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  1. Debating whether this is the worst Killie side I've ever watched. At least under Dyer, as absolutely shite as we were, we did score goals. For comparison, we had 9 points on the board at this stage, more than double
  2. Excited for Cove Rangers and Queen's Park away next season, always good to tick off more grounds.
  3. When Ash Taylor takes long throws, he is throwing it away from the one guy we have who can win headers and take chances in a box. Great tactic
  4. Picking up where we left off before the break, by being absolute shite. Worst game I remember Hemming having. What's he doing coming for that third? He came needlessly and conceded the pen, you'd think he would learn. Both players going nowhere, stay in your goal ffs. Still not making many chances in games. Concerning.
  5. Del signs a new contract until 2026. I've not been impressed with us under McInnes this season, but i think that's in large part due to the squad he inherited, with many out of contract at the end of this season, and still needing to work in the loan market. With stability in both the backroom and managers position, we'll hopefully be able to do the hard work needed to recruit good players for two and three years deals. I trust McInnes to steer us right with a settled squad - while his time at Killie so far has been a bit patchy, a far better indicator is his long term managerial record, which is excellent.
  6. How have you reached the conclusion they were better than us, given we beat them in the previous meeting just 5 months prior? I'd have thought that was the strongest indicator of who the better side was going in to the game.
  7. Fucks sake I was feeling optimistic til I read through this. With every remotely talented footballer in Scotland now injured, our third string of diddies only need to go out on Tuesday and get a point. What could possibly go wrong?
  8. With a fork and knife. Great result tonight. Steve Clarke is the master of getting a better second half performance out of his team. Absolutely fucking mental beyond all belief that there were c***s calling for him to go in June. Mental. Folk were in dreamland if they think we are getting a better manager than SC. The job should be his til he doesnt want it - hes so well suited for it and these players clearly love playing for the guy in a way we have rarely seen with the national team.
  9. Watching this like a fitba junkie. Ukraine good for their lead but Armenia getting couple chances.
  10. Love a game that's so enjoyable you want to see it again. Sitting watching Sportscene's 40 minute coverage. If we had won 5 or 6-0 Ukraine could have no complaints. Armstrong and Adams alone could have had a few each. How the ref isnt at least asking for a VAR check on that obvious red card beggars belief. Thought at the time, that Hendry recovery tackle on the boy was offside anyway was sensational, great burst of pace. McPhee is certainly earning his wage. Great return on corners from him - two last night alone.
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