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  1. Will be watching in the hope my pal Murray is playing. Last time I saw him was vs us (Killie) and thought he was Forfar's MOTM that day.
  2. James Maddison in being a c**t shocker https://trib.al/tAFVw5s Apologies for Daily Heil link
  3. Ah but on the other hand, we can all watch Philip's funeral! Anyone interested? Anyone at all? No? No one giving a flying f**k?!
  4. More of the same please, Killie. Hopefully County stick with the cardboard cutout in goals.
  5. 6/10 for me, but then I have a dreadful memory. A few questions that highlight certain teams' diddiness. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47965314
  6. Taking out the mathematics, where it's obviously a no, I think we have to target this as a must win. Allowing you guys to go 4 points ahead with 4 games left seems an insurmountable challenge, as the momentum would swing back from the high we are on just now to the dire mindset we've had for the last few months. We could still catch you if it's a draw, so maybe not a must win, but I think Wright will have the players right up for this. Start the split with some real momentum. I've felt anxious/nervous/dreadful going in to Killie games for months, so it's nice to have a bit of optimism back. Whether that's justified we will see at 5pm tomorrow.
  7. Massive game. A win and we are flying in to the split games with confidence. Lose and it would be very, very difficult to catch County. Big Kylie will do the business 😉
  8. Always good to get a home tie against a lower league side. Montrose fans, hows your season been? How are you guys playing? You seem to be at the right end of the table, so I'm assuming this wont be a walk in the park for Killie. Hoping we can get a good early lead to kill hopes of an upset.
  9. Playing two goalkeepers seems a lot like cheating to me.
  10. Mattingly, get rid of those sideburns. What sideburns? You heard me, hippie. Mattingly, for the last time, get rid of those sideburns! Look Mr. Leighton, I don't know what you think sideburns are, but... Don't argue with me! Mattingly! I thought I told you to trim those sideburns! Go home! You're off the team! For good! I still like him better than David Preece...
  11. Met too many nice Killie players to list, but ones that stand out are... Paul Di Giacamo - heads up the community sports trust, always gives our youth group tickets, has organised various tours of the ground and meet the players etc for them Ray Montgomerie - got a tour of the stadium with the wee man after a matchday steward had been a complete and utter bellend and we complained. Monty was class with the wee guy, chatted away to him and gave him a wee pin badge for his scarf etc, just generally made his day Jamie McDonald- met the full team various times at the open days, but he stands out as the one who had the most time and the best chat for kids he was signing for. Seems a genuinely nice guy.
  12. It was just a thought. There's no harm in musing over the idea...
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