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  1. Seen a few posts saying it looks even better in the flesh. I'm heading down tomorrow to pick one up and see what the rest of the new range looks like to the eye.
  2. I guess beating Eintracht in Europe isn't for everyone !! up yeas.
  3. It's written by Scott Burns, one of the better journos tbf and there were rumours at the time it was between Dundee & ourselfs for his signature.
  4. A cheeky wee weekend double lads.... 2:45 Newbury tomorrow - Inverness 12/1 Well played
  5. I actually wanted ICT to go throu in the end after that performance of 12 V 9 and to see the absolute state of the brothers Grimm when they got pumped out on their shiter by Kirk fuckin Broadfoot. Terrific scenes.
  6. And yet plenty thought he'd be a credit to the Premiership !! An absolute roaster that needs booted into the North Sea.
  7. They both still existed as Clydebank FC, no mater how it's spun.
  8. Entity 1 - Formed 1888 folded by 1895 Entity 2 - Formed 1899 after Duntocher FC moved to Clydebank and changed their name accordingly before being disbanded around 1902. Entity 3 - Formed 1914 and defunct by 1931. Entity 4 - 1964, the Steadmans merged East Stirlingshire FC with Clydebank juniors to form Clydebank FC before selling the stadium without a ground to play at, tinpot stuff, and playing home games at both Dumbarton and Greenock until they became Airdrie after being bought out around 1996. Entity 5 - The current incarnation. You've had more clubs than Jack Nicklaus ya clown shoe.
  9. Rich stuff... from a man who's club are in their 5th incarnation.
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