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  1. I said taken in the context of the reply . Do not be a nob. I suppose you never say things out of context
  2. It was an unfortunate turn of phrase but was in no way intended as a racial slur as people on here would have you believe. I can assure you that not one person at the meeting raised any concern about the phase apart from a look to the heavens. I am not a great supporter in Scott and do believe some action should be taken and would like to think that the SJFA should put out a statement on the matter and not try to bury it.
  3. Blantyre Victoria are looking for a friendly on Sat 2nd Nov either at our ground or away. Please contact Duncan Sinclair on 07831327483 if you are interested.
  4. As we know a lot if this is to do with recent ruling in getting fixtures out. Sometimes commonsense has to be used
  5. As we all know the fixture man does have a hard job in maintaining the fixture list. However when two teams have a match this weekend and having played 15 and 13 matches each does a team with 9 matches played have a free weekend. This puts any team in a disadvantage situation playing catch up and probably going onto playing 3 times a week just to catch up.
  6. I have no doubt the West secretary would be very busy with all the cancellations but there are a lot of people at the top table plus management committe. Someone should be available
  7. How then can another team get a friendly on after a Sat cancellation ?. As I said its a procedural change that's needed no club should be told they cannot play
  8. With all the games cancelled a ref would have been available. Its a question of can the association can be bothered its not rocket science just a matter of procedure change . The big problem is our supporters miss out I assume the west works for us not to put obstacles in our path
  9. Ref available. Noticed St Roch's managed to get a friendly arranged good on them. Double standards I think
  10. This about sums up west juniors. Match cancelled manage to get 3g pitch for friendly not allowed as not enough notification given. How can you give 3 days notice if match is only cancelled Sat morning after inspection
  11. Blantyre v Beith in WOS Cup game on after inspection 2.00 pm kick off
  12. Blantyre Victoria have put Midfielder/Striker Peter Byrne on the transfer list at his own request. Please contact Match Secretary Duncan Sinclair on 07831327483 for further details.
  13. Blantyre Victoria Juniors are looking for a friendly on Saturday the 9th sept contact Duncan on 07831327483
  14. Blantyre Victoria are looking for a friendly on Saturday the 9 sept. Can be at our ground or away contact. Duncan 07831327483
  15. Blantyre Victoria are looking for a Friendly Match on Saturday the 29th July preferably an away match, but a home match could be arranged. Please contact John Gibson on 07762 967319 to arrange
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