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  1. hi alan it graham what are chance well get football this fortnight/

  2. Agree. But the Trust model at least provides a route to supporter involvement with a proper structure. Trust's are in effect small businesses and run correctly provide ample ammunition that it's not just (the holy grail) businessmen that 'can do'. QOS are a fine exception to the rule.
  3. Unsurprisingly, I'm going to disagree with you. Didn't Morton survive the Hugh Scott malarkey on the back of fans getting together and funding his departure and in the process saving the Club? Having clubs in the hands of single owners, accountable to no-one but a few self-serving shareholders, is a disaster waiting to happen. All the time. Could the town of Greenock support a first division football club as a community venture? Yes, I think it could. Sure, it would be hard work, but very much achievable.
  4. No. But the Sonstrust are a fully functioning part of DFC. We have an elected director on the Club Board, and our members are a key part of the decision making process at SHS. It's taken a lot of hard work to get to where we are now, and things are improving all the time. But, we still have a lot of work to do. On a general point now, Scottish football is at a crossroads, especially for the 'wee' clubs (copyright any daily tabloid or broadsheet). As we have just seen at Berwick, vested interests and egos just get in the way of solutions and help (which is there). Why is it - and I throw this open to all - that 'ordinary' fans have to constantly prove themselves in the face of consistent mis-manangement from people that the Scottish football hierarchy welcome with open arms? At the end of the day, without supporters, Clubs are pointless. Anyone who thinks that owning a (Scottish) football club is going to make them money, or that it (the Club) can be run in a different way to common business practice (which isn't rocket science by the way), is off his or her head. At all clubs, fans need to stick together. At all times. Look at the Trust models down south who have achieved success and stability. Exeter, Stockport and Telford. There are of course a lot more, but those three highlight how it can be done. Anyway, best of luck to Livi fans. As I said before, help IS out there. Just ask.
  5. Here we go again - full circle. Right, bandwagon time. Get on board the revolution that is community owned and run football clubs. How many times will fans be fooled by 'consortiums' or 'sugar daddies' with 'ambition' and '(somebody else's) money' to spend? I sincerely hope that the stories surrounding Livi right now are just that - stories. Scottish football could do without another Club going to the wall. But, usually there is no smoke without the inevitable fire, and it looks like they could be in trouble. So, time for the Livi fans to rally round and force the issue. Plenty of help out there if required.
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