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  1. 5 hours ago, stevieKTID said:

    It's really grown on me since I first saw it yesterday, I wasn't sure about the collar as I thought it didn't look right on the Southampton kit.

    I'm assuming names and numbers won't be available via the online Killie shop until the squad numbers are finalised? Really want to get Alston's name as a tribute to the guy that won the league at Rugby park.

    Seen a few posts saying it looks even better in the flesh. I'm heading down tomorrow to pick one up and see what the rest of the new range looks like to the eye.

  2. 5 hours ago, passbackdave said:

    5th aye go on then explain this 1 then? Spice today cammy???

    Mon the papers

    Entity 1 - Formed 1888 folded by 1895

    Entity 2 - Formed 1899 after Duntocher FC moved to Clydebank and changed their name accordingly before being disbanded around 1902.

    Entity 3 - Formed 1914 and defunct by 1931.

    Entity 4 - 1964, the Steadmans merged East Stirlingshire FC with Clydebank juniors to form Clydebank FC before selling the stadium without a ground to play at, tinpot stuff, and playing home games at both Dumbarton and Greenock until they became Airdrie after being bought out around 1996.

    Entity 5 - The current incarnation.


    You've had more clubs than Jack Nicklaus ya clown shoe.

  3. 29 minutes ago, passbackdave said:

    Is it smack or spice ur on on today c4mmy31? Hows marvin keeping? Has he got bullet back? Lol aye the pie man is gonnie put all that sponsorship money into darvel haha

    Mon the papers


    Maybe learn to read ya clown, where did I mention ALL that money?

    Don't compare Darvel to your Irvine Meadows or Kilwinning Rangers who fell apart when the cash disappeared.

    There is a long term plan in place so  maybe best to wait and see how things pans out before spouting your set in stone assumptions.

  4. Superb news.... I thought he'd be pretty hard to deal with tbh but shows what I know.

    He brings out the best in Ollie Shaw, who's a different player besides Kyle as well as giving the whole place a lift.

    His signing will help put a few extra digits on the Season Ticket sales so it's a win win situation for both parties.


  5. The following players will depart the club upon the end of their contract: Stephen McGinn, Brandon Haunstrup, Jason Naismith, Colin Doyle, Tomas Brindley, Euan Deveney

    The following players have returned to their parent club: Zach Hemming, Dean Campbell, Declan Glass, Dylan Tait, Daniel MacKay, Rumarn Burrell

    The club will be offering new deals to the following players: Kyle Lafferty, Kyle Connell and Curtis Lyle

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