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  1. A 2-2 draw against Lincoln Red Imps out in Spain with Hodson & Warnock grabbing the goals.
  2. Steven Warnock. only just turned 19. We loaned him out to Forfar last season. We have quite a few youngsters DM has promoted to the 1st team squad including a couple of 16 yr olds.
  3. Cheers. You guys are looking to bring in Euan Murray apparently.
  4. Lewis Mayo, any good? Can't say I remember him from our games last season.
  5. Aye. I seen the club updated the report on our kickback pages.
  6. Aye. I wouldn't want him at this level nevermind where you are. Has he been given an extension or just training with you the now? I thought you had released him. I think he still has a yr left on his current deal, thou, I didnt pay much attention to it at the time, he's never really shown anything for me to be overly interested.
  7. It baffles me why he's still anywhere near RP tbh.
  8. This afternoons closed door game at RP finished 1-0 to Killie with Innes Cameron grabbing the winner
  9. Typical Daily Record shite or an agent looking to generate more interest imo. His signing would totally contradict what McInnes told the AGM on Saturday about bringing in 6 or 7 Premiership quality players ready to start or no point signing them.
  10. Hemming to return next week according to comments McInnes made at the AGM.
  11. It's a training kit so you guys can expect a version as your away kit soon
  12. looks so much better in blue n white anyway lads...
  13. Seen a few posts saying it looks even better in the flesh. I'm heading down tomorrow to pick one up and see what the rest of the new range looks like to the eye.
  14. I guess beating Eintracht in Europe isn't for everyone !! up yeas.
  15. It's written by Scott Burns, one of the better journos tbf and there were rumours at the time it was between Dundee & ourselfs for his signature.
  16. A cheeky wee weekend double lads.... 2:45 Newbury tomorrow - Inverness 12/1 Well played
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