw a good performance from Paul McGinn on the right of midfield, and also saw Kyle Magennis pushed out wide left. In the absence of any other left-sided options, and with Oran seeming to want to play Hammill into the middle/off the striker, this seems to make sense for now. The emergence of Erhahon, even out of position at LB, seems to have helped bring better performances out of Hodson, too. I'd stick with the same XI.
  13. St Mirren Vs Hamilton Academical

    You're know you're heading into a high-interest game when the matchday thread slips off the first page.
  14. January Transfer Window

    Agreed, but he's not extended his deal yet. I'm sure it'll be fine and he will.
  15. January Transfer Window

    He extended to the end of the season. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46076554