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  1. Once. 3-0 down to rangers within 10 minutes for them to win the league, with thousands of them in the home end. It was leave, or punch the guy in front of me in the back of the head.
  2. Was just discussing this option yesterday... I think being realistic that it'll be one of the ugly sisters, Rangers winning it with a season cut short is the most satisfactory in terms of OF tears. Celtic fans would tie themselves in knots trying to explain why it shouldnt happen and why the title doesnt really count while being gently reminded by us all that that's not what they said earlier this year.
  3. 17.10.2020 Absolute toffee the day. Just a pity Nicke couldnt have got in on the action as I had him on a treble with Rangers and BTTS in Merseyside. Dat McCrorie fumble tho.
  4. Fancy us for this one. We're off the back of 2 good wins (3 out of 4) while Well have just been horsed by Sevco. What could possibly go wrong?
  5. The impact of which was getting knocked out of Europe. The impact of your club dying was your trophyless new club spending 4 years in the wilderness and your rivals racking up 9 in a row and going for 10. So, you're right, it would be ridiculous to compare the two.
  6. Absolutely seething at how far down some of these lists Killie are. Heads gone. There are two clubs who have never finished in the bottom spots / been relegated in the past 25+ years - Celtic and Kilmarnock. Every other club has been down, with the exception of Motherwell and Aberdeen, who we all know should have been papped out. Kilmarnock: the absolute definition of a mainstay, box office, Premiership side.
  7. Good goal from Jones. His diddy celebration says it all. Over a year he's been there and thats about the first thing of note he's done. Donkey.
  8. Kabamba currently joint top scorer in the league. You love to see it!
  9. International Killie TV subscription with a VPN then you dont have to give anyone else money 😁
  10. This might be a season too far for Accies. Thought they looked proper shite, then when we took the lead I thought we would run riot. Wasnt to be as we gave away a soft goal and then a daft red, but even with the ten we were by far the better side.
  11. Said to my mate earlier, as we sat in a darkened room watching the game on a big screen, it's typical that these TV-only games are being played in glorious sunshine! No doubt as soon as we can get back to the grounds it'll be pishing down and blowing a hooly. Thought we were excellent today. If there was any cause for concern, it was that we conceded a couple of big chances almost unchallenged in the first half, and we have Connolly's poor finishing to thank for our clean sheet as much as anything. It's all about building confidence for our back four just now, so a clean sheet will do wonders and the fact Rogers hardly had a save to make will help. Think there's no doubt that Dyer knows his best system is a 4-4-2 with Brophy and Kabamba. He needs to solve what we do when they're not both available, as our Plan B generally proves to be useless. When we have those two up top with Burke and Kiltie providing the creativity, we look a far better side. Delighted both strikers scoring. It's been a hard start to the season so didn't feel particularly comfortable at 1 or 2. Fantastic to see us racking up 4 and putting the game beyond all doubt. Our last couple of goals were really well worked, on Kabamba's part for the third and a real team effort for the last. Good way to go in to the international break and feel a bit more confident vs Aberdeen than I did. I'm no Dyer lover, but really hoping this is the result that turns it around for him and I'm proven wrong, rather than the one that keeps him in a job longer than he ought to be.
  12. The situation obviously calls for Simpsons memes
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