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  1. Queens Park away on a Saturday would be a great away day with all the good Southside pubs.
  2. St Mirren vs Dundee United

    The way that Beaton referred the game,I reckon it turned all neutrals into wanting St.Mirren to win.Congratulations from this Accie as you guys did my pal Derek Findlay a great ovation and was rooting for you. Still not as good as Easter Road though coming back from 2-0 down away from home but you got there in the end.
  3. A very hearty thanks to the Accies Family who did Derek Findlay and his son Ross proud yesterday.
  4. If we had kept Canning it would have been us down automatically and Dundee in the play off with St.Mirren safe. McIntyre signed I think 10 players,Kearney six or seven and Rice one so the guy did a better job for me as he was still lumbered with Canning's dross and had to play some of them to help us over the line. Looking forward to the summer and hopefully a few coming in with a decent pedigree rather than being proven correct about most Canning signed.
  5. Hamilton - St Johnstone - May 18th

    Out of town...Accies ground is a short walk from The Town Centre and situated in the busiest area of the town.
  6. Hamilton - St Johnstone - May 18th

    Better tell the bellends on Jambos Kickback that. Rainy day which makes the pitch play better although this current pitch is miles better than our previous one anyway.
  7. Hamilton - St Johnstone - May 18th

    John Brogan to come on for Accies as a Sub as a replacement for the injured Mikel Miller and afterwards "The King of The West" to enjoy many libations in The Hamilton West pubs.
  8. St Mirren v Accies: Monday Night Madness

    To be fair,should have been three red cards in the game in the first half:two for us and one for St.Mirren. Once Gogic reverted to self destruct mode(if only Kilgannon was available instead of him),it was always backs to the wall for us against relentless pressure in that second half period. Two big decisions after the sending off played a big part in the outcome;Miller's terrible attempt at goal when 0-0 when if he had squared it to Andreu and we scored,then I don't think St.Mirren would have scored two- even against ten men. Secondly,the changes Kearney made which made the tempo faster and put us on the back foot.For us,Davies should have brought on to hold the ball up and win headers-not Imrie who was chasing shadows. Finally,thanks to both sets of fans for giving Derek Findlay a good send off.His Son,Father,Sister and her husband were in front of me and moved to tears by the great reception from both sets of fans. The Funeral is Monday 20th,2:[email protected] Lanarkshire Crematorium and back to The Accies Function Suite afterwards which is what Derek wanted as it puts money back into the club.
  9. Hamilton - St Johnstone - May 18th

    Stanger away to under 20 World Cup;would rather have him than Shaun Want.
  10. For those of us who have watched us for decades in the lower leagues-42 years myself-I have no wish to ever return there as that is one of the reasons why our support is poor. Staying in the top league is the only way to try and grow a support.Plenty of us never fought to bring the club back to the town to just give it up so easily and accept never being a top flight club. Motherwell used to target Hamilton schools when were in the lower Leagues as Lanarkshire's only Premiership team.Meekly accepting this is not on my or plenty others radar.
  11. St Mirren v Accies: Monday Night Madness

    Derek was 45 and his boy/family/wife are taking comfort in all the messages of support from Accies and St.Mirren fans who have indicated they will join in a minutes applause. Many thanks to you all and one thing is sure,if St.Mirren succumb to the play offs we will be rooting for you.
  12. St Mirren v Accies: Monday Night Madness

    Sad news that well known Accies fan,Derek Findlay has passed away after losing his fight with kidney cancer at the age of 45. Derek went home and away with myself for 30+ years and leaves behind Ross,his son who still goes to games.Social Media is awash with tributes to Big Del who was there with myself and others all the way from The SPL to The Seaside Leagues and all the way back and he was one of those who fought hard to get us back to Hamilton after seven homeless years. He used to post on here up until a few years ago and we are all devastated. RIP Derek Findlay-a great Accie.
  13. St Mirren v Accies: Monday Night Madness

    Aye,must have been that anti-football which led to us scudding you twice and drawing the other game this season. Spoke to a few Well fans I know who were saying you guys showed a lack of urgency and were playing for a point until you went behind which I find hard to believe as surely getting the three points would have put us under more pressure.This game,you will have to come at us and despite having a shite midfield,we have a few players who can hit you quickly on the break and decent strikers who can convert chances. It will more than likely be a slugfest although if you guys score first we will have to come out all guns blazing.Conversely,if we score the first goal,I would be very surprised if you score two even although we will be missing the experienced Kilgannon. Fwiw,I reckon Inverness would test either of us more in the play offs but I would expect the SPL side to prevail. If it goes to the last day,we play our bogey team of 40+ years St.Johnstone so all would not be lost for St.Mirren although I reckon we will do the job as we have been over this course before with players who know what it takes to grind out the result. it looks like it may be a decent away support for once with folk who have been missing in action returning -many I know who stopped attending due to Canning.I've had people moaning saying there are no seats on any buses and this is folk who rarely attend away games...we will see.
  14. Dundee Vs Hamilton

    State of play here is Dundee fans predicting an Accies win and long in the tooth Accies fans who have seen this scenario too many times to mention predicting a Dundee win...draw it is then.
  15. Stevie Chalmers

    Not a Lisbon Lion but Harry Hood not got long to go either in his cancer fight sadly.