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  1. The match could be played in a barrel of fannies in a brothel and we wouldnt score. In the last three games fheres only been one half of football in which weve even created chances, never mind scored. Can the Killie that beat Hearts last month please turn up?
  2. It'll be terrible. I'll be there, though.
  3. For anyone trying to calculate how much that might work out to be for the food bank, it's £0.00.
  4. Making a match thread for a game that doesn't involve your team, what an absolute riddy 😂
  5. Kiltie with the assist for the Dunfermline winner, good lad
  6. Glad all that meh derby patter is finally wrapped. I fucking hate threads where everyone is agreed we are going to win, it gives me the absolute fear. For that reason, I'm not making a prediction. Looking forward to Wednesday night all the same.
  7. Gave you two goals before we started playing and yous still couldn't see it out! Frustrating, as the changes needed were obvious at 1-0. Why we waited until two behind to make the changes is anyone's guess. Absolute howler from goalie for first.
  8. This may be my last appearance in this thread...
  9. 😂 You know you're box office when folk are taking the time to make GIFs
  10. Any P&B Hearts fans want to own up to this? 😂
  11. Hibernian fans are an odd bunch and seem to be treating this thread as some very serious business.
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