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  1. Apparently Accies have seven players injured;you know what needs to be done here our Livvy brethren.
  2. Give the guy a chance ffs. I'm not enamoured by signing League Two benchwarmer but let's give him a chance before making a judgement.
  3. Most Accies fans on Forums feel the club were daft to let young McCann go as he has been playing great for you guys and any time I watched him in the reserves/under 20's he was a stand out. Hopefully,there is a sell on clause as this will probably bite us in the arse down the line.Scott McMann has been playing ok at left back, but I read you have been playing him further forward,so that could have been an option for us next season. I expected him to be around the first team next season following in the footsteps of Lewis Smith,Jamie Hamilton, George Stanger and Andy Winter from our great under 18 side who won the SPL under 18 league undefeated(humping the Old Firm in the process) so very surprised at this. Rumours that Brian Rice thought he was too small to make it at SPL level(don't believe this myself).If true,then it will come back to haunt us.
  4. Ross County and Killie come on down and join the scrap.
  5. I've never known the Accies support to be so so depressed going into a game versus our neighbours across The Clyde in my 43 years watching us.The St.Johnstone result has sealed many months of turgid displays made worse by Brian Rice going 'full Martin Canning' in recent interviews. Wee note for Brian Rice...never go full Canning. Many won't travel as they expect a humping by three or four, but even although we have had terrible performances,we rarely lose by more than a goal. We have been in this position before against our neighbours and the result has went completely against what many predicted.Some of these games have produced great memories:coming back from 2-0 down to win 3-2_after three goals in the last 20 minutes; ending a 20 game Motherwell unbeaten run beating them 1-0 and even a few years ago an injury time Ali Crawford penalty to snatch a draw from a certain defeat. Unlike our neighbours who are run for the fans(although £24 for Adults is OTT),our Owners care more about their jobs for the boys and local junkies and the like and the disconnect between fans and club is illustrated by the big decline in support from the Alex Neil era which must now be over 50% judging by attendance in the home end. I'll be there,not expecting much but a fighting performance whether or not Rice makes the usual arse of team selection.The players deserve our backing-not the Manager of Owners.
  6. There are three certainties in life:death,taxes and the bogey team of 40+ years doing the business. Second half,the game changed with the subs:ours made us worse while bringing on Hendry changed St.Johnstone.The boy did more in his first twenty seconds than May did all game. Rice changed a winning team and it backfired on him and the fans are totally deflated now expecting a thrashing on Sunday.Plenty not going,but you always retain a glimmer of hope...not.
  7. You also have The Clydesdale Hotel-just up from the big Car Park which is popular with away fans as some buses book in there,The Villa Hotel-just down from The Car Park at The Vaults and slightly further away The Bay Horse up from The Racecourse.
  8. First game at your place we played all of the second half with ten men in the heat and that game a few weeks ago was the worst Accies performance since Canning's reign. Accies keepers have been taking their time at by kicks since the Billy Reid days...not a new phenomenon.
  9. Unlike yesterday in the battle of the Saints,Accies will go for the win which should lead to a more entertaining game all round. Can't remember the last time Accies won two in a row in the League but we will be full of confidence after withstanding Hearts first half pressure and then picking them off. A draw probably suits Saints but an Accies win perhaps brings Ross County into the mix a little.The way our players 'burst their balls' yesterday for the cause hasn't been witnessed for a while and it certainly gives Accies fans more confidence unless Rice plays his selection bingo card.
  10. Martin Canning is the man here.Vastly experienced in taking a side overachieving and dropping them into an exciting race to the bottom.
  11. The comment is because he is the same height as him ,only morons see racism where none is intended.
  12. In a game like that where Rice makes a Johnny Hunt(why was he starting?) of it,we need the first goal but playing two big lumps together was never going to do this and the makeshift St.Mirren defence did well. Goodwin got his tactics spot on and Stubbs had his worst game for Accies thanks to wee Arnold from Different Strokes making a nuisance of himself and not allowing him to pass out from the back. Rice should have played the same midfield as against Celtic,Oakley with Davies and not have a spine of a team who were easily muscled off the ball by a side who displayed greater desire and will to win who should have won three or four nil. Accies have lost our fighting spirit in games against our rivals:no Big Marko(could have done with him today),Imrie or McKinnon type will to win and taking off Davies for Moyo is where he lost it totally.Davies wasn't playing great but playing against a swirling wind,he can create a goal out of nothing via winning headers or flick ons.Instead we brought on a guy who doesn't have the fighting spirit or will go win you need in games like this. Wrong team,wrong formation and wrong subs(Oakley and Martin should have started) and that second half was as bad as anything under Canning. St.Mirren got their tactics,formation and even subs correct and deserved a more emphatic win.An Accies team with no fighting spirit-bar a spell when down to ten men- who only play well against the top table sides highlights a lack of desire and hunger which has been the hallmark of us for donkeys years. Beer needed after that...in fact many beers.
  13. The only one of the above which has any relevance is the St.Johnstone game this season which was a bad Accies performance and bears no resemblance to the side we are a few months down the line. Some of our fans are the most negative bunch on the planet and even a thumping win tomorrow won't please them.
  14. Big game here for both sides. For Accies,I expect Steve Davies will be back from the start and after last night,will Rice play Collar and Scott Martin or drop one and play another striker ie Oakley or Oggy,Moyo? For Saints,problems in central defence I am reading and after recent decent performances,last night will be a big blow. Saints have suffered eight away defeats in a row which as Accies fans know means we usually give the old "After You Claude" and a helping hand. I expect a bruising game not for the purist and for Goodwin to set his team up defensively hitting on the break after last night,so Accies need to score first to make it a more open game and allow our wide players to exploit the spaces in behind the defence. One worry I have against fellow strugglers is the "streetwise" nous ala McKinnon,Imrie etc had in abundance is missing in our new young side.St.Johnstone and Ross County games showed this naivety and led to us dropping points from good positions. Still confident of a result as big Davies is the cog up front who brings the others into play.
  15. No point Accies doing well with weakened teams against the Old Firm in recent weeks if we can't get results in our three upcoming home games against St.Mirren,St.Johnstone and Hearts who will fight and scrap for every point.
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