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  1. Cameron Eadie has signed on loan from Darvel as well now....
  2. Summed up when he went down with cramp about 75 mins in, stretched out, got up and immediately sprinted 40 yrds to close down the man on the ball.
  3. I actually feel safer with Doyle in goal than Rodgers, thou both are not anywhere near top flight standard.
  4. TW said in his BBC interview he's a nightmare to handle, if he turns his back on him for a minute he's up to something. If he keeps doing what he's done since coming in, for the rest of the season, both on the park and motivating his team mates..... he can run around RP bollock naked swinging his boxers above his heid for all I care.....
  5. Big Lafferty has been superb for us since he arrived, today was probably his best game yet as he gets his fitness up to speed. I've been scathing of the big beautiful b*****d in the past, before he roled up at RP, but if anybody disagrees..... square go ootside noo.
  6. It's nice of him to finally turn up in the 2nd 45 mins of the 6th last game of the league season 👍
  7. If we don't get pumped with Dicker, Power and Pinnock in our starting 11, Motherwell deserve to be dragged back into a relegation fight.....
  8. Work starts on a new state of the art grass pitch, irrigation and drainage system in the next week or so.....
  9. Kiltie is out with a shoulder injury but should be back in time for the games after the international break.
  10. Let there be light doon the brae.....
  11. Which mythical battle do you speak of?..... Perhaps you missed the hoisting of the white flag around Nov/Dec time.....
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