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  1. I've followed Killie for 30 years and seen some fantastic players, but Burkie would easily be in the top 5. Wildly consistent, always passionate, skillful, changed many a game, and a lovely guy off the field. Can't thank him enough for his time at the club- provided us with more moments of joy than any one player has a right to. Always welcome back in some capacity!
  2. Kept your spot warm for you, Dundee. You can have it back. Wishing Gavin Strachan all the best. Thank you.
  3. That... that's not what you think that phrase is, surely?
  4. Tommy Wright would definitely be a great appointment.
  5. McGhee away A fantastic body of work he has produced and a wonderful legacy left behind.
  6. Had to put Arbroath in their place a few weeks ago but now that that's done they have nothing but my best wishes. Would obviously rather see them come up than Inverness. Mon the Lichties.
  7. That's cool and all mate but your team is still going doon doon fucking doon. Thank you.
  8. Inverness then beat Morton, and their last day scudding off Arbroath means they get to keep the Hot Potato. Congrats, Greenock Morton!
  9. Best away support the Championship has seen in ages. Brilliant to be a part of it and to see how much it meant to the players.
  10. Easy peasy. Low - Getting beat off Raith Rovers and having the dinosaur of a manager gesturing at us, shortly before he got the heave. High - Blair Alston. Haven't read any of the thread yet but be amazed if any Killie fans disagree with those choices.
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