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  1. Expected nowt else from an Ayr fan tbh.
  2. When the sports editor for the Kilmarnock Standard and goalkeeping coach within the club tweets this It's only The Sun printing shite again.
  3. Aye, because every other team are just gonna roll over and hand you a place in the LL. No wonder there are people out there who make self entitlement jibs of some Talbot supporters.
  4. The top flights been a two horse race for donkeys years exactly because of this reason.
  5. Might not be good news for getting Hemming back on loan next season but I really hope he grabs his chance with both hands and impresses Chris Wilder as much as he impressed us.... https://the72.co.uk/272409/goalkeeper-zach-hemming-training-with-middlesbrough-first-team-after-impressing-out-on-loan/
  6. Jason Naismith is another who fits that description. Turgid Tommy didn't half sign some utter shite before Bowie came to his senses and bagged him.
  7. Not what many of us expected tbh. To many Friday night away games at places like Arbroath, Inverness and Kirkcaldy, a covid restricted trip to Dumfries, which is normally seen by many Killie fans as one of the highlights and not a single Ayrshire derby on a traditional Saturday. The standard of football on offer was also pretty grim in all honesty, ourselves included.
  8. Just home from the game and I have never been to a game with the atmosphere that tonight had, unbelievably special. Probably due to us having nothing to play fir so it was party time for 90 mins. Kudos to each & every one in the away end tonight.... fantastic
  9. From what I can gather all TV money goes into an overall pot and then gets divided up between all SPFL clubs on a sliding scale. There was a post on the pecentage split of gate money between SPFL, home and away teams on another thread, thou not sure if it's acurate or not.
  10. A sneak preview of Killie's training top next season. Cheers lads
  11. I get the impression we are in a bit of a holiday mode now the title has been secured. After the Pub crawl Friday night followed by the Sunday session in Glasgow then a day off Monday and now Del has taken them golfing this afternoon.
  12. Hopefully the boys sober up come Friday Seen a few posts they're back oan it, having a wee Sunday session in the toon
  13. Billy Bowie has promised Derek McInnes the biggest budget in the clubs history for our return to the top flight.... https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/derek-mcinnes-promised-record-kilmarnock-26781605
  14. Oaft, Tuckers jaiket must be on a shooglie peg !!
  15. Kilmarnock, Queensland, Australia or Kilmarnock, Virginia, USA.... hope this settles your confusion.
  16. It appears your club are fully focused on granting your wish tbf. Dunfermline will finish in the region of 30 points behind that same part time side.... just let that sink in for a moment.
  17. Nice to see some followers of Ayrshire's embarrassment are handling Friday nights events well. It must be really hard to take knowing your the also rans of the county, streets behind Killie, Talbot and Darvel. Now off you pop.
  18. Just thought I'd pop in and wish you guys every success for the playoffs. At halftime, I honestly thought we were done tonight. Kudos to the travelling support you had behind you to, putting some of the top flight to shame. You have absolutely nothing to fear from anyone in the playoffs.... go for it and fingers crossed you get promoted. Mon the Lichties
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