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  1. On holiday in Rome with my Celtic supporting girlfriend and she’s livid with me. Delightful.
  2. Speaking to my dad last night and with Shankland making his debut for Scotland the other night, trying to work out who the last player was to play for Morton and then play for the national team in their future careers? We both came up with Derek McInnes but probably forgetting someone.
  3. Decided to pick this up last night, first PES game I’ve bought since ~2009, was getting a bit sick of same old on FIFA. Played the exhibition match between Argentina and Portugal a couple of times as it was downloading and really enjoyed it, feels like a proper football match with real ebb and flow and when you get something right in defence or attack it feels great! Looking forward to getting stuck in tonight after work! Like I say it’s the first PES game I’ve bought in years so what are the best option files etc for licensed kits and Scottish clubs in particular?
  4. You spent a fuckload by this leagues standards and still fucked it. Airdrie is lovely in November. #GETDOOOOOOOONNNNNN
  5. Saving these ones for the big screen when I get home!
  6. Don’t post often on here, and that was my first game since Ayr at Cappielow, but I think that is, in my almost 20 years of watching Morton, the worst I’ve ever seen. Johansson has taken us backwards since his appointment, and somehow continues to plumb new depths, no action will be taken this week and the board are content to watch us become Clyde. I agree that we can’t be shipping substantial losses every year, but it is this board who have created this scenario through years of incompetence. Won’t be back at Cappielow until JJ is away.
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