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  1. Would like know what everyone thinks of the new Wosfl web site. I'll kick it off It's awful content all over the place amateurish
  2. unfortunately the majority of our players bought a ticket
  3. Blantyre got to ground phone call to say car broken down other side of Strathaven Glenafton man offered to pick players up but time was running out for match to be completed before dark its 50min round trip to pick guys up. Match went ahead with Vics fielding 7 Inc 52yo coach 30 mins in vics 2_0 down Vics m an injured seen by Glens physio unable to continue
  4. Glenafton moved a match as one of their players was getting married I am just assuming afew of the team would be at it
  5. Any time Sat would suit us or Mon Tues wed but I will say I would be amazed if it was played Saturday
  6. Don't think Blantyre have forfeit match sure they will be ready if a replay
  7. Glens had full squad and coaching staff present, Blantyre had 7 players and 1 coach in dugout! About 80 odd at game! 53 year old coach on park
  8. You know whit I mean, move the Glens game. They have point blank refused to entertain any alternative dates
  9. It's a one off once in a lifetime for some. Commonsense should have prevailed. BTW I accept your point you cannot have teams picking and choosing . But see above commonsense should have been used. Also if Glenafton were not chasing safety this game would have Been changed .
  10. Glenafton refuse to change game time match secretary has power to change look all the other fixtures moved this season but he will not
  11. Correct Kennie Glenafton are just playing the game to try ensure survival not the nicest way but can understand it
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