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  1. Game of Thrones

    I've managed to enjoy this season more than most, despite the too-fast pace of it, but the finale was just a mess. Since the show steamed ahead of the books, they've managed to produce some epic moments and episode, but they've lost it in terms of pacing and managing the story. Obviously GRRM must have told them to hit the main plot points, some of which seem especially odd given how the show reached them. The whole show building towards who sits on the throne and they give it to Bran, one of the most underdeveloped and one-note characters in the whole thing. They couldn't possibly have thought that would be satisfying for folk? Dont think it necessarily needed Jon sitting on the iron throne, but him ending up back at Castle Black was a bit of a kick in the stones. Santa's storyline was probably wrapped up most satisfyingly. Arya killing The Night King was pretty great, but her last two episodes were shite. Goes to King's Landing to kill Cersei, doesn't, basically does nothing in the last two, then goes off to chase some dream of seeing what's West of Westeros, something she has scarcely even mentioned. So much that either came out of nowhere or could have been better explained with more episodes and pacing it a bit slower. Total shite. I so didn't want to be that guy on the internet moaning about the end of a TV show yet here we are!
  2. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    Some away support today. Good idea to reduce their allocation.
  3. Not The Main Stream Media

  4. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    2012, when they were formed.
  5. Sevco v the 8 times CHAMPIONS

    Size of that hand
  6. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    Rangers have already taken up 60% of their allocation for this match thread. Huge game.
  7. I've decided to allow half as many zombies in here as we usually have on a match thread. 3/4 of all posts in here will be from Kilmarnock fans. A win for the good guys to confirm Europe. Broadfoot is back from suspension, yes? Fancy him to score the winner in front of the Moffat then do an Adebayor down to the Chadwick for maximum heads gone effect.
  8. Killie vs Hibs

    Heads gone
  9. Killie vs Hibs

    #standard #toffee #easy #juggernaut
  10. Killie vs Hibs

    I like the cut of your jib.
  11. Friday night football - SSBs v GSBs

    Didn't even know we were playing, well done lads
  12. Friday night football - SSBs v GSBs

    Can't say we weren't warned.
  13. Hertz v Killie 4th of May

    Stuart Findlay. Love him. LOVE him.
  14. Sevco v the 8 times CHAMPIONS

    Old firm forum for this absolute shite please