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  1. Might be decent value in the double chance Caley draw/win.
  2. Normally you'd say that's a blessing but those mad fuckers have seen fit to extend his deal so I really don't know what to believe any more.
  3. Goodwin been given a three match ban, but one suspended. He'll serve the first tomorrow night.
  4. Slow and injury-prone with no end product and a propensity for shiting it out of tackles? Ah, there you go.
  5. Obika and Dennis start = we win. One of the above + Erwin start = we probably win but it won't be pretty and it'll be very close Erwin up on his own = eye-gouging 90 minutes and we go out 1-0 to a 78th minute winner.
  6. I'm happy to give him pass marks for the Rangers game alone. That match dragged his average up to somewhere around a six.
  7. In a chaotic, unpredictable world, Fraser going to Hibs is the the most certain thing on the horizon.
  8. Cards on the table: I posted the link before I listened to the video. And yeah, it's not actually that dramatic. Two players maybe had heads turned - JDH and Fraser, let's say - and the rest who would be likely to leave you'd hope we'd perhaps be looking at upgrades for anyway. I'll wring out my underpants. Agreed re Fraser, he seems tailor-made for that right-of-the-back-three role that he's absolutely excelled in and to which Jim seems fairly wedded. Connolly is a really interesting case. He's not really consistent enough for us so he certainly wouldn't be for a top four side... yet you could well imagine someone taking a punt on him for his pace alone. I'd absolutely be trying to keep him but you'd imagine a carefully-edited highlights reel would be easily enough to interest other clubs.
  9. Goodwin saying players have had their heads turned and that we could lose 'five or six' from the squad. 😐 My money would be on JDH, obviously, and possibly Erhahon (he had that cryptic 'my time will come' tweet in January.) Probably safe to say Fraser will be away, too. https://twitter.com/PLZSoccer/status/1382355466102009857
  10. This was always going to be the issue with his comments. He's stitched himself right up, tbh.
  11. Couldn't get a free stream until the last 15. Saw Alnwick punt three long balls forward that went uncontested, saw Shaughnessy play himself into trouble twice with a shite first touch, and saw Cammy fail to trouble the keeper from a wonderful Dennis cross. Then I turned it off.
  12. 5/10. Which means, appropriately, that I just failed to scrape into the top half.
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