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  1. Whats Accies fans thoughts on him, I remember him scoring in your 2-0 win under Alessio but not much else?
  2. Yip, we've seen that movie all to many times at Killie.... Goodwin is throwing away good money on him if he thinks Brophy can play upfront on his own, persist and he'll lose interest very quickly and start shooting from wherever he gets the ball and in whatever direction he's facing.
  3. It'll not be like you to grab a piece of manufactured journalism then spin it to make it sound as if its gospel. But go ahead, knock yourself out.....
  4. There were additional funds made available over a week ago on top of Brophy's old wage to bring in the player Dyer has targeted. Bowie also made it clear the £1m is only a safety net incase the clubs "business interuption insurance" claim takes longer to come throu.
  5. Hyperbole journalism.... It's two answers to two different questions joined together to try and manufacture a story.
  6. watch the full "on board in person 5" interview on youtube ya clown before spouting yer made up pish....
  7. Anxious health chiefs ordered a total of 16 of Celtic’s players to miss two crucial top flight matches after studying a series of bus trips during the club’s controversial trip to Dubai. Parkhead boss Neil Lennon described the decision as ‘ludicrous’ during his scatter-gun media address on Monday while suggesting the scale of the numbers involved pointed to a political intervention rather than a straightforward public health measure. But Record Sport has learned the major reason so many of the travelling party had to self-isolate was based upon a probe into six separate journeys on the team coach, with the club’s own manifests showing injured defender Christopher Jullien sat in at least two different seats. It's almost as if a precedence hadn't been set already for breaking the bus rules Neil !!
  8. So let me get this right..... Neil is attempting to pressurise Sky bosses into forcing Andy Walker to apologise. Bullying in other words, which is one of Lennon's main gripes if I'm not mistaken. What an absolute c**t.
  9. Have you checked the Dundee folder mate?
  10. I cant help but read this with father teds voice running throu my head ....
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