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  1. I don't know if I should laugh or greet ! The FA have ruled that Wigan's attempt to recall Jordan Jones wasn't legal and as such he'll spend the rest of the season with Killie (Wigan Today).
  2. 21 pts at home and only 2 pts away from Rugby Park. We really need to take something from this game but with our away record, I'll be shocked yet delighted if we see anything other than a defeat. No idea what selection Del's tombola will fire out for this one but it looks like Donnelly misses out, latest update awaiting results of a knee scan, while Taylor comes back into contention after being subbed off Wednesday night as a precaution. As for Robinson, he'll probably start on the bench.
  3. Gauranteed either way a huge rebuild, as it stands DM will have 23 players out of contract come 1st June and free reign to shape his own squad as he has signed or extended the 5 who'll be left, Armstrong, McInroy, McKenzie, Watson & Wales.
  4. Chambers looks a player, no wonder McInnes was waxing lyrical about his performance, you can see why he's as highly thought of at Liverpool, mature beyond his years and hopefully gets better once he knows his team mates.
  5. No idea what went on over the last week or so but it'll all come out no doubt. The lad from Liverpool looks very decent for 19 years old thou in an otherwise horrendous window. Surprisingly we looked far better tonight and probably one of the best performances we've had this season. Dundee Utd are utter dross away from home tbf.
  6. From a few different sources he was bagged for gross misconduct.
  7. His family remained in Brighton when he was at Killie, Anorher big plus of The Scotland job meant he could spend more time with them. He said so in an interview.
  8. Scratch big Duncan from that list, new manager at Forest Green Rovers
  9. Only if you class now until Saturday 5pm as the long haul... Jim will be in the dug-out on Saturday. However, to be clear, Jim has been left in no doubt that the Board and the fans are seeking an immediate response from him and the players.”
  10. By the looks of things, the wifes probably got his payoff money spent already !!
  11. Wishing it was still 80's technology down this way more like it. Knowing the world was tuned in, buckled with laughter, at the state of your lot on Monday night. Just imagine!
  12. It was plastered all over Sky Sports News last night for example. Grabbing the headlines on a channel which doesn't just exclusively broadcast within the UK, especially on an evening where Kane equalled Jimmy Grieves goal scoring record which they've been falling over themselves about for a while now. Try reading my post again, I never mentioned a CC company nor did I suggest they would solely look at Darvel. The bank she works for are involved with and sponsor various community based projects. Best not to just pick out bits or put a spin on the parts of my post that suit to have a go at certain individuals.
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