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  1. Think im going to start Leigh Griffiths and hit them on the break as much as possible. A result here would be massive. The goalkeeper situation is bugging me too as McCrorie isn't playing and Liam Kelly is injured.
  2. We definitely like to leave it late. So many shots on target but stressful again and very like watching the real Scotland. If I had a striker who could actually score I reckon we could be on to a team
  3. Next up Finland at home. Must win. McTominay suspended so repkaced by McGregor, Robertson replaced by Taylor and rested Christie to give Armstrong a shot
  4. Brilliant result. Definitely would have taken that before kick off. About time mcburnie did something to justify picking him
  5. Going with as much pace as possible to hit on the break. At least a point needed
  6. Next two matches away to Romania and home to Finland. Need something in Bucharest to win the group but a win against finland will save relegation which is really the aim as we cant compete in group A yet. Pretty much the same squad but going will Kelly in goal as McCrorie hasn't been playing much. Still no striker scoring goals
  7. Fecking hell managing Scotland is enraging. Absolutely cruising at 2-0 before throwing it away until Olly Burke saves the day. 2 from 2 so cant complain but will need to improve away to the better teams. Hopefully once I get a fit defence it will get better. I want a right back so I can get Tierney in the central defence. McCrorie seems like a bombscare at the moment but will see how that goes before the next games.
  8. Andy Robertson injured now so sticking in a half fit Tierney and hoping for the best. Must win game
  9. Absolutely delighted to win that. Think I would have been for the sack otherwise. Bale missed a great chance towards the end but we might have been a couple up ealy on. Finland away next. They got spanked away to Romania ina high scoring game. 6-3 last I seen
  10. Kieran Tierney is not fit so moved Andy Robertson to right back as have no one else I trust at all. Feel this will backfire. Need a goalscorer big time
  11. Pretty easy victory even if we did leave it very late. Callum Paterson was the supersub with 2 late goals. Should have been much more but happy with a confident win
  12. Squad is pretty much as strong as could be. Expected a lot of call offs but that is obviously just a real life thing. Starting McCrorie in goals as want to start to build for the future
  13. Draw made for the Nations league group B and it could have been worse but also could have been better. Will need to get something in Romania to win the group but feel confident we wont be relegated
  14. Taken on a friendly against the Saudis at Hampden. Hopefully get a good win to relieve the pressure a little bit and at least its a bit different to the usual friendlies
  15. Bollocks. We just didn't perform at all. Hopefully get a break in the world cup qualifiers but I doubt it
  16. Fairly straight forward despite going down to 10 men late on. Serbia in the final at Hampden which is an unexpected bonus Difficult game but definitely better than the real life scenario
  17. This is the team chosen for the biggest game in 20 years. Not ideal due to injuries but hopefully good enough Come on Scotland
  18. Managed to finish third after a comfortable win. SFA already saying they will begin to look for my replacement unless things pick up which I think is a bit harsh considering the start the AI gave me. Happy with the start so hopeful for the playoffs and hopefully a good draw for the world cup
  19. Given Liam Kelly his debut and rested Ryan Christie. Hopefully get the win to finish 3rd in the group
  20. Moved Tierney to right back to get rid of O'Donnell and gave Greg Taylor his debut. Another easy win. Hope we can do better than the actual result in the last game against Kazakhstan
  21. Absolutely dominated but didn't create many chances. Definitely missing Robertson and McGinn. Next up is San Marino at Hampden and away to Kazakhstan so hopefully 6 points to end it before the draw for the World Cup At least I have a play off to look forward to
  22. opted for Griffiths up front instead of Mcburnie to see if he can hold the ball up better. This will be a big test
  23. The result was expected but we created a lot of chances but their goalkeeper was brilliant Long way to go before we can show any progress against decent teams Hopefully put up a good show against Russia
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