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  1. Livingston vs Hearts

    He'd need to be Mr Magoo to go anywhere near that shite.......
  2. Livingston vs Hearts

    To all Livingston fans, well done lads on another cracking result Hearts fans, oh ya c**t ye ........
  3. Killie v Dundee

    Looks like Broaderz is back for tomorrows match.....
  4. Killie v Dundee

    Lord Dyer's Pre-Dundee Presser.....
  5. Killie v Dundee

    Greg doesn't play out wide for us. More of a #10 when playing with Brophy..... Upfront when we play a 5 man midfield.....
  6. Killie v Dundee

    One problem..... he'll need to catch him first
  7. Player of the season so far

    Alan Power has been outstanding for us for the last season & a half. Greg Taylor, Greg Stewart & Kirk Broadfoot have been really impressive, this season thou. I should add, Chris Burke seems to have shaken off the mystery virus that plagued him for the last few years & has been superb when called upon.....
  8. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    All the best to Leigh Griffiths. Having battled with mental health issues myself for many years, the biggest obsticle is coming to terms with admitting you need help.
  9. Killie v Dundee

    I'm assuming you've started penning your letter of complaint to John Flemming already?
  10. Killie v Dundee

    That definately makes my top 3 in the Neil Lennon heids gone chart. When KC went over, spoke to him, then pointed to the stand, I thought popcorn teeth was going to set about him...... Kev will see us alright on Saturday. We must be due a dodgy penalty against this mob surely?
  11. Killie v Dundee

    Kilmarnock v Dundee Ladbrokes Premiership 15/12/2018 3:00pm Rugby Park Referee:Kevin Clancy AR1 David Roome AR2 Brian Templeton Fourth Official Colin Steven
  12. Third versus first

    Your team finally turned up for the 1st time against us since SSC took over...... I can fully understand why you've got yourself all excited.
  13. All things Dundee FC

    Out of curiosty.... what are they going to do with Dens Park? Correct me if im wrong, is the main stand not a listed building?
  14. Killie v Dundee

    ^^^Killie^^^ ^^^Dundee^^^
  15. Caixinha: 26 games, 14 wins, five draws and 7 losses, 53.9% win ratio Gerrard: 31 games, 16 wins, 10 draws and 5 losses, 51.61% win ratio  Gerrard the greatest myth since Santa Claus.....