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  1. Some result for the Vale.... They'll be a few sore heads in the morning by the look of things.
  2. This Qatar mob are an absolute embarassment for a host nation.
  3. And to this day, Jack Warner, the man McBeth called out, is still fighting extradition to face FBI corruption charges. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-11368971/From-tatty-office-Trinidad-disgraced-former-FIFA-bigwig-Jack-Warner-breaks-silence.html
  4. When I worked for Top Man in the Kyle Centre, a good few years ago, they had a concession stand in there. Lasted about 3/4 months before they withdrew due to lack of sales. Surprise surprise they left while still owing Top Man rental fees. God loves a trier.
  5. This happened in a Killie game just a week or two back, can't recall who it was against tbh. Ref gave a instant red against an opposition player, got a message in his ear, went over to look at the monitor then changed his decision to a yellow card.
  6. Claimed on Sportsound they peppered our goal anaw
  7. Del's tumbola took a right good rumbling tonight...
  8. He's been scouting out opponents for McInnes while rehabing from his injury.
  9. She'll be hoping with a passion For a ride Ranjurz fashion !!
  10. Looks like they commissioned another 11 statues for tonight a'naw tbf !!
  11. In Napoli beside the sea It happened on a night like this In Napoli our hearts were free And we surrendered to a kiss....
  12. Tbh, It's not as if a WoSFL team beating a team from a higher division in the cup is a rarity in recent times.
  13. That was the most entertaining game I've watched this season, end to end stuff and the quality of the Pollok goals were something else
  14. Pick it oot ! A crackin game of end to end football but Pollok should be out of sight on the chances they've made.
  15. Equally amazing how a Celtic fan attempts to sweep under the carpet the fact the vast majority of your clubs fan base are just as bigoted as Lafferty.
  16. Tbf he was marmite anytime he got a game last season in the Championship. All the one on one sessions he's getting from Chris Burke after normal training and the extra time allowed on the ball in the top flight seem to be paying dividends as his confidence is sky high at present. He's a smashing wee player who's changed a lot of our fans opinion on him.
  17. Astro turf shoulda had a yellow card for that challenge on Callaghan 1st half !! Still, that's been a good weeks work from the Killie squad. When it finally all clicks, someone is gonna be on the end of an absolute pumping.
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