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  1. A wee boost for us now The Batman is available after having his red card rescinded on appeal.......
  2. Stopped reading the minute a St Johnstone fan mentioned diddy
  3. Always nice to see a consistant bounce of the ball on a grass pitch, if that had bounced any higher it could have had the keepers f**ckin eye out......
  4. Care to explain how a plastic pitch gives us an advantage away from Rugby Park ?......
  5. Rise of Astro Pitches

    Perhaps Celtic should take note
  6. Rise of Astro Pitches

    Would everyone be invited to take part this time thou?
  7. Rise of Astro Pitches

    I was referring to Killie's kids, youth, ladies & reserve teams.... As for Hamilton, their U17's seem to be doing ok in Europe against teams on theirs.
  8. Rise of Astro Pitches

    Again, what about the quality of football on offer. Do you seriously think it's as good as a grass pitch? I don't think you'll find many from our point of view complaining about the quality on offer at RP at present and that includes most of our other teams who have all done extremely well in their respective leagues over the last few years using it.
  9. Rise of Astro Pitches

    We train on ours, as do our kids, youth, ladies & reserve team, also they all use it for matches, its in use from morning to around 9pm 6 sometimes 7 days a week. No idea if Livi or Hamilton use theirs as much thou.
  10. Aye.... It would appear the "bat" shit hit the fan at Parkhead last night.
  11. IMHO.... No, it wouldn't make much or any difference. By the end of this campaign, we will have played Celtic 11 times in 2 years..... the novelty for some or a bumper crowd just isn't there. Reading our forums..... some refuse to stump up the extra cost of £27 per ticket against £22 for non Celtic/Rangers games (non season ticket holders or cup matches), while others site being subjected to 90 mins of sectarian bile as their reasons for not attending. Incidentally, the same applies to the other cheek of the arse.
  12. Getting the excuses in early bhoys
  13. Killie v Cowdenbeaths conquerors

    They seem to be doing all they can to influence her .......