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  1. Thigh strain picked up in training from what i heard
  2. Coach is leaving Edinburgh at about 10.30pm and luckily i finished work on saturday because i suspect that i'd be worse than useless now. Absolutely buzzing for this, should be an unbelievable weekend. Have a belter folks
  3. First time heading down to Glasto for me. Excited is a bit of an understatement in all honesty, just hoping it doesn't end up with weather like Leeds & Creamfields last summer when the rain was ridiculous to say the least. Anyone else on the Official Coach leaving from Edinburgh on tuesday night?
  4. I made the rookie mistake of leaving myself part of my final essay of uni til today. Unable to sit still and keep getting distracted from my work. I'm ridiculously excited for tomorrow but equally petrified. I think it could go either way but I'm just praying we don't do what Costanza suggested and bottle it and be 3-0 down after 10 minutes. I suspect every Saintee will be needing a drink to try calm the nerves and i can pretty much say for certain that I won't be sleeping tonight. Living, studying and working in Dundee has made the build up extra interesting for me as i've been told I won't be welcome at work (Score), the pool hall or out with my sunday league team should we win it. Regardless of the score, it's a stick on that somepoint tomorrow I'm gonna be in floods of tears anyway
  5. I was at Download earlier in the summer which was unbelievable. Going down to Leeds in a few weeks as well, bus from Buchanan Street on wednesday morning. Should be quality
  6. Couple of years ago at T in The Park, 2010 i think, a bunch of us had gone as old wrestlers for fancy dress friday. I spent days making a Kane costume from when he debuted and wandered around all day with all sorts of folk asking to be chokeslammed. Belter of a day that was although it got a bit odd when a guy asked me to chokeslam his missus, she agreed so went for it but welt i had to hold back slightly. Best moment didn't even involve a wrestling move, but a G4S security guy with a megaphone walking past and screaming into it in true JR style, BAH GAWD, THATS GOTTA, THATS GOTTA BE KANE. Had me in stitches
  7. Its a TLC match so if Shield interferes and Rock & Ryback clear house, Ryback will probably pick up the title. I like the idea of Shield interfering in Punk-Ryback and Punk retaining, just in time for Rock to come out, lay a Rock Bottom on Punk and cut a promo about how either he is the man behind Shield and he wanted to face punk so made sure he kept retaining, or that he paid Shield to do it for the same reason
  8. Sitting in a hotel in aberdeen with piss all to do and cant get hold of anybody i know up here. Booooooooooooo
  9. Black Dynamite (2009) Watched this with some pals the other night over a few beers, sorta mocks itself and blaxploitation. Very very funny though and entertaining throughout 8.5/10
  10. Trying to get uni coursework done and all i have achieved is to look at goths/goats/cows in trees. And also find this little gem
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