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  1. Player of the season so far

  2. Aberdeen v Dundee

    I've a great stream of Red TV on my Kodi stick so gonna watch this tonight. It better not be a shitfest. Hoping for a Dundee win tbh.
  3. Player of the season so far

    God he's fucking wonderful.
  4. Killie v Dundee

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46598873 Diddums. Autocorrect changed that to diddies, which is also fair.
  5. Hibernian v Celtic

    7 hours later and I'm still amused by this result. Well done Hibees, well done.
  6. Hamilton vs Killie

    Let's be honest here. Hamilton's ambition is just to stay up, which you should do with or without these points. Killie are pushing for a league win that would rock global football and give fans around Scotland endless ammunition to use against every Old Filth mutant they know. Just do the right thing and lie down for an easy three points then we can wish each other a Merry Christmas and go our separate ways, eh?
  7. We Welcome The Chase

    f**k's sake Accies
  8. Hibernian v Celtic

    Your league leaders thank you kindly our Hibernian brothers.
  9. Hibernian v Celtic

    Round ye ya fucking mutants! That'll be Griffiths' accumulator burst
  10. Tough game coming up for us. It was the Hamilton hammer throwers who stopped us doing 5 wins in a row coming from a goal behind, in that 1-1 draw. We were quite poor that day by our own high standards and didn't make enough chances. Hopefully won't get as dragged into the Hamilton way this time and will play some of the sexy football we've played in recent weeks, Parkhead excluded.
  11. Hibernian v Celtic

    Cracking goal. Hope the Hibees keep at it, these scummy c***s don't like it up them.
  12. Next manager to get punted

    You really reckon he'll go next week?!
  13. I know there was already a thread running on this but so f**k. Time for a new one.
  14. We Welcome The Chase

    Don't know about the rest of the Killie boys, but personally I don't welcome the chase. If you could all stop chasing us, that would be great. Cheers.
  15. Killie v Dundee

    Jones could have gone down in the box today and didn't. Real big impact that had on the game, eh?