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  1. No. Our lovely pitch is built to withstand such weather and should be in beautiful nick to accommodate your team's ugly style of bruising football.
  2. Killie fans aren't racist. We hate all Rangers players equally.
  3. Roses are red What a goal Eamonn Brophy Have you ever seen Gerrard Win a league trophy?
  4. Roses are red Violets are blue Rangers 1 Kilmarnock 2
  5. Roses are red Violets are blue Eight years ago Ceased the Rangers we knew.
  6. Can OP be updated with Killie killing their post-break title hopes for a second year in a row please and thank you
  7. Predictions: A mass stampede crushing thousands as fans of The Rangers try to con their way in with fake tickets poorly made in Microsoft Paint. A few dozen pitch invaders to seriously injure themselves on the lethal Rugby Park pitch that assaulted Jamie Murphy. The new disabled supporters shelter to successfully support some 200 clinically obese knuckledraggers performing "The Bouncy Bouncy", thanks to its new titanium-reinforced roof. The fans of the "Everyone Anyone" club to trot out all sorts of sectarian bile. Alfredo Morelos to finally get booked for his seventh offence of the game, when he Eric Cantona kung-fu kicks a 9 year old for calling him a nasty name. The match and its fallout to generate no less than 3 very serious statements from Jim Traynor.
  8. "The draw", ie waiting to find out whether Rangers or Celtic await us if we can beat Aberdeen.
  9. A non event of a game. We had no shots of note and any they had were just daft ones that looked dangerous because of the wind. Happy to take our chances in the replay with players back.
  10. I'm sure when we beat them in October there was some stat that we had won more games in 2019 at Tynecastle than Hearts had. It'll be a shame when they drop down and we lose our guaranteed 6 point head start over other teams.
  11. Killie have won the same number of games at Tynecastle this season as Hearts have
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