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  1. I dont go in to games under Dyer with any confidence whatsoever. Should just be a matter of how many Hibs win by.
  2. I'm not enjoying this as much as I thought I would. Why are Hibs not 0-3 up yet?
  3. Romeo, in his defence of the "Celtic's worst poster" title, really showing Lennon and the boys how it's done here.
  4. Never in all my hour of following Hibs have I been more nervous for a game.
  5. After literally years of debating this question with myself - Celtic win the 10 or Rangers stop it (barring a miracle third option of someone else doing the same) - I'm now ready to answer. It's a ridiculously hard question, but after so long enjoying The Banter Years, I'm really loving how poorly the Celtic fans are taking this. One guy on my FB saying they can have his season ticket back etc - they're 2nd, having had 4 bad months after 10 years of uninterrupted success. Theres been protests and meltdowns. Watching them stagger from one LOL to another, all while backing Lennon, it's just been glorious. Tug-worthy. So, I've finally found my answer.
  6. They got their 10 in a row. 10 days of self isolation. Boom boom!
  7. Celtic today had a 22 point gap open up, a player test positive, and have been informed all folk returning to Scotland from Dubai should self-isolate for 10 days. I think, otherwise, the 10-in-a-row is going well.
  8. Best performance in a while. Still not making too many chances or putting enough quality crosses in, but if we get the ball in to Kiltie's feet enough times for him to do that, we will be doing well. Findlay and Power their best games in a while. Mulumbu doing very well at getting us to keep the ball on the deck and play (maybe he could have a word with Captain Launch-It, Kirk Broadfoot)
  9. How did we overlook this guy for the Best posters thread? Clearly a quality contributor
  10. What a shite fucking equaliser to lose. Absolutely embarrassing.
  11. We've been "no bad" this half, and it's probably been one of the better halves of the season for us, which says a lot. Quite happy. Game continues like that second half I would be confident.
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