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  1. In the buildup, it may be fun to revisit league fixtures between the two over the many years of our shared history. You could just pick completely at random like, say, 1965. Just as an example, completely off the top of my head.
  2. https://twitter.com/Football__Tweet/status/1595122809386082304?s=20&t=yOwCZzHrCYFVFst8TGUkeg
  3. I'm just giving my opinion on what would make football better - chalking goals off because someone's shoulder is offside in a freeze frame is absolute jobby. Some of these decisions would never have been caught pre-VAR. It makes football less entertaining. Look at Sunday - folk celebrating the first goal of the tournament and then its chopped off for some nonsense of a decision. I'm not saying they're not offside, I understand that by the current laws of the game they are. I don't think they should be and I think using this technology to chop these goals off makes the game less entertaining.
  4. VAR is ruining fitba. Argentina have had the ball in the net 4 times - 3 of them should have stood in my opinion which would have put them 3-0 up. If you can't see with the naked eye that someone's right pinky toenail is offside then just give the goal.
  5. Looked to me like one of his bawhairs was offside at most
  6. Watched the highlights back last night. Thought wee Dougie Ross and the lads did a smashing job, apart from incorrectly ruling Hibs goal offside and giving us a penalty that was soft as f**k. Tremendous work.
  7. A great result before the break. Really enjoyed telling Ross he's a wee fanny at a quiet moment when he would definitely have heard. Lots more fun than just abusing all of his Twitter posts.
  8. Not only was that complete pish, but theyve managed to sneak ahead. It's weird when the setup seems to be built around width producing balls in the box that when we get set pieces, we so often waste it by fannying about passing, going backwards, and ultimately wasting it. Jordan Jones is a man down today.
  9. I didn't see why he went off injured, but I'm assuming it was with a hurt boaby until someone tells me otherwise.
  10. Great performance all round. Happy with so many players today. Mayo is on a great run of form. Cameron doing well so far. Armstrong sensational. McInroy a good addition in midfield, gets forward. Taylor and Wright bossing it. Kill this off second half.
  11. I hope somecunt does Callachan in the first few minutes. Breaks his willy off with their studs. Yella card.
  12. Live images as Richey Edwards digs for newer patter.
  13. Surprised theres no thread already. Despite a poor season so far, I'm absolutely buzzing for this one. Hoping we start both Alebiosu and Chrisene, and don't go with the Alston/Power/McKenzie trio that lacks any creativity whatsoever.
  14. Yeah, we played out our skins, had to really raise our game to sneak a point against the absolute giants of Paisley. Those 11 players should take a fucking bow tonight, cant believe we did it, result of the season.
  15. Mayo must be wondering what he has to do to get in the team. Played in various different positions and is honking in each, plays two games in a row at RB and is a standout, then gets dropped
  16. @C4mmy31 absolutely spot on with his point. It was the usual negative attempt to see the game out, that nearly failed on Wednesday, that cost us the equaliser tonight. Absolutely obvious that you didnt mean the Doidge or Shaw sub but rather the two defenders (albeit one through injury) and Lyons that followed. As the game went on we got deeper and deeper instead of pressing high which had led to lots of mistakes through the game, including our second. Just as we dropped deeper and deeper on Wed. My Dons mate had warned me we would do this and seen it in a number of games now. Full credit for the good play that had is ahead by 2 in the first place, just baffling we invite teams on to us when leading.
  17. Surprised myself getting so raging. We should really be used to the standard of refereeing by now.
  18. It's a tricky one. If we had binned him I would have had no issue with that decision. Would have sent a very strong message that sectarianism can actually be tackled and certain clubs arent doing enough. On the other hand, as a small club in a relegation fight, why should we hold ourselves to a higher standard that involves getting rid of one of our best players, when no one is asking us to?
  19. A bit embarrassing the night we start Lafferty up front, just a couple of weeks after he got a slap on the wrist for saying something that would get me barred from Scottish football grounds for life.
  20. It's one of those u need to see back to see if the keeper could have done better (I'm assuming so, given it was 30 yards!) but I think that goal tonight has to go down with the very best I've ever seen at Rugby Park
  21. Are you joking? I've damaged my retinas with those advertising boards they're that fucking bright. I'm half expecting the 19.30 to Prestwick to land on the centre circle. Bit better tonight. D Armstrong having an excellent game.
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