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  1. We just spent a good few bob revamping and creating new off field roles, bringing in McInnes own people in the process. I saw a new deal coming the minute they were announced but I didn't expect it to be as long as a 3.5 year one. It's a big gamble by Bowie & McLeish given our current predicament.
  2. I see you've fell into the same hole some of our support have their heads jammed in with this TW hangover nonsense. It's straw clutching.
  3. Can't disagree with this and yet Taylor has scored 3 times as many goals as all of our strikers combined in 8 matches. We really are dug meat.
  4. I'll look forward to your annual plummet down the league come the business end
  5. There had to be a longer range deal in the offing considering the half dozen new appointments and additional roles created behind the scenes with the majority all working with DM at previous clubs. I get the impression he's been afforded the same free reign Steve Clarke was to revamp the club. It must have been a no brainer for Del to sign the new deal when he has so much freedom and influence both on and off the pitch.
  6. On our previous performances this season, you have little to worry about, our backline are prone to gifting a goal or two and our front players couldn't hit a cow in the arse with a banjo.
  7. I get what your saying. I doubt the MSM will settle for a drawn up statement, they'll be trying to get direct quotes from him in the hope he makes a balls up, imagine how many column inches they could fill if he did. I'm still convinced we'll hear nothing further from both the club and Lafferty till after the hearing process is completed.
  8. Craig, why do you think people are advised to go no comment when accused of a crime, it's standard legal procedure. I for one wouldn't trust him not to dig himself into a bigger hole, he's not the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to being tactful as per this situation he's already got himself and club into.
  9. The point of my post was to highlight the faux outrage of @Clown Job at the news Killie didn't sack Lafferty when his own club did exactly the same with the Guidetti incident. We both know the rules have changed and Lafferty will recieve at least a 10 game ban if found guilty, he's already admitted that guilt in the statement Killie released. As for a public statement that can only prejudice the case further against him until it's heard, no doubt he's been told to stay quite until then under legal advice. I'll expect one once the SFA has dished out their punishment thou.
  10. People in glass houses eh !! I'll expect the same outcome after the SFA hearing this time around to. Celtic striker John Guidetti has escaped with a slap on the wrist from the SFA after using the word '****' in a Dutch TV interview. The on-loan Swedish international had been cited by the governing body's compliance officer, Tony McGlennan, for 'making a comment of an offensive nature'. Guidetti, whose conduct was described as 'incredibly naive' by Rangers manager Stuart McCall on BBC Radio Scotland on Thursday, got himself in hot water by repeating a song Celtic fans have sung about him since moving north from Manchester City for a year. The song – which contains the line 'the **** are deid' - pokes fun at Rangers' liquidation in 2012. Despite denying the charge, the 23-year-old was found to be in breach and censured. Celtic had backed him throughout the case. Although no fine or suspension was imposed, the outcome will be seen as a warning for players that virtually any remarks about other clubs that are seen as derogatory are liable to result in a disciplinary charge.
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