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  1. Don't think it's fair to say he did almost nothing after that - he took players on, got crosses and passes in to the box, hit the byline a couple of times and was just generally a nuisance to their fullback. It was the best performance by a winger in a while, which I realise isn't saying much. Funny how folk see games differently, spoke to a few folk after who were all raving about his performance. Thought he showed good strength for a small guy and had the beating of the LB. All of our good play in the second half came down the channels. I think we have to drop Shaw or Hendry, based on last night. They're two of our best players, but Hendry did absolutely nothing being played out of position. As much as I think Fraser Murray has offered little so far, we'd be playing someone in their correct position by having him in the starting 11, and he's obviously come on last night and changed the game so it would be merited. Have to hope that gives him the confidence to perform. Burke would obviously be everyone's first pick ahead of him, but given he wasn't in the squad last night it seems likely there's something to the rumours of a fallout.
  2. Also, in addition to my long and thoughtful post, can I just say GET IT RIGHT UP YE YA c***s! Won f**k all and never will.
  3. Was pleased seeing the starting lineup, as it fulfilled a few of my own wishes. Reverting back to a 4-3-3, Armstrong coming in to the team, not playing McGinn and Alston next to each other and instead playing McKenzie, who has the legs and the willingness to both break up play but also take us up the park. The disappointment for me was seeing Naismith on the team sheet, but we know from last season TW is completely blind to the failings of some players. I also feel the reason we switched to 4-4-2 in the first place was to accommodate Shaw and Hendry and for me tonight's starting lineup was still crowbar-ing them both in. Hendry really had little to no impact on the game tonight and if we are going to continue with this system, I think he'll ultimately have to drop one of the strikers. Also, I'd have picked McGinn over Alston, and thought he was excellent when he came on. The first half hour went the way I expected it to, just a scrappy battle played out in tough conditions where we lost too many 50/50s and struggled to make an impact. In the last 10-15 minutes of the half I thought we were really growing in to it and half-time came at a bad time for us. Second half I thought we were better and said to my mate it was really the first time this season I could easily identify a style of play. I feel we've lacked a personality under TW this season. If someone asked you what style of play do Killie play, it would be hard to give an answer. In the second half we actually had a shape to us, it was obvious what people's roles were and what we had identified as weaknesses of theirs that we could exploit. Naismith was the obvious weak link in the team. Hodson has to start on Saturday. There were various times I watched him running and it could be described as a half-jog at best. It doesn't even look like he's fucked, it just looks like he can't be fucked. A lazy big lump. Would love to know TW's thinking when taking off Rory, our best player, and then Armstrong, our second best player. I'm not saying it was the wrong move, as clearly Fraser Murray has come on and changed the game (cracking run up the park) and if it was up to me I'd have had Polworth (winner of the pen) off by that point. As someone on the sidelines who readily admits I don't know as much as the manager, I'd just love to know what the thinking behind it was, as it seemed a strange one! Think the system works and we now need to decide who the attacking 3 are. Armstrong one side, F Murray the other (hopefully tonight gives him that confidence he seems to lack) and Shaw upfront for me. Would be happy with Hendry up instead. Does Burke take Murray's place, or is he bombed out the picture at the moment? Seems to be rumours of a fallout and his attitude definitely seems to have been off lately. Cracking 3 points and just delighted to have finally seen us win there after nearly 30 years of following the mighty Killie! Top of the league and on to a huge game on Saturday, while Inverness have a tricky tie at Thistle.
  4. Didnt think we were great first half, but got the goal thanks to some good play from Hodson and a nice finish at second time of asking from Shaw. LH has to be in contention to start at right back vs Dunfermline. Second half we started poor and the equaliser seemed to wake us up, after that thought we were good. Rory looked lively, like the look of Hendry, and good to see Burke and then Armstrong taking folk on and hitting the byline. McGinn's set pieces were some of the best we have seen for years. It wouldnt be hard to be an upgrade on ones taken in recent years.
  5. Disappointing that we don't have a solution to these games where we gift a team a goal then they sit in a low block. We have no answers. That's happened now at home v Morton, ICT and Raith. Thought we were awful first half and was amazed he didnt significantly change it at half time - moved Robinson about a bit but persisted with the same shite tactics. Was crying out for Burke for 20 or 25 minutes before he came on. A pathetically late sub that changed the game but was too little too late. Shat out of bringing Armstrong on because we had managed to get level. FFS show a bit of ambition. 3 goals were all poor to lose but fair play to Raith for not settling for the point. No complaint whatsoever about the result. Not at all convinced about TW's ability to change a game.
  6. Sat and watched some Raith highlights there. Think this game will suit us today as they look an open expansive side. We struggle more against low blocks. Zanatta and Connolly look good creative outlets for them so important we stop them, but dont look anything special at the back. Raith fans, many do you think you'll bring down today?
  7. I was behind it, not quite on the line but definitely goal bound if not for Euan Murray's immense reading of the game. Can't think when I last liked a signing as much as I do him. Bachmann or Stewart, maybe. What a player.
  8. That was rank rotten. From the first few goal kicks, it was obvious the long kicks wouldnt work with the wind. It made for 50/50s on or before the half way line and kept the ball coming down our throat. I'd have changed the approach after 5 or 10, but in 90 we didn't change it once. If the full backs come and offer with Arbroath pressing pretty high, they would inevitably have received the ball under pressure... so if playing it out from the back then wasn't an option, they could have hoofed it clear, which is all Hemming was doing anyway! Arbroath had their tactics spot on. Their keeper judged his GKs perfect with the wind assistance, playing them down the throat of Nouble, whose first touch, ability to take a ball in, link up play, play on the turn, quick feet, strength, were all amazing. The first half hour in particular was the best centre forward performance I've seen in ages. It took far too long for Euan Murray to lamp him consecutively on the left shy line and the byline - both great challenges that won the ball but left some on him and quietened him down a bit. So impressed with the big guy, an absolute monster able to hold off several defenders and beat them with skill and pace. So unlucky not to score. As I said, their tactics from the back were night and day to ours. They judged it so much better with the wind in their favour. There was one piece of play early first half where the keeper pinged a lovely low ball to their left back who went on a run, played it to their attacker, cut inside, and if he had got his shot away earlier would probably have scored. I was very happy to get in at half time 0-0. We had Euan Murray and his outstanding blocks, Zach Hemming and some good saves, and sheer luck that they hit the post, to thank. I have serious doubts about TW's ability to change a game. We were so spoiled with Clarke. What change came about as a result of his half time talk? He said in his post match interview that we hadn't trained to go long and had planned to play football. Sort it at half time then. Tell your keeper not to go long, with kicks that the wind took all the way through to the opposition goalie. What did his substitutions achieve? The game was crying out for a change and nothing that TW did had any sort of positive effect. It was maddening. 80 minutes in, Fraser Murray takes a free kick that had to land at the back post, 7 or 8 yards out... and with the wind he hit it straight out of play. The previous 80 minutes should have been a f**king clue! Take a bit off it! A very off night for everyone really, bar Murray who was a rock and Hemming who won us the point with his late double save. I shouldn't moan as much when the point takes us top, at least for today, but I thought Arbroath started so well and looked a bit more vulnerable second half without the wind assistance - we could have won that game if we had played better. Overall the trip has been fantastic, though. Staying in a top class B&B with the whole family, and really looking forward to explore Arbroath today. Brilliant to tick new grounds off at the age of 34!
  9. This is an excellent summary of how I feel about this one, though you left out how fucking great it is not having to tolerate the two sets of mutants. My whole family going through and making a weekend of it - 10 of us, including my 3 year old. Buzzing for it!
  10. I think we might want to sit out the 'manager marching in orange walks' patter...
  11. Thought we were excellent today. Disappointed how we started, thought Jags got on the front foot quickly and we didn't do enough to stop them. We werent hunting folk down in twos out wide, we were allowing crosses, conceding chances. You start games like that you're asking for dropped points. Thankfully we were able to relieve the pressure by starting to execute our own plans, which seemed to be balls over the top - not aimless hoofs, but well placed passes. Robinson had a great game, thought he took the first of these well, and don't know how he hasnt scored. Him and Shaw then linked up well - the feet from OS to get in the box were fantastic, again how he hasnt scored is a mystery! Murray was also very unlucky with his chance. Second half I thought the instructions were clear, get the full backs and the wingers hunting in packs and stopping folk from getting down the channel in the first place. We werent giving them anywhere near the same opportunity to get wide and get a ball in. Often we were winning the ball back in the middle or restricting Thistle to turning back and passing it around the middle or back, which was a big improvement. Got more on the front foot through the likes of Rory and Robinson. Robbo did well to win us the pen. TW right to choose Shaw as we want him off the mark but christ it was a honking pen and a worse rebound. Great play Robbo to get us the OG not long after. As for Shaw's wonderstrike, what a way to follow up a missed pen! My wee boy has been going for about 6 years now and I'm struggling to think of a better goal he has seen in the flesh. Keen to see a replay, they dont come much sweeter than that. Thought the subbies off the bench were good too. Saw a debate the other day about best squad in the division and think on today's evidence it has to be us. Good options off the bench with the likes of Burke, Stokes and Burrell still to come back. Few pints in Wintergills before and after the game then a pizza on train down the road... if Carlsberg did Saturdays
  12. Probably one of our worst performances under TW, but got the job done, which is what winning the Championship is all about. Winning games like today is a great sign. Hemming was good when called upon. One of Haunstrup's better games today I thought. Murray is one of the best signings we've made in quite some time - a fantastic defender. Sanders looks like raw talent, prone to mistakes but with some clear ability - I think we can afford to let him develop, as long as he doesn't start to cost us games, which he is surely in danger of. Naismith was fine, though I still find him slow as a week in the jile at times. Thought the midfield trio of McGinn, Alston and Polworth all had poorer games by their standards. None of them were terrible, but they've set a pretty decent standard to date and didn't hit it. Second half this was summed up by Polworth failing to beat the first man at a corner, then minutes later absolutely wasting a free kick. McKenzie doesn't offer nearly enough going forward and I was happy to see him getting hooked for Armstrong, who I would have started - but I was even happier that he gave Wright good cause to change his mind! Great bit of following up, flung himself at it like a bullet, even if it was possibly going in any way! Murray drifts in and out of games but feel when we get the ball to his feet in a good area we are always a danger. Shaw drifted in and out too, but when he was good he was very good. Looking to turn balls quickly and get through on goal, which is what you want. Can take a ball in and can flick it on well for a team mate. Hassles and makes a pest of himself. For me, a clearly better option than Cameron. I would be disappointed if we played like that every week as I don't think we'll always get the 3 points, but we take them and move on to two big games against our nearest competitors - Thistle and Arbroath. Lets open up a gap.
  13. I saw this topic had been bumped and thought it was an odd old thread to be back near the top. I was trying to think what possible reason someone could have for bumping it. This came in at number 1,067,892 on my list. Edit: also, is anyone reading that username as Poke-mongo or is it just me?
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