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  1. Most fans are raging he was let go while Rice and Boozy were "rewarded" with new contracts. Fair to say Dougie and Daz would have been a popular choice to take over as the Management duo if Rice had buggered off to Falkirk. The good news continues to roll in at Accies.😡😠😈
  2. They fairly know how to get the fans onside these roasters what with Maitland's Statement and Imrie's sacking. In my 45,soon to be 46 seasons as a fan,there has only been one time when the fans had a good relationship with the BOD and funnily enough that was during the homeless era under Ally Duguid/David Campbell but they were soon ousted by the crooks due to Watson buying the shares of Robert Gibb from his widow. Robert Gibb died in a car crash on the way to a Board Meeting to finally get Watson and Stepek ousted.
  3. Ye olde Hamilton baths were indeed "character forming". Dodging the brown torpedoes once you got past the Blue Diamond,seeing loads of cockroaches when you had to get changed in ' the Big Room' and the likelihood of getting your feet cut coming out the showers after washing with carbolic soap were indeed some of the joys. Then you had the fact those sitting on either side of the Gallery upstairs would look down at those in the changing cubicles;a perverts paradise with plenty long jackets in the gallery on display. My Mum worked as a Conductress on the then Number 62 double decker to Millgate Road,Fairhill (my street and last stop),so it was a free journey for me and the kids in the street with some cracking Kentucky Fried chips for the journey home. Great days although the Accies even then had chancers and unambitious Owners/Directors so nothing has changed in that regard.
  4. I watched the second half from the hill and they were hunting anyone who appeared, but surprisingly never said a word to me. Mind you,that might have been because my dog(Cocker Spaniel) was chasing they two cops on the Quad bikes baring his teeth at them and trying to jump on the aforementioned Quad bikes. The nice Coppers even apologised.😂 As for the game,nothing was surer than a narrow Well win as no way are we capable of a whitewash against anyone in whatever League. The County result delays the inevitable,although I feel if we drag it out to the Play Off, we may prevail as we should have 5-6 players back by then. In the main news though,The Kurry Lounge has been good any takeaways I have had during lockdown.
  5. Evidence points to us finally going down, but one thing I have learned in 45 seasons as an Accie is that we can pull off results completely out of the blue under any circumstances. If we were to fluke a Play Off I would be a lot more confident as Lewis Smith,Nathan Thomas(both came off the bench tonight),Scott Martin and Marios Ogympoe would all potentially be available.
  6. Since Alex Neil left, we have won 28 HOME games in nearly 6.5 years. That stat from Narey's Toepoker on Twitter says it all for me.Utterly depressing as is yesterday's rewarding failure extension of contracts.
  7. Reading this thread reminded me of Gordon Dalziel and his " United States of Arab" comment recently lol. Phoned in a few times to put them right on Accies matters and the times I have caught it recently, there has been a few non Old Firm fans on to my surprise. Saying that,there must be an audience out there for a non Old Firm fans Phone In show.It would be far more interesting hearing the views of the rest of us Provincials than the same Old Firm dirge repeated ad nauseum.
  8. The ongoing injury situation not abating. Never known a team to have so many forwards injured for long periods. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/hamilton-accies-boss-brian-rice-23862995
  9. Brian Easton is a gem of a guy.Had a few pints with him when he played for you guys in The Southside with his pals and my brother. Always has time for a chat as does Jose Quitongo and Big Mark McLaughlin.
  10. This reminds me of years ago when The Mrs and I were in Molly Malones,next to Sauchiehall Street and Neil Lennon,John Hartson,Johan Mjallby and about a dozen hangers on were being loud and obnoxious. Neil Lennon barged past the Mrs to get served first only for her indoors to tell him to wait in line. A wee war of words broke out between us and the group with the Mrs declaring "I don't care if you are Neil Lennon or John Lennon,you don't jump the queue to be served first". The hangers on didn't take this too kindly although Neil himself defused the situation to be fair...and he waited his turn lol. One of my good pals was best man at Derek Ferguson's wedding,my brother played in boys club teams with Barry,Lee McCulloch,Paul Hartley etc and any football players I have met have been good guys with a few exceptions. The exceptions were Raith Rovers players John McStay and Peter Heatherston who were taking the piss out of Jose Quitongo in Hamilton Palace because he couldn't speak English properly and a few of us took umbrage on Jose' behalf before bouncers defused the situation. Conversely, his cousin Paul McStay who was three years above me at school was a fantastic,modest guy.Probably too modest in a way. Some Accies fans don't like Paul Hartley, but I have always found him ok.After scoring the winner for Celtic at New Douglas Park in the Billy Reid era(I can only remember the score 1-2), he was driving past Peacock Cross and rolled the window down shouting " get it up yae Mitchy".I gave him a jokey Harvey Smith salute and we both laughed.
  11. Only two points in it and still fighting even although we had half a team out injured as per usual. Only a certain section of our fans could put a downer on a late goal.Results panned out as I expected with Motherwell already "on the beach". A few weeks off to recover injury wise although I said in January,the decision NOT to sign two strikers could be a big risk due to our on going injury issues.
  12. Livvy deserved their win, but a moment of inexperience by Munro cost us an undeserved point.He should have brought Devlin down and taken the booking and we would then have got out of jail with a point. If we go down a large part will be due to the ongoing injury list and the fact this leaves us with few options on the bench who can make a difference. With the likes of Templeton,Thomas,Lewis Smith,Ogympe and even Winter unavailable we had Moyo and no one else to come on to freshen things up going forward. We have lost countless points due to making Subs which instantly weaken the team.
  13. Both teams poor up front,Accies once Nathan Thomas hobbled off in his first start since December which sums up our luck with injuries. Watching that,hard to see how Bruce Anderson has been given relatively few chances for Aberdeen as the rest of their forwards look no better. Would have wanted a draw in Dingwall but a point at Pittodrie is a good result.
  14. I can remember that game well.A good St.Mirren team. I can still vividly remember watching my wee brother playing for Accies reserves in a bounce game on the old red Ash pitch(there were a few) at the Hamilton end of Strathclyde Park. Reason I remember this game is the aforementioned Paul Chalmers playing against I think it was The Lanarkshire Under 18 Schools side and Chalmers was the worst guy on the pitch with all the young lads looking miles better. Still,to be fair he was okish when he played for us. as for tonight's game,no surprise with the outcome.Others have already summed it up well in this thread.
  15. Couldn't have been old Fergie as you would have got the accompanying tongue and hand action. I can remember an Accies v St.Mirren game at the old Douglas Park and after a Saints goal, the whole away support were singing "Fergie,Fergie, what's the score etc". Fergie-resplendent in that black pinstripe suit he always wore- replied with the usual legendary gestures.Apparently it was two each judging by his ability to do the Harvey Smith's with both hands. As for this game,the first goal will be vital.Whoever scores it,I don't fancy the other side to score two. A 3-3 draw it is then lol.
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