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  1. What's Griff's favourite thing about twenty five year olds?
  2. Griffiths has been sent home to attend court for an initial meeting on the charges he could face. The judge asked Leigh Griffiths how does 15 years sound. “Sexy,” he replied.
  3. Cringing so hard for this absolute no-mark of a poster giving a box-office figure like myself that kind of patter when the perennial diddies that are Thistle are his team.
  4. Came on P&B, clicked on Scottish Premiership out of habit, remembered we are now a diddy team and had to go back to the main forum. Oh the shame!
  5. Fair comment. It wouldn't have been my choice. We followed it by having an absolutely fantastic lunch in Mitchell's in St Andrews, so it wasn't all bad.
  6. So thanks to P&B, I've known for a while that Dundonians are weirdos who call roundabouts "circles" But this week on holiday in Piperdam, just outside Dundee, I heard a new one... Was buying the wee man pancakes from the Asda cafe when the girl serving asked "Do you want me to cozy the pancakes?" Naturally, I looked at her like she had two heads and said "What?", at which point her and her colleague repeated: "Cozy them. Cozy the pancakes." Apparently it means warm them up. Is this another weirdo Dundee thing?
  7. Just as no international team will ever top that Spain 2008-12 side, no burd at the Euros will ever top this all time classic from 2012 Crawl through a mile of broken glass to hear her fart through a walkie talkie effort, that
  8. My faither informs me Italy have now scored THIRTY goals without conceding. Now, my old man does talk an awful lotta pish, but I have verified this little factoid and it is in fact true! 🤯 Got to think they will be right in the mix for this. Edit: make that 31!
  9. Yes. I'm happy to stand corrected as I dont follow every QPR game but he has gone long spells this season without scoring for his club and he hasnt exactly been banging them in for Scotland either. All that said, I like him, but surely Adams was the obvious choice after their respective seasons.
  10. The man is a legend but Steve Clarke got that so badly wrong today. Months of thinking about his lineup and he goes with the out-of-form striker and leaves the goalscorer on the bench. McGinn has been a revelation behind the striker and instead he puts Christie in there after he's been woeful for Celtic. Game was crying out for Gilmour so we had someone to bring the ball out from the defence rather than playing long ball, but instead when we needed a sub he brings on McGregor, another who's had a honking season. Obvious SOD needed hooked early doors but instead of subbing after half an hour he leaves him on for most of the game. Only chance I gave us of getting out of the group was taking 3 points today, so got to think we have totally ruined our chances. On the plus side, the wee man has Czech Republic in his class sweepstake 🙄
  11. Czech Republic to be slapped about like little bitches, sending the nation into Euro fever the likes of which has never been seen. A very close yet ultimately heartbreaking loss in England. Knowing we need something off Croatia, they take the lead, only for an equaliser on the hour mark. The country tries to wish the ball in to the opposition net but it just wont go. A late, late Billy Gilmour winner to send us through and cause heart attacks around the land. It would only take us in to the round of 16, but it would be enough to give me a semi.
  12. Not to ruin your fun, because quoting folks' old posts after a victory is one of my favourite P&B pasttimes too - but you realise my comment was firmly tongue-in-cheek, as someone who has spent the last year or so on here moaning about how absolutely fucking woeful we've been? For the record, I absolutely did not think we would scud Dundee, and nothing about what happened surprised me in the slightest. (That's not true, I didn't actually know Ross Millen had the vision to pick out a pass so beautifully as he did when throwing it to the toes of Charlie Adam.)
  13. Think that's all just histrionics. The board have already come out and said there will be cuts, but not to the player budget.
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