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  1. I think we've got the better deal here if we have managed to get a fee for Power out of it, as reported by Scott Burns..... He's normally pretty much on the money when reporting on anything Killie wise.
  2. Power would have done a turn for us in the Championship but he's far from irreplaceable. There have been signs in the last 6 months his legs are starting to go and he's defo on a downward spiral. Not sure he has another full year left in him at top flight level tbh.... If he decides to move on so be it and with my best wishes and thanks for his time at RP, especially under Clarke.
  3. This is what they look like in full.... The home top has the stripes on the back as well, instead of the usual white panel. The away kit is a take on the Korean kit, was originally to be half navy half red until a lot of other clubs with Hummel decided on that type of look, that'll be kept for a future one apparently. The 3rd kit just reminds me of last seasons goalkeepers kit.
  4. Alan Maybury, Colin Doyle & Stuart MacFarlane confirmed by the club as members of TW's new look backroom staff replacing Ross Hughes, Billy Thomson & Chris Kyle
  5. I think that's the best signing TW has made so far, very pleased with this one. It's also good to here from the player, the minute him and his agent spoke to Tommy he wanted to get the deal done.
  6. Euan Deveney signs a new deal, no mention of length of term but he's probably the one with the most potential out of the other younger players to re-sign in the last week or so, Lyle, Warnock, Cameron, Connell and Brindley.
  7. Thats just a rumour started on a fans facebook page I'm of the same opinion, pushes the ball away to much for my liking....
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