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  1. Make the call lads, Maybe your prodical son, Turgid Tommy, will return to save your sinking ship. That's how it goes right?
  2. Evening Lads, I come in peace Now we are both out the SC, should Killie & Ayr be asking for the Derby game to be moved from the 9th to Saturday 12th Feb? A bigger crowd you'd imagine and I doubt the SPFL would object because of the SC ties considering they allowed the Pars V ICT to be played this afternoon. What your thoughts, considering at present Ayr are scheduled to play 4 games in 11 days.....
  3. A fair assessment for DM, nowt you can really argue with tbh....
  4. You could have switched to the United commentary team on KillieTV if it annoyed you so much.
  5. Scratching my head thinking how the feck did the better team lose that, 20 shots, 11 on target and 3 off the line. A very encouraging performance thou, a million miles away from the shite we had to endure under turgid Tommy. Still the league was always the priority, anything from the cup today would have been a bonus. Onwards n upwards.
  6. I think it'll be more to do with which division we'll be in next season.
  7. Lafferty at training this morning, still awaiting International clearence before he's confirmed....
  8. You'll be ok to park in the surrounding streets at present as the proposed parking embargo isn't in force yet.... https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/football-fans-set-parking-crackdown-25165772
  9. Dylan Tait confirmed by Hibs as loaned to us for the rest of the season.
  10. It won't happen but if DC goes into the match with this type of attitude then he's a fool. Darvel are nae mugs.
  11. Burke might disagree with you. The ball he runs onto in the box 2nd half took a horrible bobbles just before he strikes it at goal.
  12. Or the terms of his loan could have simply prevented him being cup tied. I doubt he'd have been recalled had Robinson not got an injury last weekend which required a scan and it looks like he'll be out for a while.
  13. I don't mind Lafferty tbh and he'd score for fun at Championship level.... he was the only player who came out the dressing room to face & speak to the angry fans who stayed behind after the Dundee playoff loss at RP.
  14. Killie voted for a shutdown thou, club confirmed this in a statement issued on the result.
  15. He's been mentioned along with Connor McLennan at Aberdeen tonight, Jones has changed his social media profile pics back to Killie ones thou.
  16. Arbroath away has been moved to Friday Feb 4th, 7:45pm kickoff.
  17. If it does work out, soak it all in.... clubs our size don't get to experience it very often.
  18. I think McInnes realises this, one of the first points he made in his 1st day interview was we need an injection of pace and today he saw how unbalanced we are. He admitted tonight he had spoken with players already at the club as well as others before he was even named manager. Maybe some leaving? who knows. Alan Preston, the football agent, did say on Sportsound this afternoon he expects us to sign 2 this week, maybe he knows something in the offing.
  19. Not much you can add to that tbh, well, maybe this....
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