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  1. Indeed. My wee boy is W6 D1 L1 following Scotland. Unheard of!
  2. He's absolutely done Carvajal for that goal. See ya!
  3. I liked Levein's description, he would throw himself in front of a train for Scotland. That about sums it up. Phenomenal last night.
  4. Just below France for best result at Hampden I've ever seen. A much better performance though, which certainly elevates it.
  5. Had my doubts last season. Been firmly of that view since Sept/Oct. Unfortunately its taken til now for there to be a serious clamour among enough fans to want him gone. Too late though and can only see us going back down.
  6. Genuinely think Mcinnes is the worst manager of my lifetime. Horrible, horrible manager. Terrible football. A clueless dinosaur so far out his depth. Get him to absolute f**k.
  7. Pen for me. How the foul at the end wasn't at least a yellow is anyone's guess.
  8. Even at 0-1 it was quite a negative vibe among us cos the performance was so bad. But at 1-1 it got really sour. Mcinnes has lost all goodwill with the fans. Reminds me of Inverness away under Wright soon followed by the away to Raith that killed him. Better see a serious improvement second half or his jaiket is on a shoogly peg.
  9. If Killie score 5 goals I'll take off my four layers and streak.
  10. I've noticed a real apathy on here lately. Most Prem matches we play at the moment don't even have a match thread until a day before or so. Definitely a marked change from say 6 months ago on here. Yet we'll still take an excellent away crowd tomorrow. The players certainly don't deserve such a good backing - they've yet to win a league match on the road this season
  11. Wouldn't give that c**t my money. Premier Inn brekkie, kids eat free.
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