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  1. Just a wee note to let The Accies Family know John (Jock) Neilson aka Wee Jack from The Accies Vaults has passed away at the age of 98. Wee Jack lived near me in The Hamilton West area and was a regular attender until a few years ago.He loved a chinwag about The Accies as well as his "half and hawf". Rip,wee legend of a guy from a near neighbour and the rest of us I am sure.
  2. Problem for me is midfield and has been for two seasons.Trafford's "performance"shows that like Ronan Hughes he is worse than a man down when playing and we have zero creativity in there. We need players in ASAP as today we had to recall a kid from the Juniors who hasn't even impressed there;such was the shortage of bodies. Full first choice defence missing:Fulton,Want,Aaron Martin and Easton which when added to Scott Martin,Will Collar,Lewis Smith in midfield and forwards in Nathan Tjomas,Ogympoe and David (not Lee Accies TV)Templeton would leave us struggling against Killie reserves. No bottom six side could cope with the amount of absentees we have and questions must be asked about the training if we are getting so many injured.
  3. Reading this reminds me of "an incident" I witnessed taking the dog out last January walking past The Bombay Cottage. We had to decant to the road as all the staff were punching the lights out of each other on the pavement outside. Funniest part was two of them fighting on a car bonnet with my Dog wanting to get involved. Wonder if they still have the staff sleeping upstairs in bunk beds?Stopped going there once I found out from one of The Chefs that the staff don't get any of the tips.They can Foxtrot Oscar with that carry on . I have heard good things about that new Restaurant which is straight across from The Woodside Bar which used to be The Amran.The Curry Lounge is supposed to be good also. As for the game.Motherwell are on one of those runs we go on every year, but we usually dig out a result out of nowhere which gets us back on track.The body language of their players makes me question this happening unless a new Manager can get them doing so. Good to see Gourlay grow in confidence after his howlers at Annan and Stanger get more game time. Despite this result,we are still badly short of attacking options with Nathan Thomas,Lewis Smith,Marios Ogympoe and David Templeton all missing.The fact Tunde Olowabi and Justin Johnson are not getting a decent chance shows Rice obviously doesn't rate them. Long way to go and our squad is still light in midfield/up front despite a few decent results.
  4. Not sure if we have still have the undersoil heating, but a lot of black ice around which leads me to think the Main Stand area could be somewhat treacherous. It wouldn't surprise me if it it was off as it would suit both teams: Accies with our lengthy list of absentees and The Well with The Manager scenario. If the game is on,I wouldn't be surprised if our neighbours get the new Manager bounce added to the fact both teams seem to have a better away record in this fixture. We have very little up front with Moyo still living off his two goals last season at Fir Park and Ibrox.I don't think he has scored this season,so it is all lined up for you know what. A no score draw wouldn't surprise me in the slightest.
  5. I watched him last season against our reserves and he was the Billy Big Bollocks going around the pitch threatening wee boys. Just a shame none of our first team or fringe players were playing to take him out.I reckon a Gogic or Steve Davies would have put his gas at a peep.
  6. Good friend of mine(exiled Accie with a Box and soon to be a Director at Carlisle) told me that if we get him fully fit,he will be a great signing and is capable of the odd spectacular goal. The main point is to get him fit. Coincidentally,an ex Accie and Carlisle player I played in school teams with who has watched him down there says the exact same...so here's hoping.
  7. Yep,I find on local Social Media pages and in person that there are a helluva lot of Old Firm fans in Hamilton who despise us nearly as much as the other cheek. This reminds me of 2008 when Accies fans planted a large HAFC flag on the roof of The Academical Vaults after winning The First Division.The Celtic lot hated it and a few weeks later after an Old Firm game they took it down and set it on fire which caused a few "incidents" afterwards for a few years. Only in Scotland would this happen.I've lived in a few countries and never witnessed the vitriolic hatred to their local team which you get here.
  8. Growing up in Hamilton and seeing the packed trains/buses leaving for The Old Firm is enough to make one weep as our club would kill to have these people support us. I went to one of the biggest schools in Scotland-Holy Cross and got in a few arguments with Teachers(this was 1979-83)about why I supported the Accies and not *the cause".There is a helluva lot of peer pressure on West of Scotland Catholics to support Celtic and those who don't have to have a thick skin to stand up to the abuse and ridicule. Peer pressure and glory hunting added to "90 minute bigotry" for me are the main reasons why The Old Firm capture most of the football support up here.Your Dad being a Rangers man/a Celtic man less so but nonetheless a factor. However,there are a helluva lot of people who local clubs could attract-namely the folk who like football, but don't want to support The Old Firm and all our clubs have an untapped market here. That European run by the wonderful Accies youth team of a few years ago witnessed twice the home support at these than SPL games and my club did nothing ...nada to encourage these people back. Sadly it will never change and if anything,the more exposure these days for The Old Firm across all media will hoover up plenty who are ditherers.Easier to go with the crowd for guaranteed success than taking the hard option, which is why I have a lot of admiration for those fans-particularly in the poisonous West of Scotland- who go against the herd instinct. Finally,G51 Red on here lives a Peter McCloy kick out from Ibrox Park and has brought his boys up to be great Accies men.I doff my cap at him for his stubbornness lol.
  9. I don't know if that is our young team getting themselves banned deliberately to make sure they can't attend games when we can do so lol. Fwiw,most of the young ones stopped attending during the Canning era so the numbers could have been worse.
  10. What I would say in defence of Canning(can't believe I said that as I wanted him out after the 5-0 defeat at Firhill in his temporary spell in charge) is that after a few really,really bad results we would grab a win somewhere out of nowhere against The odds. The same could be said of last season's Accies team under Rice but we had fighters in that team like McGowan, Gogic and to a lesser extent hard workers like Oakley. This squad doesn't have the Accies DNA in fighting for every point and the blame for that lies in those who brought them in,namely Rice and Maitland. I said at the start of the season I thought this squad could lose the first 11 games without taking a point as I had the fear looking at the calibre of recruitment and we could have done so: lucky against Dundee United who missed two sitters,a lucky win at Fir Park and at Livvy it was 1-1 when they hit the bar. Sadly,we all now have "the fear" and it is scary how bad this could get unless we change direction.This squad will now be bereft of all confidence and there are no Imrie,McKinnon or big Marko types to galvinise,kick arse and steady the sinking ship. I feel worse now than I did during the really bad years as there were circumstances which led us there but this has been due to monumental fcuk ups and as usual it will be the fans who get the blame when the brown stuff hits the fan.
  11. I don't think they know to clear crosses without Tatty telling them to. Need an organiser in defence.a no nonsense guy who can tell them to " get it away ...away"😂
  12. Which one,there has been a plethora of disasters in Annan lol. Like the first one in The Scottish Cup,it should have been a P45 after the game ...it would have been at any decent club.
  13. Apparently his contract runs out in January although we will be down by then if he stays in all likelihood.
  14. Even if St.Mirren are down to 8 outfield players and four Keepers,they would still win this no sweat. The atmosphere is toxic between our fans , aka "keyboard warriors" and the Charlatans in the dugout and Boardroom and Maitland's nonsensical defence of the failings of Rice have ratched it up even further. Fwiw,a run of games with good results won't save Rice in the long run as his recent comments,his Mrs arguing with fans on Twitter and the bad feeling resulting from recent events means he is a dead man walking.
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